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8 psychology teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: ► Learn to know your intimate and sexual desires, deepen them, assume them and perceive their meaning, while being aware of your own limits and those of your partner, understand your blockages in order to overcome them, take advantage of the approach socio-cognitive of sexual desire, better integrate the functioning of one's partner, integrate tools / techniques / methods / know-how / key phrases to take pleasure while leaving it to spontaneity & naturalness, improve the link between affectivity and sexual intimacy but also communication with your partner, play (...): these are examples of the objectives of these personalized sessions, in order to ultimately improve your intimate and sexual satisfaction, accompanied by a mediator specialized. ➤ Together, step by step, it's about getting to know each other better (through your past experience, what you like or appreciate the least about yourself / about the other), by analyzing situations in a thorough and pragmatic way. Indeed, this step is essential in order not to orient towards / "tackle" a pre-established model, but to adapt to each situation. ➤ In parallel, from the first session, once the key points are better understood / assimilated, and the objectives gradually defined, tackle, based on your daily life / your experience, the art of sexuality and its subtleties, while valuing the complexity of sexuality and not its complications. ► My mission: to help you understand, analyze, discover and discover yourself to better enjoy yourself, while gaining self-confidence & acting in order to no longer be limited by your beliefs. ➤ If the discretion and confidentiality of the coach are essential, it is therefore a question of offering a tailor-made program / training, following an initial 'diagnosis'. ► These sessions can, for example, deal with how to regain confidence and make you reconnect with a complex but not complicated, subtle but not tangled sexuality, in short fulfilled while understanding the key elements of your own psychology and that of your partner (... ). But also how to strengthen your sexual charisma to unlock your potential and take pleasure. ➤ Objective here again: to introduce concrete techniques / methods which make it possible to communicate easily, in a fluid, efficient and always natural way, while mastering situations. ➤ Non-verbal language, sexualization and avoidance of the friend zone (…): the objective being to demystify these themes in theory and in practice. ➤ Coaching is based on precise questioning techniques, helping the person being supported to find a solution to a problem. At the end of each session, the coachee will master new ways of thinking, actions to accomplish and will have better motivation. Depending on the clients' expectations, the coach can suggest other approaches. ➤ So what do the first individual coaching sessions look like? First, a first exploratory contact during which your expectations are examined, the nature of the request and the context are evaluated, a 'diagnosis' is discussed, taking into account your difficulties, your needs, your objective. Then, it is a question of developing a precise procedure and proposing lines of work. A relationship of trust is gradually established through a benevolent alchemy, where listening, empathy and the absence of judgment are central. ➤ Thus, after having carried out together an initial assessment of the situation, a kind of inventory, it is a question of determining the objectives to be reached, the feelings and the questions related to the situation as well as proposing actions to achieve your goal, resolve constraining situations that stand in your way, using tools that will be offered to you according to your situation to get out of your comfort zone and change your perspective. ➤ The guide then asks questions aimed at exploring solutions aimed at achieving the objective, through experiments and exercises. Through various tools (drawing, role-playing, metaphor, visualization ...), this questioning helps to change perspective, to get out of a deadlock in order to explore various options that you might not have thought of in this way. , based on tools and experience. This could for example be a new way of thinking about difficulties or another approach to identify and consider resolving conflict or a progression in personal development or at the level of a career focusing. always on the development of personal resources and self-knowledge. At the start of the next meeting, the coachee begins with a summary of the activations and the evolution of the state from the last meeting. This step makes it possible to have an evaluation of the positive points and those which are less so in order to readjust the set strategy. ➤ Concretely, ONE SESSION = SOLUTIONS / proposals / concrete suggestions to put into practice for the next session in order to overcome blockages or improve self-knowledge. Note that during the videoconference session, all the notes are transcribed in the chat so that you can access them at any time when you wish. ➤ Hourly fees: To support each other & be pleasant to you in this very special global context and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees have been temporarily reduced. But this fixed