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I am originally from Taiwan and have more than 10 years experience dedicated to the educational field. I help numerous students and teachers to develop their ability in the use of English/Chinese or teaching. I believe in a 3E approach (Enjoyable, Engaging and Easy)
because this helps students progress through the learning curve in a more productive manner and makes learning a language more acceptable. This, therefore is always my ultimate goal when teaching, to make the lessons as appealing to my students as possible.

One of my passions is traveling and I have had the opportunity to visit countries in Asia, Africa and Europe. I am always happy to share my traveling experiences with you especially if you are visiting anywhere I've traveled.

My outgoing personality means that I really love meeting new people and learning other cultures. Thus, I always encourage my students to share their life experiences with me using the language they are learning, which can be an effective way to practice.

I am an easygoing person who enjoys having a laugh, but that doesn't mean I won't push you to do your homework and practice the language. :) Learning with me, before you know it, you will be surprised by your progress.


Soochow University, Taiwan
Bachelor of Arts Degree
English Language and Literature

Experience / Qualifications

Sep. 2005 – Present
English & Chinese Teacher (Self Employed)
• Designing targeted curriculum and teaching based on individual student needs including
- storytelling and reading,
- phonics
- conversation and listening,
- grammar and writing,
- traveling
- test taking skills and preparation for Taiwan’s National General English Proficiency Test, TOEIC and Chinese Proficiency Test
- professional business English
- Class size: 1 – 5 students; age: 6 – adult

2012 – 2017 (TutorABC & HESS International Educational Group)
Senior Teacher Trainer / Supervisor of Teacher Trainers
• Taught online and face to face lessons (class size: 1 – 6 students; age: 7 – adult)
• Designed and initiated an English learning program
• Managed and trained language instructors
• Organized and coordinated students language learning camps

2009 – 2012 (HESS International Educational Group)
Head Language Instructor
• Taught face to face lessons (class size: 4 – 25 students; age: 6 – 18)
• Designed and instructed the summer / winter camps English learning program
• Managed language instructors

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