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    Learn English high school / high school level

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    Student in first year of law
    and a bachelor's degree
    mention European good, I propose my
    services for English tutoring courses

    My level of English is C2, that is to say
    close to the "fluent". I have moreover
    got my European mention with a 18,
    I got a 19 in English trunk
    common and a 20 in English literature.
    I'm just coming out of a terminal
    literary with English option
    strengthened and not less than 11 hours of lessons
    English per week. I have
    graduated with the
    mention "excellence" at the degree of
    the University of Cambridge in 2013 which
    certifies a good level of English.
    I acquired this level following the courses of the
    secondary but also thanks to my
    entourage. Indeed at home we
    often speak this language, although we
    have no Anglo-Saxon origins.

    I am therefore at your entire
    provision for weekly support for a
    pupil from 6th to

    I do not pretend to be a
    "teacher" seasoned but my
    student experience allows me to
    more easily target the expectations of a
    teenage student. I
    gives priority to oral work,
    more difficult and necessary to everything
    level of study. I foresee
    also written work,
    worked with the student at
    beginning then in autonomy to follow the
    progression. Written interrogations
    carried out by me will be
    also proposed, rated
    or not at the request of the parent (s).
    I will also learn the culture
    Anglo-Saxon, with different
    activities according to ages.

    I am a very smiling girl,
    dynamic and with the necessary authority.



    At student's location: Around Rouen, France

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes
    90 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English

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    15      Wednesday at 15:00      Saturday at 15:00  
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    from $27.05At student's home

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    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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    • Instructor since July 2015

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Private lessons of ENGLISH for all, in Rouen. And, by webcam in France and internationally.
    Professional and experienced trainer-translator, 38 years old, gives English lessons, all levels on Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. Program: Oral and written, conversation, pronunciation, "franglais", phonetics, grammar, spelling, idiomatic expressions, conjugations, turns, business English, phoning, professional English, technical English, school bases, etc.

    Improve your written and spoken English - Tutoring for Students and Adults
    This class will help those willing to improve their spoken English as well as grammar and to learn common easy English expressions for use in normal daily life. For students already studying English in school, this class can be a supplementary learning platform for improvement and I can also help with English language homework up to BAC level.

    Conversational English, learn to speak English everyday
    English is a language used all over the world. Being bilingual, I want to use this skill to be able to converse with you. I adapt to all levels, ranging from beginners to advanced. I can use visual aids and audios.

    Bilingual student giving English classes in August
    Hello ! I am a 19 year old student currently in double degree between Science Po Lille and Kent University (England). I lived in the United States for 3 years, then I did an international class and got a British S OIB degree. I offer English classes at any level, whether you are looking for conversation classes, homework help, ... I know how to adapt! I am free all the month of August.

    Courses and tutoring until terminal
    Hello, I just finished my two years of preparatory economic class and I integrate Neoma Business School in September. I am available for tutoring / private lessons from primary to high school (except S). The course will begin by ensuring understanding of the course and then continue with practice with exercises from the simplest to the most difficult. In the case of preparation for the brevet / bac, the mastery of the annals of previous years is essential to arrive serene on the day J.

    Hello, English is a universal language today. As a result, learning to speak, read and write in English is essential. I will be happy to help you learn the basics of grammar and help you communicate in English. See you soon

    College and High School English Courses
    I am a student in first class in European section. I have the B2 level in English and the B1 level certified by the Cambridge Diploma. I am able to give English lessons to CP students at second.

    homework help & tutoring
    Hello, Currently in M1 at NEOMA business school in Rouen, and holder of a bachelor's degree in accounting and management, I offer homework help or tutoring from primary to final ES. I am willing to discuss the follow-up arrangements of the student.

    English Courses for Primary / Secondary School
    * Student in the second year of Tourism, I offer fun English courses (for the little ones) and less busy lessons (with however a lot of vocabulary adjectives / verbs / idiomatic expressions) for college students or high school students. My goal will be to make the child more fluent in language and feel comfortable with it. // I give classes at home but I can also move (76000)

    Private lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Computer Science. / English lesson. / Learning the Arabic language and its culture.
    Apprentice engineer in automation Holder of a Mathematics specialty baccalaureate and a CPGE TOEFL in preparation. I offer mathematics courses up to level Bac + 2, TOTAL control. As well as English courses at all levels. Being trilingual, I propose the learning of the Arabic language

    English lesson
    I am currently a student in the first year of DCG (accounting). I have just obtained a scientific baccalaureate with the European mention of English. I offer English courses for all levels for students with difficulties as well as those who want to perfect their vocabulary and their accent.

    Help English College / High School level
    Help in English. It can be homework help, introduction to the language or deepening. I am currently in master 1 of applied economics. I have a very good level of English and have been to English-speaking countries many times.

    Conversations in English
    Nowadays, English is essential. His influence at the global level is no longer to prove. No less than 53 countries have made it their official language, and it is also the most used language on the internet. This course will consist of vocabulary exercises and irregular verbs, as well as conversations on various topics to develop your oral fluency, and improve your accent. I will give you very simple tips to help you improve your listening comprehension.

    A friend who teachs you English
    Hey I am a student from ESIGELEC, Rouen. I came to School for my masters and finished. Now I am waiting to get my graduation in april 2015. I have a lot of spare time during the day which I would like to fill by either teaching private English lessons, looking after/ playing with children or even just helping someone practise the language.

    Private lessons in English
    Sixteen-year-old high school student offers an individualized pedagogy, help with the controls and help with the gaps in English. My goal is to advance students and pass on my love for Anglo-Saxon culture. The goal is not simply to speak English, but to live that language. The courses are adapted and unique at each level.