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Mathematics : Algebra, Trigonometry, Geometry, Probability, Statistics, Graphs

Whole numbers
A.1 Place values in whole numbers
A.2 Word names for numbers
A.3 Roman numerals
A.4 Add and subtract whole numbers
A.5 Add and subtract whole numbers: word problems
B.1 Multiply whole numbers
B.2 Multiply whole numbers: word problems
B.3 Multiply numbers ending in zeroes
B.4 Multiply numbers ending in zeroes: word problems
B.5 Multiply three or more numbers
B.6 Multiply three or more numbers: word problems
B.7 Estimate products
C.1 Divisibility rules
C.2 Division patterns with zeroes
C.3 Divide numbers ending in zeroes: word problems
C.4 Estimate quotients
C.5 Divide whole numbers - two-digit divisors
Exponents and square roots
D.1 Write multiplication expressions using exponents
D.2 Evaluate exponents
D.3 Find the missing exponent or base
D.4 Exponents with decimal bases
D.5 Exponents with fractional bases
D.6 Square roots of perfect squares
D.7 Estimate square roots
Number theory
E.1 Prime or composite
E.2 Identify factors
E.3 Prime factorisation
E.4 Prime factorisation with exponents
E.5 Highest common factor
E.6 Lowest common multiple
E.7 HCF and LCM: word problems
F.1 What decimal number is illustrated?
F.2 Decimal place values
F.3 Word names for decimal numbers
F.4 Convert decimals to mixed numbers
F.5 Put decimal numbers in order
F.6 Inequalities with decimals
F.7 Round decimals
F.8 Round whole numbers and decimals: find the missing digit
F.9 Decimal number lines
Add and subtract decimals
G.1 Add and subtract decimal numbers
G.2 Add and subtract decimals: word problems
G.3 Estimate sums and differences of decimals
G.4 Maps with decimal distances
Multiply and divide decimals
H.1 Multiply a decimal by a one-digit whole number
H.2 Multiply a decimal by a multi-digit whole number
H.3 Multiply decimals and whole numbers: word problems
H.4 Multiply two decimals using grids
H.5 Multiply decimals
H.6 Estimate products of decimal numbers
H.7 Inequalities with decimal multiplication
H.8 Divide decimals by whole numbers
H.9 Divide decimals by whole numbers: word problems
H.10 Multiply and divide decimals by powers of ten
H.11 Division with decimal quotients
H.12 Inequalities with decimal division
Fractions and mixed numbers
I.1 Fractions and mixed numbers review
I.2 Understanding fractions: word problems
I.3 Equivalent fractions review
I.4 Write fractions in lowest terms
I.5 Fractions: word problems
I.6 Lowest common denominator
I.7 Compare fractions with like and unlike denominators
I.8 Compare fractions: word problems
I.9 Convert between improper fractions and mixed numbers
I.10 Convert between decimals and fractions or mixed numbers
I.11 Put a mix of decimals, fractions and mixed numbers in order
Add and subtract fractions
J.1 Add and subtract fractions with like denominators
J.2 Add and subtract fractions with like denominators: word problems
J.3 Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators
J.4 Add and subtract fractions with unlike denominators: word problems
J.5 Inequalities with addition and subtraction of like and unlike fractions
J.6 Add and subtract mixed numbers
J.7 Add and subtract mixed numbers: word problems
J.8 Estimate sums and differences of mixed numbers
Multiply fractions
K.1 Fractions of whole numbers I
K.2 Fractions of whole numbers II
K.3 Fractions of a number: word problems
K.4 Estimate products of fractions and whole numbers
K.5 Multiply two fractions using models
K.6 Multiply two fractions
K.7 Multiply fractions: word problems
K.8 Multiply three or more fractions and whole numbers
K.9 Estimate products of fractions, whole numbers and mixed numbers
L.1 Understanding integers
L.2 Integers on number lines
L.3 Opposite integers
L.4 Graph integers on horizontal and vertical number lines
