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French and FLE courses in Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad.

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Professional and experienced trainer-translator, 38 years old, gives lessons of French / FLE, all levels on Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad.
Individual and personalized lessons according to the learner's objective and his request.

Extra information

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Availability: Monday to Saturday included from 13H to 18H. According to schedule, remaining places and availability.


At teacher's location: 76000 Rouen, France
At teacher's location: Rouen, France
Online via webcam

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General info


French for adults, Fsl, School, School


Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English, Spanish, Italian

About Me

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Professional and experienced trainer-translator, 39 years old, teaches French / FLE / Letters / Philosophy / English / Spanish / Italian, all levels in Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad.


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- Graduated in modern letters (LM) and foreign languages, translation (English, Spanish, Italian).
- Postgraduate studies in France and Switzerland.
- Various cultural exchanges.

Experience / Qualifications

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20 years of professional experience.
Experiences with school children, students, high school students, private individuals and professionals.

Reviews (1)

Sabrina est un excellent professeur de FLE, très aimable et compétente ; elle a une bonne capacité d’écoute et une attention minutieuse aux détails.
Trained and experienced trainer, 38 years old, teaches Philosophy, all levels in Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. Program: authors and philosophers, fundamental notions, writers, themes, ideas, plan, composite commentary, writing, dissertation, questions, synopses, homework, courses, philosophical questions, etc.
Professional and experienced trainer-translator, 38 years old, gives lessons of Italian, all levels on Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. Program: oral and written, conversation, pronunciation, phonetics, grammar, expressions, spelling, conjugations, school bases, technical Italian, professional Italian, Latin language, country, etc.
Professional and experienced trainer-translator, 38 years old, gives Spanish lessons, all levels on Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. Program: Oral and written, pronunciation, conversation, phonetics, expressions, grammar, spelling, conjugations, country, Latin language, professional Spanish, technical Spanish, school bases, etc.
Professional and experienced trainer-translator, 38 years old, gives English lessons, all levels on Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. Program: Oral and written, conversation, pronunciation, "franglais", phonetics, grammar, spelling, idiomatic expressions, conjugations, turns, business English, phoning, professional English, technical English, school bases, etc.
Trained and experienced trainer, 38 years old, gives courses of literature, letters, all levels on Rouen. And, by webcam everywhere in France and abroad. Graduate in modern letters. Program: authors, writers, French literature, figures of style, literary movements, themes and ideas, etc.

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The more detail, the better.
Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

Availability of a typical week

7  Monday at 7:00  Tuesday at 7:00  Wednesday at 7:00  Thursday at 7:00  Friday at 7:00  Saturday at 7:00  Sunday at 7:00
8  Monday at 8:00  Tuesday at 8:00  Wednesday at 8:00  Thursday at 8:00  Friday at 8:00  Saturday at 8:00  Sunday at 8:00
9  Monday at 9:00  Tuesday at 9:00  Wednesday at 9:00  Thursday at 9:00  Friday at 9:00  Saturday at 9:00  Sunday at 9:00
10  Monday at 10:00  Tuesday at 10:00  Wednesday at 10:00  Thursday at 10:00  Friday at 10:00  Saturday at 10:00  Sunday at 10:00
11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00  Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00  Saturday at 11:00  Sunday at 11:00
12  Monday at 12:00  Tuesday at 12:00  Wednesday at 12:00  Thursday at 12:00  Friday at 12:00  Saturday at 12:00  Sunday at 12:00
13  Monday at 13:00  Tuesday at 13:00  Wednesday at 13:00  Thursday at 13:00  Friday at 13:00  Saturday at 13:00  Sunday at 13:00
14  Monday at 14:00  Tuesday at 14:00  Wednesday at 14:00  Thursday at 14:00  Friday at 14:00  Saturday at 14:00  Sunday at 14:00
15  Monday at 15:00  Tuesday at 15:00  Wednesday at 15:00  Thursday at 15:00  Friday at 15:00  Saturday at 15:00  Sunday at 15:00
16  Monday at 16:00  Tuesday at 16:00  Wednesday at 16:00  Thursday at 16:00  Friday at 16:00  Saturday at 16:00  Sunday at 16:00
17  Monday at 17:00  Tuesday at 17:00  Wednesday at 17:00  Thursday at 17:00  Friday at 17:00  Saturday at 17:00  Sunday at 17:00
18  Monday at 18:00  Tuesday at 18:00  Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
19  Monday at 19:00  Tuesday at 19:00  Wednesday at 19:00  Thursday at 19:00  Friday at 19:00  Saturday at 19:00  Sunday at 19:00
20  Monday at 20:00  Tuesday at 20:00  Wednesday at 20:00  Thursday at 20:00  Friday at 20:00  Saturday at 20:00  Sunday at 20:00
21  Monday at 21:00  Tuesday at 21:00  Wednesday at 21:00  Thursday at 21:00  Friday at 21:00  Saturday at 21:00  Sunday at 21:00
22  Monday at 22:00  Tuesday at 22:00  Wednesday at 22:00  Thursday at 22:00  Friday at 22:00  Saturday at 22:00  Sunday at 22:00
23  Monday at 23:00  Tuesday at 23:00  Wednesday at 23:00  Thursday at 23:00  Friday at 23:00  Saturday at 23:00  Sunday at 23:00
from $21.66At teacher's location
from $21.66Online via webcam

