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    Learn and improve your Korean Language (for all levels)

    I will first ask you questions about your goals in learning Korean, and then we can begin speaking and learning!

    I will focus on conversation and try to conduct my lessons in Korean as much as possible because I see this is the most natural, fun and effective way to learn a language. I will talk slowly and make sure that you understand everything along the way.

    Should you need some help with accents, vocabulary, grammar, expressions, and knowledge of Korean culture, we can work on that as well.


    At teacher's location: -chōme- Akasaka, Minato City, Tōkyō-to -0052, Japan
    At teacher's location: Japan, 〒-0097 Tōkyō-to, Setagaya City, Yōga, -chōme−−9 長月荘

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, Japanese, Korean

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    Amsterdam- Korean Class For Every Level (Beginners/Intermediate/Advanced) (Writing, Speaking, Reading, Listening)
    This Korean Class is for every level! You can be a beginner (which I can teach you from the alphabets), or even a advanced learner (which I can practice conversations with you)! I have taught more than 7 students (various in nationality- Dutch, French, German, Taiwanese) for more than 5 months. Our class was progressed mainly with a Korean textbook (pdf), but also with entertaining contents such as Korean music, drama, and variety shows. If you like K-pop, K-Drama, or the language itself, this class is just for you. Just come freely and enjoy your time.

    Learn Korean language, culture, cuisine with a native speaker (Coréen)
    Hello dear students! My name is Ran. I was born and raised in Korea and lived in China, France. I'm currently living in Brussels, Belgium. I speak Korean, English, French and a little Chinese. I also worked as professional tour guide in France and now I'm taking a tour guide course to become a licensed tour guide in Belgium. So I'm passionate about culture, art and history etc. <My strong point> 1. To be fluent in a foreign language requires to understand not only the language itself but also the culture and history. So you are at the right address! Since I worked as tour guide, I can introduce you very unique and full of interesting Korean traditions in a fun way ! 2. I'm quite good at cooking too. So you can learn Korean while cooking Korean dishes with me in my place. We will enjoy tasty and fun time together ! 3. When you learn Korean, you will realize that there are many Korean words of Chinese origin, we call those words ''Hanja''. In fact, about 60 percent of Korean words are of Chinese origin. You can learn these words easily and efficiently with me as I'm learning Chinese as well. Each lesson will be customized based on your need. To me, learning a language should be fun and I'm very enthusiastic on teaching. My lessons are structured in a way that is fun and enjoyable. You will learn practical stuff that you need for everyday life with me. I will employ various multimedia and pictures too. With my lessons, you'll realize that you're getting closer to Korean language. I can help students of all ages, from children to adults for all levels. And I give both online and face-to-face class. Please feel free to let me know what your focus is or what you would like to improve. If you have any questions about my lesson, you can send me message anytime. I'll respond you as soon as possible. I hope to see you in class soon. Thank you for reading my profile.

    Real Converational Korean for Beginners (Practical Everyday Korean)
    In this course I will teach you some basic everyday Korean phrases. We will focus on pronunciation, practical phrases and speaking skills. Korean grammar can be difficult. That is why I believe the best way to learn is to immerse yourself in the language through dialogues. After you finish my course, you will be able to hold basic conversations with native Korean speakers. Don't hesitate to contact me!

    ***Fun class ***Study Korean with Native Tutor in Genève
    Hi everyone, I am Yoonjoo. I am Korean and I would like to help you to improve your Korean. I lived in Australia for 4 years and during that time, I met so many friends who are into Korean culture and that time, I realised that the best way to improve language skill is study and play with native. I would discuss about Korea with you. Classes will be depend on your needs. From Korean alphabet( Hangul) to Korean conversation. Class will be taught in English or Korean.

    Improve your FLUENCY&ACCURACY in English or Korean- while having fun!
    [ Lesson Structure ] - One hour lesson covers one to three conversation topics. - Conversation topics are discussed 2-3 days before class. - Usually, the first 5 minutes are spent for revision of vocabulary and grammar points from the previous lesson, and the last 5 minutes for feedback. - After each lesson, a written feedback on student progress will be provided. ------> I'll do my best to tailor to the structure that YOU desire. ● Who is Esther?● - A Korean native educated in the United Kingdom, Ireland, the United States of America, and Korea - Fluent in both English and Korean - TEFL certified (120 hours completed with a focus on grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary) - I've taught beginners to advanced learners in English and Korean ● As a teacher, I am . . .● - Personable, friendly, and enthusiastic - Gentle while correcting mistakes - Attentive and tailors to student needs ● I love teaching ● - How to speak with accuracy and fluency (pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar) - How to speak like a native! ● I'd like to teach ● - Students from all level: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. Unfortunately, I will not be able to teach absolute beginners. - Students with desire and willingness to improve in English and Korean oral skills. ● My Favorite Conversation Topics are . . . ● - Your choice of conversation topic! - We can talk about food, family, hobbies, school life, current affairs, etc.

    Korean course level A1-A2-B1 (beginner-intermediate)
    I am a 3rd year Bachelor at the University of La Rochelle. I learn Korean and English. I offer Korean classes A1 to B1-B2 at all. These are accented by: - Different Korean school textbooks for the most part. - Workbooks are also available to help you train. Having studied Korean for three years at the university, including a semester at Sunggyunkwan University in South Korea, I can tell you that the textbooks and workbooks are a great help for the enhanced learning of the Korean language. Korean. My classes will, for the most part, be accessible on: - Grammar and spelling. You will also have exercises to do during the course and for the next one. Each week, a small test will be asked to know whether or not you have followed and understood the lessons. Oral tests may be offered to ensure your fluency both orally and in writing.