L.5 Compare and order integers
Operations with integers
M.1 Add integers using counters
M.2 Add integers
M.3 Subtract integers using counters
M.4 Subtract integers
M.5 Add and subtract integers: find the sign
M.6 Add and subtract integers: input/output tables
M.7 Add three or more integers
M.8 Multiply integers: find the sign
M.9 Multiply integers
M.10 Divide integers: find the sign
M.11 Divide integers
Mixed operations
N.1 Add, subtract, multiply or divide two whole numbers
N.2 Add, subtract, multiply or divide two whole numbers: word problems
N.3 Evaluate numerical expressions involving whole numbers
N.4 Add, subtract, multiply or divide two decimals
N.5 Add, subtract, multiply or divide two decimals: word problems
N.6 Evaluate numerical expressions involving decimals
N.7 Add, subtract or multiply two fractions
N.8 Add, subtract or multiply two fractions: word problems
N.9 Add, subtract, multiply or divide two integers
N.10 Evaluate numerical expressions involving integers
Rational numbers
O.1 Compare rational numbers
O.2 Put rational numbers in order
O.3 Rational numbers: find the sign
Problem solving and estimation
P.1 Estimate to solve word problems
P.2 Multi-step word problems
P.3 Word problems with extra or missing information
P.4 Guess-and-check word problems
P.5 Distance/direction to starting point
P.6 Use logical reasoning to find the order
Ratios and rates
Q.1 Write a ratio
Q.2 Write a ratio: word problems
Q.3 Identify equivalent ratios
Q.4 Write an equivalent ratio
Q.5 Ratio tables
Q.6 Unit rates and equivalent rates
Q.7 Compare ratios: word problems
Q.8 Do the ratios form a proportion?
Q.9 Solve the proportion
Q.10 Scale drawings: word problems
R.1 What percentage is illustrated?
R.2 Convert between percents, fractions and decimals
R.3 Compare percents to each other and to fractions
R.4 Compare percents and fractions: word problems
R.5 Percents of numbers and money amounts
R.6 Percents of numbers: word problems
R.7 Find what percent one number is of another
R.8 Find what percent one number is of another: word problems
Units of measurement
S.1 Estimate metric measurements
S.2 Convert and compare metric units
S.3 Metric mixed units
S.4 Convert square and cubic units of length
S.5 Convert between cubic metres and litres
S.6 Compare temperatures above and below zero
S.7 Estimate imperial measurements
S.8 Convert and compare imperial units
S.9 Imperial mixed units
S.10 Convert between metric and imperial units
S.11 Precision
T.1 Find the number of each type of coin
T.2 Add and subtract money amounts
T.3 Add and subtract money amounts: word problems
T.4 Multiply money by whole numbers
T.5 Multiply money: word problems
T.6 Divide money amounts
T.7 Divide money amounts: word problems
Consumer maths
U.1 Sale prices
U.2 Which is the better coupon?
U.3 Unit prices
U.4 Unit prices with fractions and decimals
U.5 Percents - calculate tip, mark-up and more
U.6 Percents - calculate VAT
U.7 Simple interest
V.1 Elapsed time
V.2 Time units
V.3 Find start and end times
V.4 Convert between 12-hour and 24-hour time
V.5 Transportation schedules
Coordinate plane
W.1 Objects on a coordinate plane
W.2 Graph points on a coordinate plane
W.3 Quadrants
W.4 Coordinate planes as maps
W.5 Follow directions on a coordinate plane
Expressions and properties
X.1 Write variable expressions
X.2 Write variable expressions: word problems
X.3 Evaluate variable expressions with whole numbers
X.4 Evaluate multi-variable expressions
X.5 Evaluate variable expressions with decimals
X.6 Identify terms and coefficients
X.7 Sort factors of expressions
X.8 Properties of addition
X.9 Properties of multiplication
X.10 Solve for a variable using properties of multiplication
X.11 Add and subtract like terms
X.12 Identify equivalent expressions
One-variable equations
Y.1 Which x satisfies an equation?
