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80 public speaking teachers in Chine

Trusted teacher: Greetings! I'm Divya Kapoor, a seasoned professor at Sharda University, specializing in English language instruction. With over 11 years of teaching experience, I have honed my skills in cultivating linguistic proficiency and fostering academic excellence. Ready to embark on an exciting journey towards English fluency and confidence? 🌟 Join us in this transformative class designed to empower you with the language skills needed to succeed in both personal and professional contexts! 🚀 What You'll Learn: - 🗣️ Effective communication strategies for everyday conversations - 📖 Vocabulary expansion and idiomatic expressions - 🧠 Grammar essentials to enhance accuracy and clarity - 🎤 Public speaking and presentation skills - 💼 Business English for professional settings - 📝 Writing techniques for emails, reports, and essays Class Highlights: - 📚 Engaging lessons and interactive activities - 🎭 Role-playing exercises to practice real-life scenarios - 🔊 Listening comprehension activities with audio resources - 🌍 Cultural insights and discussions - 🤝 Opportunities for language exchange with classmates - 🎁 Bonus resources including online tools and language-learning apps Key Takeaways: - ✅ Improved fluency and confidence in English communication - 🌟 Enhanced vocabulary and grammar skills - 💼 Professional proficiency for career advancement - 🌐 Increased cultural awareness and global connections Whether you're a beginner or aiming to refine your English proficiency, this class provides the tools and support you need to unlock your full potential in the English language! 🎓 Don't miss out on this opportunity to empower yourself and take your English skills to the next level! 🌟
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Trusted teacher: Hi, My name is Santiago and I am offering individual and personalized virtual English classes to improve both your oral and written communication. The main focus of my classes is on developing English language communication in a fluid and structured way, whether to prepare for international exams, including the TOEFL and the FCE, or to be able to communicate adequately in the professional field, or to reinforce and maintain prior knowledge of this language. I have a degree, graduated from Florida Gulf Coast University in the USA. Having learned English since I was a child at the Ivy Thomas Memorial School and lived for a year and a half in Thailand, followed by 4 years in the USA, I acquired great knowledge and fluency in the English language. In Thailand I spent a year and a half studying communication arts and this helped me prepare for my studies in the US I had several communication classes, learning techniques on how to speak better using not only our words, but also our body to help us speak in a way more natural, calm and without getting nervous if we get stuck or forget what we wanted to say. During my career in the US I was constantly writing essays for my classes, in addition to having to present projects in front of my teachers and classmates. At the same time, I was working at university and after graduating I worked for a year, mainly having long conversations on the phone with people from all over the country. Nowadays the ability to communicate in English is essential and I will prepare you so that you can meet your objectives. It could be studying abroad, going to live in an English-speaking country, improving communication in the professional field or practicing so as not to lose the level previously acquired. If what you are looking for is to improve your knowledge of the English language, I am going to help you. My methodology is simple. Each person is different and I adapt the content of my classes to the needs and interests of my students. We all learn in different ways and at different times, that is why I design my classes individually.
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Trusted teacher: Hello, (中文版如下) my name is Andrew, I have a PhD in History from the University of Geneva, Switzerland, and I currently work in China as a university teacher. I come from Central Europe (Czech-German background) and I have been working as a university teacher and historian for the last 6 years. During my career, I had the chance to work with the University of Geneva, the American Butler University, and Palacky University. I currently live in Xian and therefore offer English lessons through face-to-face meetings in this city. I live in the Yanta District and prefer to teach in this area, but I am also willing to commute to meet students. Online lessons can also be arranged. During my lessons, I focus on a combination of grammar and speaking practice. I believe that combining these two aspects of the language is the key to mastering it quickly. The motivation for my students is the visible progress in speaking after the first few lessons. Since I am from Central Europe and have studied history, political science, anthropology and other humanities and social sciences I am also willing and able to focus lessons on specific areas of science, thus giving my students not only the opportunity to progress in English but also to develop their knowledge in other fields. I am able to prepare lessons myself according to my assessment of the student's needs, but I am also flexible and can prepare lessons according to the wishes of each student. Therefore, I am certain that we can work out some form of cooperation. Write me an email to [email protected] to discuss cooperation. 我叫安德鲁,是瑞士日内瓦大学的历史学博士,目前在中国担任大学教师。 我来自中欧(捷克-德国背景),过去 6 年一直担任大学教师和历史学家。在我的职业生涯中,我曾有机会在日内瓦大学、美国巴特勒大学和帕拉茨基大学工作。 我目前住在西安,因此在这座城市通过面对面的方式提供英语课程。我住在雁塔区,喜欢在这一地区授课,但也愿意通勤去见学生。 也可以安排在线课程。 在我的课程中,我注重语法和口语练习的结合。我相信,将语言的这两个方面结合起来是快速掌握语言的关键。对我的学生来说,头几节课后口语的明显进步就是他们学习的动力。由于我来自中欧,学习过历史、政治学、人类学和其他人文社会科学,因此我也愿意并能够将课程重点放在特定的科学领域,从而使我的学生不仅有机会在英语方面取得进步,而且还能发展他们在其他领域的知识。 我可以根据自己对学生需求的评估来备课,但我也很灵活,可以根据每个学生的意愿来备课。因此,我确信我们可以达成某种形式的合作。
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Gohar is a very friendly, thorough and patient teacher. She goes beyond her role to ensure a successful understanding of the subject. I recommend her if you want to learn or improve your French!!
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Public Speaking : Mastering the Art of Speaking English (Shanghai)
Kind and professional
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