rate will not increase after the start of the sessions. THE COACH Trained at the Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League University in the United States, our teacher trainer has specialized and worked for more than 18 years, in Europe and North America, in the field, in renowned international public and private establishments, regularly participating in forums and conferences, and also offering personalized INDIVIDUAL support, with pedagogy and careful methodology as key words, all anchored in a peaceful moment. PLACES, PRICES, LANGUAGES ➤ Locations: Geneva - Lausanne - Friborg - Zurich - Neuchâtel - Lugano - Montreux - Basel - Neuchâtel - Bern - Lucerne - Brussels - Luxembourg - Paris - Lyon. But currently & until further notice, only by videoconference in accordance with national recommendations on Covid. As these sessions are unanimous, this option continues to be offered. ➤ Apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing (time savings related to travel and their unforeseen events, eco-responsibility, increased time flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session and the interaction remain the same. In addition, the notes taken during the sessions are immediately transcribed (on the session chat) and are automatically sent to you so that you can browse them during / after the session if you wish. ➤ Hourly fees: To support each other & be pleasant to you in this very special global context and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees have been temporarily reduced. But this fixed rate will not increase after the start of the sessions. ➤ The sessions can be given in French and English. ➤ As other people do regularly, you can also please your loved ones by offering gift vouchers available all year round. ➤ The Apprentus calendar is not refreshed/updated.
Human sexuality · Life coaching · Psychology
Trusted teacher: ¿Te encuentras en un momento de tu vida lleno de incertidumbre al futuro? ¿Sientes que no estás avanzando y te gustaría encontrar un camino claro hacia donde quieres dirigirte? Entonces imagina cómo sería tu vida si pudieras mejorar diferentes áreas importantes de tu vida. Tendrás la oportunidad de transformar tu mente, tus emociones, tus relaciones, tu comportamiento social, tu carrera o negocio, tu estilo de vida, tu espiritualidad, tu salud y bienestar, e incluso tus finanzas. Utilizando técnicas de mindfulness y estrategias de la terapia de aceptación y compromiso, te guiaré en un proceso de autodescubrimiento y crecimiento personal. Aprenderás a cultivar una mayor atención plena en tu día a día, desarrollando habilidades que te permitirán manejar de manera más efectiva tus pensamientos, emociones y situaciones desafiantes. Comopsicóloga especialista, he ayudado a muchas personas a superar los obstáculos que les impiden alcanzar sus metas y vivir una vida plena y satisfactoria. Mi objetivo principal es brindarte el apoyo y las herramientas necesarias para cerrar la brecha entre donde te encuentras ahora y donde deseas estar. Recuerda, la incertidumbre al futuro, la sensación de no avanzar y las dudas sobre tus objetivos pueden ser superadas. Juntos, podemos abrir las puertas hacia un futuro más brillante y alcanzar el éxito que tanto deseas. La vida es demasiado corta para quedarse estancado en la insatisfacción y la incertidumbre. Ahora es el momento de tomar acción y empezar a construir la vida que realmente deseas. ¡No pierdas más tiempo! Contáctame ahora y juntos iniciaremos este emocionante viaje hacia tu transformación personal.
Life coaching · Cognitive psychology · Psychology
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Hello Everyone! Welcome to an enriching journey into the fascinating realm of psychology! As your dedicated Psychology Tutor, I am thrilled to guide you through the diverse landscapes of the human mind, exploring theories, concepts, and practical applications that make psychology a captivating field of study. In this tutoring series, we will delve into a comprehensive range of psychological topics, offering a well-rounded understanding of the discipline. From foundational principles to advanced theories, each session is designed to build a solid knowledge base while fostering critical thinking and analytical skills. Teaching Approach: My tutoring sessions prioritise an interactive and engaging learning experience. Through a combination of discussions, case studies, and real-world applications, we will connect theoretical concepts to practical scenarios. Questions and active participation are not only encouraged but integral to the learning process. Unique Features: 1. Tailored Support: Sessions can be customised to address specific topics of interest or challenging areas. 2. Exam Preparation: Guidance on effective study strategies, exam preparation, and review sessions. 3. Real-World Applications: Explore how psychological concepts are applied in everyday life and various professional fields. Whether you're embarking on your first exploration of psychology or seeking in-depth insights into specific areas, this tutoring series is designed to cater to learners at all levels. Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Feel free to reach out to schedule your personalised psychology tutoring sessions. Let's make your learning experience not only educational but truly enriching!