Y.2 Write an equation from words
Y.3 Model and solve equations using algebra tiles
Y.4 Write and solve equations that represent diagrams
Y.5 Solve one-step equations with whole numbers
Y.6 Solve one-step equations with decimals
Y.7 Solve one-step equations: word problems
Y.8 Solve two-step equations
Y.9 Solve equations involving like terms
Y.10 Solve equations involving integers
Two-variable equations
Z.1 Does (x, y) satisfy an equation?
Z.2 Identify independent and dependent variables
Z.3 Solve word problems involving two-variable equations
Z.4 Complete a table for a two-variable relationship
Z.5 Write a two-variable equation
Z.6 Identify the graph of an equation
Z.7 Graph a two-variable equation
Z.8 Interpret a graph: word problems
Two-dimensional figures
AA.1 Identify and classify polygons
AA.2 Measure and classify angles
AA.3 Types of angles
AA.4 Estimate angle measurements
AA.5 Classify triangles
AA.6 Identify trapeziums
AA.7 Classify quadrilaterals
AA.8 Graph triangles and quadrilaterals
AA.9 Find missing angles in triangles and quadrilaterals
AA.10 Sums of angles in polygons
AA.11 Lines, line segments and rays
AA.12 Name angles
AA.13 Complementary and supplementary angles
AA.14 Transversal of parallel lines
AA.15 Find lengths and measures of bisected line segments and angles
AA.16 Parts of a circle
AA.17 Central angles of circles
Symmetry and transformations
BB.1 Symmetry
BB.2 Reflection, rotation and translation
BB.3 Translations: graph the image
BB.4 Reflections: graph the image
BB.5 Rotations: graph the image
BB.6 Similar and congruent figures
BB.7 Find side lengths of similar figures
CC.1 Construct the midpoint or perpendicular bisector of a segment
CC.2 Construct an angle bisector
CC.3 Construct a congruent angle
CC.4 Construct a perpendicular line
CC.5 Construct parallel lines
CC.6 Construct an equilateral triangle or regular hexagon
Three-dimensional figures
DD.1 Identify polyhedra
DD.2 Which figure is being described?
DD.3 Nets of three-dimensional figures
DD.4 Front, side and top view
Geometric measurement
EE.1 Perimeter
EE.2 Area of figures made of unit squares
EE.3 Area of squares and rectangles
EE.4 Area of triangles
EE.5 Area of parallelograms and trapeziums
EE.6 Radius, diameter, circumference and area of a circle
EE.7 Area of compound figures
EE.8 Area between two rectangles
EE.9 Area between two triangles
EE.10 Area between two circles
EE.11 Area and perimeter of figures on grids
EE.12 Area and perimeter: word problems
EE.13 Rectangles: relationship between perimeter and area
EE.14 Compare area and perimeter of two figures
EE.15 Volume of figures made of unit cubes
EE.16 Volume and surface area of cubes and rectangular prisms
EE.17 Volume and surface area of triangular prisms
Data and graphs
FF.1 Interpret pictograms
FF.2 Create pictograms
FF.3 Interpret stem-and-leaf plots
FF.4 Create stem-and-leaf plots
FF.5 Interpret line plots
FF.6 Create line plots
FF.7 Create frequency tables
FF.8 Interpret bar graphs for categorical data
FF.9 Create bar graphs for categorical data
FF.10 Interpret double bar graphs
FF.11 Create double bar graphs
FF.12 Interpret bar graphs for continuous data
FF.13 Create bar graphs for continuous data
FF.14 Pie charts with fractions
FF.15 Interpret line graphs
FF.16 Create line graphs
FF.17 Interpret double line graphs
FF.18 Create double line graphs
FF.19 Choose the best type of graph
GG.1 Calculate mean, median, mode and range
GG.2 Interpret charts to find mean, median, mode and range
GG.3 Mean, median, mode and range: find the missing number
GG.4 Identify representative, random and biased samples
HH.1 Combinations
HH.2 Probability of one event
HH.3 Make predictions
HH.4 Probability of opposite, mutually exclusive and overlapping events
HH.5 Compound events - find the number of outcomes by counting

