1 on 1 maths tutor for ages 12 to 17. My goal as your tutor would be to show you that, once you know what you're doing, maths can be really enjoyable. After that first hurdle is behind you, you'll see exam questions as just brain-teasing puzzles. It was not too long ago that I was in the same position as you. The syllabus content and exam style are still fresh in my mind and I plan to show you all the tips and tricks for each topic. I can show you where to find past papers which we can go through together, making sure I show you how to secure every possible mark. This will result in you knowing how to answer the question before you even finish reading it. I am happy to teach whichever way is most comfortable for you. Whether that is both of us going through a topic together or me going through a topic while you listen. I understand there can be complications when tutoring via webcam. However, I promise to use the technology available as much as possible. For example, I can photocopy notes that I write and send them directly to you if needed. I can be flexible with short-term session changes or cancellations. Ad says 60 minute sessions but I we can extend these accordingly. You can pass maths if you find the motivation to do well. My job is to help you find that motivation whilst keeping a positive mentality.

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