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  • Instructor since March 2013
  • Phone number verified

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Tuition for English/Writing, Reading, Speaking/Age Accordingly
I focus mainly on spoken English. It is very easy to memorize all the grammar rules out of the book, but its more important to learn what they mean through the spoken word and interaction. Ofcourse writing exercises are a must. English can be tough and every student has their own pace.

English as a foreign language - Grammar & Vocabulary
Hi there, I teach English as a foreign language. I have a Degree in Business Studies and a Diploma in French. I currently teach business English in various companies around Rouen. I am offering private lessons in business & general English to students at all levels, from beginners to advanced. I am Irish, extremely patient and friendly. If you need me to explain something a few times until you understand, I have no problem with that. Everyone learns at a different pace! I am happy to take lessons at your pace. They will be in English but I can speak French to explain something if needed. Lessons can cover the vocabulary/subject you want to learn about, and will be a mixture of listening, speaking, reading and writing.

French and English courses at primary and secondary level
A French and English course where the basics will be on the curriculum for primary classes, and more in-depth for college students. For the primaries, the courses will be composed on the bases of English notably with simple English songs, for the college, the translations of texts, the conjugation of the verbs. For French, for primaries it will consist of reading as well as dictations. For the college, it will be a learning of dissertation which breaks up into several parts, while continuing to monitor the correct spelling

French, English
You'll learn how to express yourself and conduct conversations in French/ English. If you need help with your homework, it can be arranged too.

French course at the school level (primary to terminal)
I offer French lessons and for students going from primary to Terminal; entering the first year of a degree in modern literature, we will be able to prepare the student's tests if there is. We can work: oral reading, writing, comprehension and explanation of text, invention and methodology of the dissertation.

High School High School Course
A law student who places a lot of importance on education and culture, he tries to transmit his knowledge to the youngest. The courses will be explained and adapted as concretely as possible to each pupil according to his school situation. Very good results in so little is guaranteed. Courses can be given to students of high school and high school in Mathematics, French, Philosophy, History and Geography, English, Spanish, Physics. Possibility to move or accommodate the student apartment that is located behind the law school of Rouen. My best regards

French, English and philosophy courses (literary subjects)
Currently in speech therapy, I propose to give lessons to the youngest. I obtained a baccalaureate L in 2018 and can easily help middle and high school students in literary subjects. Moreover I adapt myself to the level of each one by explaining and bringing to the understanding by means of teaching methods.

French lessons for foreigners: make your life in France easier
Hi there! If you need to learn some basic French or get better at it, I would be very pleased to help you. My goal is for you to understand the language (often deformed and spoken quickly), and to make yourself understood by people. The past 2 years, I spent most of the time traveling and I know it can be hard to integrate if you struggle with the language. That's why I'll show myself very patient and do my best to adapt to your needs.