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Laptop and videoconference software required


Online via webcam

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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Student level:
45 minutes
60 minutes
The class is taught in:English, Romanian

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I am a Romanian ex-Air Force avionics engineer, with extensive knowledge and didactic experience in Math teaching, eager to reveal and share the beauty and rigor of this highly scientific domain. .

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Availability of a typical week

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from $48.91Online via webcam

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


Mathematics tutoring from secondary school up to Master by French Master
I am offering my help in tutoring you for all level and age, up to the level Master. I am giving several kind of classes: -classes on a regular basis, to keep up with a certain level -intense classes (over several days/weeks) where the goal is to get ready for an exam or finish up a project. -classes to smooth the integration to higher education (university etc...). My main goal is to guide the student by offering theoretical classes but also practical exercises. I like to emphasize on concrete example since, for many people, mathematics is very abstract and too much about theory. I can also provide help for PHD/Master students having data analysis to perform for their thesis. I can give help for any domain in mathematics: algebra, analysis, statistics, algorithm, logic etc... Please do not hesitate to contact me for further detail.

Private lessons in Mathematics, Physics and Chemistry
These courses are intended for those who want to improve their understanding in science subjects. The content of the course allows students to be independent and to supplement the knowledge acquired during the course. The goal is to fill the gaps of the pupil and to improve his school results.

Private lessons in mathematics (first to fourth)
My name is Serdane and I offer mathematics classes to students in grades 1 to 4 who are struggling to find a way of working that suits them. Extrovert and bubbly ... and above all, a lot of humor! Everyone learns in his own way. This is why I do not have a rigid method but adapt to the contrary to the specificities of each student. I evaluate its level, its strengths, its possible weaknesses or delays, and I develop my course accordingly. My priority: to restore the student's confidence: maths are within everyone's reach when they are well explained! I believe in active teaching methods: I try to involve the student as much as possible, to make him discover what works for him, so that he can continue his career independently. Finally, I bring specific help when preparing questions or exams in a more difficult subject. My rate includes full tuition (private lessons, the ability to ask questions outside of class time, writing and correcting questions, etc.). Looking forward to reading you !

Math, Sciences, Computers and software for children, adolescents, adults and seniors
I teach mathematics and science courses for levels: - Primary - Lower secondary - Higher and University Secondary - Central jury I teach computer and software courses: - Programming: Initiation, Beginner, Intermediate - Software: Initiation, Beginner, Intermediate, Experienced Before agreeing on a course, we can discuss the subject to study. In the case of a particular request, we can make a first meeting to discuss the matter to see. If I can help you, we are go! My technique is summarized in 5 steps: - Analysis (of your needs) - Adaptation (to your learning skills) - Motivation - The practice - Repetition

Private tutoring Math for all education levels (GCSE,O/A-level, IB MYP/DP, etc)
I offer lessons in Maths and since 2018 I have been tutoring 20 students on a weekly base. Since 2019 I am teaching maths at the International School of The Hague as well. I've spent a large amount of time teaching/assisting my fellow students and children (up to Graduate level) basic and advanced mathematics as well as physics. I have great experience in tutoring several students of the International of The Hague and the British school (both primary and secondary) following the IB, EB, British curriculum (GCSE, O-level, A-level). I have completed my Bsc degree in double maths and physics and hold a Msc in Mathematics (with a CGPA of 3.91 out of 4.0) . After completing my studies I have held a tutoring academy for short period after which I moved to The Netherlands. I don’t use standard programs or lessons. Instead, I create lessons based on the student's needs and interests. If needed I will hand out exercises to be done at home and some notes on the lesson. The main thing the students have to see is that they are capable of solving a problem and that they can have fun whilst doing so.

Math course, physics, chemistry, spanish, german, english
I am a 4th year student (1st master) in medicine at the Université Libre de Bruxelles and I offer help in mathematics, chemistry, physics, Spanish (mother tongue), English and French. Classes take place at home and according to your needs. I adapt to any way of working, the goal being to achieve a deep and detailed understanding of the subject. The methodology depends on the preferences of each person to establish a relationship of trust and well-being. Classes are conducted on a follow-up so as not to lose momentum and optimize knowledge.

Private lessons in mathematics - science - French (also available online)
Math course : - Up to 2nd secondary. - CEB, CE1D preparation, ... - Regular follow-up throughout the year possible. - Basics of mathematics. - Reinforcement and post-COVID upgrading. Science courses: - Up to 4th secondary. - Regular follow-up throughout the year possible. - Reinforcement and post-COVID upgrading. French classes: - Children and adults. - All levels. - CEB, CE1D, CESS, DELF-DALF, TCF preparation, ... - Improve your oral and written French (communication and oral / written expression tools, work on your spontaneity, etc.) - Regular follow-up throughout the year possible. - Reinforcement and post-COVID upgrading.

Maria Luisa
Study Math and/or Physics at your rhythm with practical examples
As a Master in Science (Astrophysics), I have plenty expertise in Math, Physics, Programming and statistics. I am a very passionate person and I will try my best to drive you through the science world. My goal is not just reinforcement of the topics, but to apply the acquired knowledge in a more daily basis. I like very much children and I would love also to be able to show them the wonders of science. So if you have doubts, or you want to deep your knowledge just give it a try. For all types of students and all levels.