Psychology · Cognitive psychology · Child development
Trusted teacher: ➤Choose the appropriate mediator to carry out quality work and help each other move forward/overcome certain mechanisms. An awareness necessary for change will then make it possible to be part of a new dynamic of life, to calm down and to use all its potential in the emotional/family/professional domains. ➤ Self-exploration in order to free oneself from emotion through speech and action / application, involves questioning oneself, analyzing, taking distance, and understanding the issues / points causing suffering or distress, before finally freeing oneself from them. This is intended to promote significant changes in cognitive, emotional or behavioral functioning. ➤This methodological approach, halfway between first practical behavioral coaching in an 'Anglo-Saxon' style and then psychoanalysis accompanied by a dedicated specialized psychoanalyst psycho-practitioner, is based precisely on precise questioning techniques, offering help in finding solutions, mastering new ways of envisaging/dealing with/perceiving difficulties, then implementing actions to be carried out. Combining the advantages of the two approaches and choosing the appropriate mediator to carry out quality work and help each other move forward/overcome certain mechanisms, will therefore induce the awareness necessary for this decided change, towards a new dynamic. ➤Objective? Understand the mechanisms of induced thought & emotion, linked to given everyday situations and which involve blockages. Then act concretely thanks to pragmatic techniques / methodological approaches from coaching, adapted to your situation to regain power over your life. ➤To lead this change & realize these aspirations, a cohort of concrete tools are at our disposal, but which involve deepening self-exploration. To question yourself, analyze, take some distance & understand the issues / problematic points, before finally freeing yourself from them through action. ➤Examples of themes/problems regularly dealt with & which are the subject of dedicated specialized support, adapted to your plan: •Self-confidence, self-esteem/assertion, shyness, decision-making, personal development •Management of emotions & suffering expressed in the form of anxieties, depressive disorders, embarrassments, addictions, relationship difficulties, phobia, stress, anger, anxiety, negative thoughts, panic, depression but also modification of behaviors harmful to good -being (post-traumatic stress, injuries, dependencies, addictions, etc.) • Disorders of school/professional relations (tensions, (re)orientation, pressures & conflicts) Program and personal (family, romantic, friendly, emotional) & social (loneliness, communication difficulties generating pain/frustration) • Problem of concentration, procrastination, organization, professional efficiency, time management •Management of a past trauma of which you are the victim (…) ➤At the start, it is always a question of knowing the triggers that led you to get support and knowing what you hope to accomplish with this follow-up. ➤With specific techniques that have proven themselves & adapted to your case and through a methodological approach and pragmatic tools, the purpose involves on the one hand an exploration of oneself through psychoanalytic tools and on the other hand concrete actions, as is the essence of coaching which bears fruit from the first sessions, by making you autonomous. ➤Influenced by cognitive & behavioral therapies, by Anglo-Saxon coaching instruments & the European methodology of applied psychoanalysis, the approach therefore aims to seek links between current difficulties and past experiences, including repressed and unresolved conflicts and to confront difficulties that may be partially related to inappropriate thoughts or behaviors learned/adopted often in spite of oneself. ➤And if cookie-cutter advice is precisely not offered, that you will never be judged or directed but heard and guided, in a process of permanent/interactive is precisely because it is important beforehand to analyze together, to become aware, to study jointly, to deepen, to decode your blockages & your initial problem to clarify your aspirations. ➤ So, how does a session take place? After an initial inventory, 'diagnostic'/exploratory contact during which your expectations are examined, your problem, your blockages, your needs and objectives identified, it is a question of analyzing them together then changing