Tutoring: French, History, Mathematics, Foreign Languages
Student in business school, I got my scientific BAC with honors. I then spent two years in preparatory class, studying mathematics, French and foreign languages all the time. Patient, neat and pedagogue, I like to help my pupils as best as possible to see them progress and to gain confidence in themselves and their abilities.

Tuition primary-middle-high school: math, french, history-geo
Student in 3rd year of History at the University of Mont-Saint-Aignan, I offer private lessons ranging from primary to high school, except mathematics classes that are primary school. My goal is to make some misunderstood lessons understood so that my student can continue his studies without problems. If needed, I can give homework after each lesson.

Lectures and help with homework
Hello, Currently a student at the business school of Rouen and having done three years of preparatory literary class in English specialty (I have a degree in English), I propose to give English classes at all levels, but also course of upgrade in literary matter (literature, history, philosophy). I can for example accompany your child during his revisions of the French Bac and prepare him for the tests. I also offer help with homework in all subjects from primary to college.

French private lessons - biology - english
I am currently a student in speech-language pathology (L2) after having obtained my baccalaureate scientific mention very well and have done 2 years of medicine. Passionate about literature and French, I give for many years courses in this subject, from CM2 to preparation for the baccalaureate (oral and written). I like to pass on my knowledge and help my students use their abilities. That's why I offer French support classes for all levels up to the bac. (my former students all got between 14 and 18 in French baccalaureate, oral as written) I also offer courses in biology or English up to bac level and for all courses and mathematics courses up to the second. I can also do homework help, school coaching, help with reading and learning this according to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact me !

Learn from the comfort of your home, your office or your favorite coffee shop! I will meet you online, in a virtual classroom equipped with easy-to-use tools and features to make it fun and engaging! (Interactive whiteboard, video chat, file sharing, live presentations, screen sharing, and more!) Depending on your request, the course will focus on: -General French -Business French -Conversation/pronunciation -Exam preparation (DELF, DALF, TCF, IB) High quality results and efficiency guaranteed!

English lessons for all ages and levels. Conversation, grammar, reading, writing, vocabulary, English exam preparation, proofreading
I am an English teacher from California, USA, with seven years of experience teaching private and public schools. I customize my lessons according to the student 's needs, level, and interest. I provide a professional service to take your English to the next level. Depending on your needs, I can give a disciplined course with homework, writing assignments, tests, and periodic progress reports. Furthermore, I can also create a fun, engaging learning environment that is also very beneficial. My teaching methodology includes: Engaging in conversation about English language film / television Reading literature and writing Correcting mistakes in emails and everyday text messages Grammar exercises from an appropriate textbook or online resource Learning grammar through conversation Learning vocabulary and slang through music Preparation for IELTS, TOEFL, Cambridge English exams Roleplay Increasing vocabulary through movie, reading, and textbooks Proofreading of professional documents and academic papers Preparation for public speaking and job interviews Translation of French and Spanish CV check I teach kindergarteners, teenagers, and adults alike. Whether you are a complete beginner or C2 level, I can help you excel in English. Online and Group lessons are also available. Do not hesitate to contact me for more information. I look forward to hearing from you. Thank you! Education: Bachelor of Arts (BA) in Literature (Modern Literary Studies): University of California: Santa Cruz 2010 Master of Arts (MA) in English with Specialization in New American Studies: University of Lausanne, Switzerland 2018

Learn French in an interactive and efficient way!
Experienced teacher, I gave many courses at the Alliance Française, embassies, companies, universities and private lessons. I propose you energetic courses and corresponding to your needs. Through theater training, I can help you develop your skills in this language in a very interactive way. In private lessons or via a webcam, you will be surprised at your progress! I can give you general or specialized French courses (professional, exam preparation ...) but still with a very specific purpose (visit to France, contact with a school ...). Do not hesitate to contact me.