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I've had the pleasure to have Giulia as an 1:1 italian teacher during the last months, and I will highly recommend her, as your new language teacher. She is very professional and proficient with several languages and has a musical talent that helps a lot, when teaching a language to a new begginner. In my background within the construction field, I appreciate to know the main structure and materials of the buildings, before I think on the decorations. This is how I've experienced learning with Giulia: Learning the grammar (the main structure) and basic vocabulary (materials), so I can decide the finishes to give to my building (the use of my italian language). Not only is Giulia very eager to fit the personal wishes of the tutor. She is also very good to come with examples and exercises that frame the theory, without it becomes boring or complex. The time goes quickly, when I receive her class, I appreciate her patience and motivation to explain me, until I have understood! Nora Palacios

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