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SPAANSE CURSUS - Mondeling en Schriftelijk / SPANISH COURSES - Written and Oral - Fast, fun

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Spaans lerares! Ervaring: 10 jaar. Mondeling in Schriftelijk. Praktisch in speels.
Curriculum in België. Ik spreek een beetje Nederlands.
Spanish teacher (Mother tongue) with 10 years experience in the field of teaching, gives private lessons for refresher, help or simply to learn Spanish in a practical way (conversation and grammar), fast and fun.
I teach at home, at home and on skype.
Course in Belgium.

Extra information

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Motivation! :) Written and oral course


At teacher's location: Kuildamstraat, 9100 Sint-Niklaas, Belgique
At student's location: Around Paris, France
Online via webcam

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General info


School, Spanish for adults


Infants (0-3 years old)
Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



30 minutes
45 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

The class is taught in:

English, French, Spanish

About Me

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-- Language's Teacher. Actress, Artistic director of Animation 2D et 3D, et Acting teacher.


2016 - 18 3is École d’Image et Son. Teacher of Acting for
Numerical Animation . Elancourt. France
2016 “Rodin”. Actress. Film by Jacques Doillon.
2016 “Victor” Actress. Short film.
2015 “23h à l´entrée." Pilot. Actress. Polytone Cinema.
Guillaume Caramelle.
2015 “Courmetrage”. Actress. Journalist. Ahmad Belbahi.
2015 “Quart d’heure de culture métaphysique”. Performance
based on a poem by Ghérasim Luca (in "Le Chant de la Carpe" ©
Editions Corti). Swiss Cultural Centre, Paris.
Festival Extra Ball 2015. L’alakran Company.
2015 Assemblée Nationale (Paris). Actress. Interpretation of Texts by
Vicente Huidobro. Dir. Leopoldo Valdés.
2015 La Maison Basque (Basque Centre), Paris. Butoh Dance (Iron rails)
and cello. EITB TV, Basque Documentary. Estibalitz Urresola.
2015 Théâtre de la Terre Belleville . Collaboration with cello.
.Choir "Voice and Body". Laura Fuentes.
2015 "Fencing " Paris University Club


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Business Administration
Scenic Arts
2015 Voice and directing the actor. Teatro de Terre with Laura Fuentes.
(Pantheatre). Paris
2014 Preparation for auditions with Sara Bilbatua. Cinéma Centre. Madrid.
2014 Diploma in Dramatic Arts. University of the Basque Country.
2014 Dance Contact. Sole Medina. Errenteria. Donostia. Basque Country.
2008-14 Cello. Pamela Ruiz. Bilbao. Basque Country.
2006-08 Cello and Choir. School of Music, Bilbao "La Galera".
Basque Country.
2007 ADEL (Art and Drama Basque Laboratory) FTI, Aulestin, Bizkaia.
Basque Country.
2006 Second session, Stage II. FTI (Imaginary Theatre Factory).
Orduña. Basque Country.
2006 Mime, Willo Arunategui. Voice, Ana Estrada. Barcelona. Spain.
2006 Dance Orishas. Augusto Omolu, Odin Teatret. Bilbao. Basque Country.
2006 Movement, a Laban technique. Teresa Monsegur. Bilbao.
Basque Country.
2006 Theatre of Shadows. Lacónica Company. Bilbao. Basque Country.
2006 "Kathakali" theatrical dance in FTI, Bilbao under gurú Haridas
2005 Martial Art “Kalarippayatt” with gurú Krisnadas.
Vallabhatta School, Kalari Sangham. India.
2005 Gestural theatre “Kathakali” with gurú Haridas Kalamandalan.
A one month course in Kerala, India
2005 "Transparences"dance. Mónica Valenciano. Madrid. Spain.
2005 Drama training, Studio3. Agustin Belluchi. Madrid. Spain.
2005 Course in Butoh dance, Wendell Wells. B.A.U.S.M, Madrid. Spain.
2004 Intensive courses at «Pantheatre » (Paris):
- Théâtre Chorégraphique, Enrique Pardo
- Voice, Linda Wise
- Dance, Pep Remis (Malpelo)

2003 Monographic on the Création de Character throughle Movement and Voice Andrés Hernandez and Mar Navarro. Madrid.
2003 Intensive course in "Mechanics - a poem between actor and object."
Ander Lipus
2003 Monographic in Clown. Ana Pérez. Legaleón Théâtre.
2002-03 Voice. Juan Carlos Garaizabal.
2002-03-04 School of Dramatic Arts, Donostia (TAE).

Experience / Qualifications

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Language's Teacher. Actress, Artistic director of Animation 2D et 3D, et Acting teacher.


2016/17/18 Teacher of Acting for Numeric Animation in the 3is école d'image et son,
2008-14 Teacher of Acting at the School of 3DAnimation , art and digital
cinema “SINTESYS”, Donostia. Basque Country.
2007-08 Drama classes for children, ‘Muskiz’ primary school and
‘Markina’ primary school.
2005-06 Drama for children, Deusto primary school. Basque Country.
2005-06 Assistant of Kathakali and Kudiyatam in the I and III sessions in the
Imaginary Theatre Factory.
2005 Given a grant for Studio3, Madrid, to study corporal expression
with Marta Sincca, Spain.