perspective/approach, considering 'the impasse' differently, think differently about the difficulties, gradually get out of your comfort zone thanks to a series of pragmatic suggestions/reflections/actions to be applied, according to a line of work defined together, anchored in a relationship of benevolent trust. ➤ So, to develop coherent solutions in a living, authentic and assertive life, inspired by our intuition and elements of positive psychology, this individual support helps to: - create a clear picture of your desired future and your individual journey - activate your unique resources and strengths - transform inner insecurity into confidence in order to focus your inner power - broaden your scope - use your gifts to co-create the transition to a vital and vital way of life in harmony with nature. Concretely, a SESSION = REFLECTION + SOLUTIONS, with a readjusted strategy if necessary. ➤ THE COACH PSYCHOANALYST PSYCHOPRACTITIONER Trained at the Grande Ecole post-preparatory classes & Ivy League University in the United States, our psycho-practitioner psychoanalyst has specialized and worked for more than 15 years, in Europe and North America, in the field , in renowned public and private international establishments, regularly participating in forums and conferences, and also offering personalized INDIVIDUAL support. ➤ LOCATION, TIMETABLE ✓ Locations: Geneva-Lausanne-Fribourg-Zurich-Neuchâtel-Lugano-Montreux-Basel-Neuchâtel-Bern-Lucerne-Brussels-Luxembourg-Paris-Lyon. But currently, these sessions continue to be offered by videoconference in the current context, in the continuity of the national recommendations on the Covid and in accordance with the general request which wants to be unanimous on this subject. ✓ Apart from the classic advantages of videoconferencing (saving time related to travel & their unforeseen events, eco-responsibility, increased time flexibility, etc.), the quality of the session & the interaction remain the same. In addition, the entire exchange is immediately transcribed on the dedicated chat. ✓ To support us between us & to be pleasant to you in this sustainable / particular period and in a spirit of solidarity, the fees are temporarily reduced. This fixed rate will not increase after the start of our sessions. ✓ Languages: French/English. ✓ Progress following these sessions is noticeable from 1 to 2 sessions (*study 2022).
Life coaching · Self-improvement · Psychology
I like to make my tutoring sessions person-centred, based around your learning and communication style for you to get the best out of your experience! My key attributes are that I am patient, a good listener, empathetic, analytical and I also love to learn myself. My aim is to create an open and honest learning environment for you to get the best out of your sessions. I will begin sessions by asking how you learn best and throughout our sessions we can adapt them to what you find most useful. I have an undergraduate and Masters degree in Psychology and I am currently gaining experience as an Assistant Educational Psychologist to apply for a Doctorate in Educational Psychologist which after many years have found to be my passion. I am familiar with many areas of Psychology and my main areas of expertise are: - Educational psychology, including: cognitive development and learning, human development and cognition, special educational needs (SEN), attachment, memory, interventions. Overall psychological, emotional, social and environmental factors influencing educational engagement and academic attainment. - Social psychology, including: social cognition, social identity social perception, group processes the self, attraction, relationships behaviour and attribution, attitudes, persuasion, prejudice, stereotyping and discrimination and individual differences. I can also help with study methods, essay writing, key terms and research methods. As psychology can be heavily theory based to start with, I will help to look for ways to consolidate all the information and try different techniques of learning. I have a years worth of face to face tutoring in GCSE English and GCSE/A Level Psychology. On top of that I have 2 years worth of adhoc tutoring. During my Masters, I have mentored undergraduate Psychology students where I could share knowledge but also help set academic and future goals. I have recently started volunteering as a reading assistant for 5-9 year olds. I am looking forward to tutoring again and sharing my knowledge and passion.