    Korean Language and Culture for Beginners to Advanced
    Hello students, I'm a native Korean tutor in Brussels! This class is for Korean Language and more. You'll learn to speak, read and write in Korean, and also learn about Korean culture along the way! For current students of Korean, I can help with your pronunciation. I welcome requests for open conversation classes! The class is flexible so you can focus on a specific are of Korean language or culture if you want. Lessons can be given through the medium of English, Japanese or Korean. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you! 같이 즐겁게 공부해요~ :-) Yujung / 유정

    Korean, Tutoring, English, Beginner, Writing, Reading, Listening, Grammar
    Hello! I have an IB (International Baccalaureate) bilingual diploma in English and Korean. My goal is to help students learn Korean in a fun and effective way. I assign small homework after every lesson to keep students motivated but not overwhelmed. Beginner: - Learn alphabets, number, etc. - Writing (alphabets, forming words) - Reading (reading words and pronouncing) - Speaking (speaking basic phrases) - Grammar (basic grammar) Teaching all above in an easy and fun way! Intermediate: - Writing (journal, mini essay etc.) - Reading (small paragraphs to a book) - Speaking (having conversations) - Grammar (learning grammar) Teaching all above in an easy and fun way! You can tell me what you specifically want to learn and the duration! I am very flexible :)

    Korean for all levels (For test, culture, voyager, or hobby)
    Korea is a small country from Asia but its culture is getting famous and it is being spread to worldwide. So, I would like to teach the real Korean that we speak. Also, I can help for the TOPIK test. As well, I can teach English since I stayed in USA for my high school so if you want to learn American English, this will be a good choice to learn for hobby or test.

    Korean Conversation
    Hello everyone, This class is for anyone who wants to learn Korean language. I am a Korean native who was born in Seoul, Korea. I do have passion for teaching and empowering people. I have been lucky to have spent my life in various places around the world - Korea, US, Japan, and now Australia - and would love to connect with people from different places. Please contact me and we'll get started in learning Korean. I'm confident you'll improve your Korean conversational skills after taking my lessons.

    Korean Language Tutor from the Beginner to the Advanced Level
    Hello! I am a native-Korean tutor living in Terneuzen, the Netherlands! With my class, you'll learn to speak, read and write in Korean, and also learn about Korean culture along the way! If you are already studying Korean currently, I can help with your pronunciation. I also welcome requests for open conversation classes! If you want to talk freely about your favourite K-POP idols, K-dramas or Korean TV shows, don't be shy. Our passion gives the strongest motivation when we learn the language! The class is flexible so you can focus on a specific area of Korean language or culture if you want. The language of the lessons can be either in English or Korean. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact me. I look forward to hearing from you!

    Korean course with a professional teacher
    안녕하세요! I am a professional Korean teacher. Teacher training (level bac + 5 in Korea), I live in France since 2005 and I give private lessons in independent and with a training organization since 2010. So I have a solid teaching experience because I worked with more than 150 students. Once we have learned the alphabet (it's quick and easy, not like Chinese!) I'll make you work grammar in a progressive way giving you many examples for you to understand. We will study vocabulary and grammar with several supports (manuals, videos, news). I will make you talk a lot because the most important language is to be comfortable speaking. We will work pronunciation, essential in Korean. I currently have about twenty regular students of all levels, middle school students, employees, employees of the Ministry of the Interior, whose project in Korean is different. I therefore adapt the pedagogy of my courses to my student, according to his level, his expectations (is it a hobby, preparation for a trip, a professional project?). I have the status of auto-entrepreneur, so my classes are declared. My availability varies each week according to my students and the pace of learning they adopt, so I filled everything in the corresponding section, except Sunday morning because I'm taken every week. If you are interested, do not hesitate to contact me! See you soon! 곧 만나요!

    Soo Hyun
    Learn Korean in french / english / korean in Brussels
    Hi! For over 3 years I taught korean to foreigner (mainly french), and french to korean as well. For whom who wish to learn korean as a hobby, It would be a pleasure to teach korean in french or english (or in korean) as you wish. Bonjour, en ayant plus de trois ans d’expérience pour renseigner le coréen aux étrangers (français en majeur) ou le français aux coréens, je cherche quelqu’un qui est intéressé pour apprendre le coréen pour le plaisir. Le cours est dispo en français ou en anglais. (Ou en coréen si vous voulez :))

    Learn Korean language (private lesson, surroundings Rotterdam, Antwerp, A'dam)
    I like to offer private Korean. The language (Hangul, Korean) is the 13th most spoken language in the world. Korean writing is often regarded as the most scientific spelling in the world. The letters of the Korean alphabet are subdivided into syllable blocks. I speak the language as a native language and have years of experience in teaching. Thank you.

    Korean lessons for all levels with a native Korean teacher
    My name is Min and I come from South Korea. I teach Korean language since 2014, I started with some students in Korea and then I went to Brussels where I lived for 3 years and I met more than 20 students from different backgrounds by several individual courses. I stay in Korea for the time being and continue my skype or facetime lessons, an always efficient way to teach language classes anytime and anywhere. If you have no basis in this language, you will also have precise explanations in English or French. All my grammatical materials are ready in both languages :) If you have already learned the language by yourself, with other tutors, your friends, the TV show, the course will start with a level that you agree. Or preparation of Korean exams is also possible. (Topik, Bac, Korean interviews, writing of academic or professional texts etc) In addition, I offer you lots of exercises and homework that work perfectly for you. (grammar exercises, vocabulary lists, debate topics, test production ..)