2010-12-14 Conference about Teaching Acting for 3D Cinéma Animation:
- FNAC(Bilbao)
- PIA (fomento). Donostia (San Sebastian)
-LA SALLE school, Donostia (San Sebastian)

Reviews (1)

Très bon contact. Bonne approche pédagogique

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Spanish tuition: Language and communication [ONLINE]
I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. I teach Spanish: language, oral and written communication with an effective pedagogy, written and oral so that everyone can speak fluently avoiding grammatical gaps. I explain my classes in French, in Arabic or in Spanish, according to your choice. I live in Morocco, in Rabat, so I can give my classes: 1) - homes, cafes and webcam (for Moroccans). 2) - by webcam (For foreigners).

Learn Spanish - Basic Level - Intermediate - Advanced
Knowing the basics of Spanish is a good thing, but it can be interesting to deepen it further. Be able to, for example, establish a professional presentation for an important project or simply if you decide to travel to a Spanish-speaking country. It is important to differentiate between these two approaches because, after a first evaluation of the person, the courses will adapt to the desired environment. The following items are adaptable to each profile: basic: - Grammar, conjugation and vocabulary (basic knowledge review) - Personal presentation in Spanish (studies, travels, professional career, etc.) - Future projects (professionals, staff) - Expression of need, to better work together in the development of the course

Help for improving your German/Spanish, and Test Prep Tutoring
I specialize in tutoring German and Spanish for school. German is my mother tongue, I´m completely german and would like to help you in improving your German. I also would like to help you in improving your Spanish. My Spanish is not perfect, but I my notes at school always were good and all People who only speak Spanish could understand me. :)

Spanish Language class for students as additional support for school language classes
My mother tongue is Spanish and as such I give lessons for high school students. I aim to be a support for Spanish classes and will help students with homework and to overall improve their Spanish level in the written as well as oral aspect.

Maria Elisa
Spanish or English conversational skills development
I am a native Spanish speaker from Colombia and I lived in the US and Canada for a couple of years. In our tutoring sessions you will develop your conversational skills in Spanish or English. The goal is for you to be fluent when communicating.

Private Lessons in English and / or Spanish in París or the suburbs
I can help you advance in Spanish and / or English, even if it's just for homework. I speak both languages ​​all my life, I am Colombian and American, I lived in the United States, Canada, and Colombia; I came to France 2 years ago. Do not hesitate to contact me or ask me questions!

Spanish for life! Aprende español with a profe nativa
I begin the teaching of the Spanish language with a practical methodology. The most important thing is to understand and be understood. For this reason, we will learn vocabulary that we really use. We will practice grammar by speaking.

High school and high school support
Master student at Sciences Po, I offer tutoring courses, especially in languages, especially in German - I spent an abibac (Franco-German bac) and spent a year in Berlin - English or Spanish. Of Egyptian origin, I can also offer an introduction to Arabic. I can also provide tutoring in math or social sciences, particularly in the context of the preparation of admission exams at Sciences Po.

Private tuition at home in Spanish and English
Student (bac + 4) I offer courses in English and Spanish high school and high school level. I will accompany your children in their learning by working both oral and written. I also propose small fun exercises in accordance with the courses they follow to make them progress further. I lived two years in the United States and one year in Spain and master well these languages. I am available from February 1st to 24th

As a student at a renowned translation school in Paris (ISIT - Higher Institute for Interpretation and Translation), I would like to give English and Spanish courses in German. I have a lot of experience in these countries (internships of more than six months in Germany, Austria, England, India and Argentina), and I am also, I think, a pretty good pedagogue! I give a lot of importance to the method, but I am also open to discussion courses.

Increase your level of knowledge in Language or Sports.
Offers help in English and Spanish at school level, we can review your classes pass, see new vocabulary, work pronunciation or writing. Also offers basketball lessons, having practiced basketball in club for more than 10 years I am able to refine your strengths and work your weak point those that will allow you to progress quickly in the basketball ball. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information.

Learn Spanish language and Spanish and Latin American cultures
Student, I offer Spanish courses up to the bachelor's level, focused on the practice of oral language, with the addition of grammar exercises and vocabulary learning using an application and of lists that I provide. I know Spanish and Latin American cultures well and I try to give you the maximum. I am friendly and in a good mood, you will not see the time pass!

Spanish lesson for students and adults. Exam preparation and school homework.
Hey! My name is Nicolas and i’m from Spain. Im a full time model staying in Paris for 4 months. Meanwhile, i would love to help all the people who wants to learn my native language as well as the cultural aspects. I was born in Paris but i’ve been living all my life in Spain. My classes are very practical depending on the situation of the person. We can learn all the grammar, vocabulary, listening and oral comprehension.

Spanish Support / Spanish Course / Primary / College / High School PARIS
Holder of a double license from LLCE English-LLCE Spanish at the Sorbonne, I propose to accompany you in your learning of Spanish. My goal is to help you progress but especially to make you appreciate the learning of this language. I work with course sheets written by myself and adapted to your needs, according to your difficulties and your requests. I value active learning, debate and discussion. I do not want to impose knowledge on a passive student who would just memorize and memorize. I wish to accompany the student in his reflection and his understanding of the functioning of the language by means of activities adapted to the age of the student and his centers of interests. I would also like to teach the language while discovering the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries.

As a master student in art history, I offer college support courses in high school and also for undergraduate students in art history. The subjects for which I offer my help for tutoring are the following: French, history-geography, English and Spanish