Psychology (for students) · Psychology
We welcome you to our online course focused on the essential foundations of human motivation. In this exciting educational program, we will explore the pillars that drive our actions, choices, and goals in the daily routine. Motivation represents a vital aspect in human behavior, and understanding its bases gives us the opportunity to discover how to achieve our goals and enrich our emotional well-being. Throughout this course, you will delve into the intriguing universe of motivation, from its fundamental principles to the factors that influence it. You will learn to discern between the motivation that arises from within (intrinsic) and that which comes from external influences (extrinsic), discovering how our internal desires and external forces have an impact on our behaviors. A team of experts will accompany you on a journey through the most relevant motivation theories, such as Self-Determination Theory and Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs, providing you with tools to apply this knowledge in practical situations. In addition, you will acquire skills to set effective goals and overcome obstacles that keep motivation alive in the long term. You will explore how self-awareness and self-regulation play an essential role in driving success. This course has been designed both for individuals interested in understanding human motivation and strengthening their personal self-motivation, as well as for professionals who wish to apply these concepts in their interactions with others. Join us on this exciting journey of self-discovery and personal development!
Psychology · Cognitive psychology
Do you want to learn to understand and manage your emotions effectively? Hello! I am Valentina, a psychologist with experience in psychoeducation and personal development, and I want to help you better manage your emotions. Workshop objectives: The content of the workshop varies in terms of the profile, your needs and the time we have, between what you can expect, I can... - Help you identify your emotions. - Teach you how to express your feelings in a healthy way. - Provide you with tools to manage stress and anxiety. - Promote empathy. - Provide you with tools to develop social skills. - Give you tools to improve your self-esteem and self-confidence. Some of the key topics we can address include: - Recognition of emotions. - Emotional communication. - Relaxation and breathing techniques. - Development of empathy. - Strengthening self-esteem. What can you expect? You will experience a mix of hands-on activities, games and/or interactive discussions. You will learn to relate to your emotions in a constructive and productive way, allowing you to face the emotional challenges of everyday life with confidence and resilience. 45-minute workshops exclusively for children ages 7 to 11. About me: In addition to being a psychologist, I have experience teaching English to children and adolescents, which has provided me with solid skills in communication and pedagogical adaptation. I have also worked with the Spanish Red Cross in dynamic workshops focused on well-being and personal development, and I have had experience in child and adolescent therapy with horses.
Psychology · Mental health counseling · Communication skills
I provide tutoring in various subjects including Psychology and Biology, and if interested in my methodology but in another subject, contact me and we can discuss that. I believe each student is capable of learning anything! if it is taught in an interesting way that engages the student, trying to understand the complexity of the topics will come easily. I take each individuals learning strategy first in order for me to create a structure of tutoring that benefits the student before myself and takes the deadline into consideration (if there is one). I advocate time management and planning when studying so this will always be at the forefront of my lessons. I am a neuroscientist who works with children in education settings, especially helping students who are vulnerable or disengaged. If demotivation is something you are struggling with while studying, I can help you find ways around that too. My lessons are an accepting and open space. I welcome all people and curate my lessons for people with neurodivergence or learning difficulties too. I can provide private tutoring to all ages. I am familiar with the IB system and can provide guidance and explanations to university students as well. , in English and Swedish and Arabic. I am a funny?, compassionate, curious and creative person who believes anyone and everyone can learn and get good grades and accomplish their desired goals. My main focus is always to motivate and build confidence in students so that they can do it all by themselves, because once you have belief in your confidence and knowledge in your hands, you can face any challenge and achieve positive results.
Psychology · Biology · Science
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Fun and effective German classes, Berlin and online (Berlin)
I have been taught by Benedict for just over 2 months and I feel my German has really progressed well in this short time. I always feel like I am being challenged but not to the point where I feel lost like I have done learning other languages. I enjoy the fact that my lessons are always adapted to my learning style too.
Review by RACHAEL
Visual Storytelling, From an idea to a script to an AV production (Morelia)
Maksims is a great teacher and coach. He adapts it to your needs. He is flexible in process and makes sure that you understand it. He is also a nice person.
Review by YÜKSEL