Private math lessons in French by shared interactive whiteboard
I give remote math lessons, in French, by shared interactive board for high school and high school students. I am an architect civil engineer and I have been teaching for 8 years. The most important thing for me is to personalize the lessons, to guide the student so that he understands the subject by himself, so that he manages to organize his work, to structure his reasoning, to manage his time, to manage his stress and finally to gain confidence in him. All this is done by adapting the course to its type of learning, putting all our energy to target and overcome blockages, and finally achieve autonomy. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to write me, I will be happy to answer you as soon as possible.

IGCSE Maths/Physics/Chemistry + A-level Maths (Pure & Applied)
If you need help with your Science/Maths subjects, I can provide on-line and home tutoring to assist with your learning. I specialise in A-level Pure Maths, IGCSE Maths and Further Maths, as well as IGCSE Physics and Chemistry. Feel free to send me a question!

Private Maths Lessons - Limoges or Online - Qualified and Experienced Mathematics Teacher
I am a qualified and experienced private math teacher. Graduated from the Free University of Brussels in 2011, I started my career giving remedial courses in different schools in Brussels. I then specialized in individual tutoring by following a pedagogical training from the Harvard Graduate School of Education. I have been giving private math lessons daily for almost 10 years. Pleasantly surprised by the impact of my lessons on the school career of my students, in 2018 I created Math Coaching, an online tutoring platform. The platform provides students around the world with quality educational content focused on making math learning easier. The students who follow my private lessons benefit from personalized support. The first session is devoted to an in-depth assessment of the student's mathematical knowledge. The objective is to detect its weak points and understand their origin in order to adapt my courses to its needs. I develop a tailor-made remediation program for each of my students aimed at filling each of their gaps. Over the course of the sessions, the student builds a solid foundation for learning and regains self-confidence. At the same time, I help him acquire a work methodology that allows him to gradually become autonomous in his studies. I have a perfect knowledge of the mathematics program of the College and the High School (from the Sixth to the Terminale). During my formative years, I studied and developed many techniques that make it easier to learn math. The strength of my pedagogical approach lies in my ability to explain in a simple way everything that the student finds complicated. I am passionate about this job because it gives me the opportunity to guide dropout students on the path to success. It is a real pleasure to see them evolve and come to terms with the fantastic world of mathematics. I give my private lessons in Limoges (at the student's home) or remotely (by internet). My distance learning courses take place on an interactive online whiteboard. This table is specially designed to promote student / teacher interaction on the internet. Thanks to this educational tool, my online courses are as effective as home courses. The student only needs an internet connection and a computer, a tablet, or a smartphone to use it.

IB program, A levels, GCSE, all subjects: math, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, SAT / ACT and more.
IB PROGRAM EXPERT. A levels, GCSE all subjects: math, physics, chemistry, biology, economics, SAT / ACT and more. Full time professional tutor. I have been teaching all IB subjects since 2011. I am a native English speaker and I have an engineering degree. I have been tutoring students from ASB, BFIS and BSB since 2011. I am experienced and certified in continuing education. I provide personal and individual guidance for a wide range of subject areas. I contact the teachers for each subject the student has, to ensure that the material that is being covered in the tutoring session is the exact same as that of the class. My students immediately see a noticeable improvement in their grades as the I help them to focus on time management skills as well. I focus on enhancing study skills and encourage the students to become autonomous learners that strive for academic excellence.

Math Tutoring (Native English Speaker) IB/IGSCE/General Math
-Need help preparing for a Math exam? Falling behind or trying to get ahead of your math class? I have been tutoring math for 3 years now, and have worked closely with students in helping them with their math class or special standardised exams such as IB/IGSCE. -My unique teaching method allows students to grasp the concepts with ease and I can also prepare additional materials/ extra study materials and homework to help you understand the materials better. If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to message me. Looking forward to hearing from you!

Private lessons: Math-Physics by a University Teacher
Doctor in Theoretical Physics (+ 20 years of experience in teaching and scientific research, having published more than 60 articles and giving forty international conferences, gives private lessons and coaching to secondary and high school students (Maths, Physics, Statistics and Chemistry). With these private lessons, the student or student progresses at his own pace and according to his goal: homework help, refresher, advanced, exam preparation (medicine, dental sciences, veterinarian, civil engineer,.), Methodology and organization ...

Private lessons in Maths Physics Chemistry and Biology
The support I give you in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and Mathematics is very practical and is based on the explanation of the courses followed by in-depth exercises on the chapters covered in class. Free to ask all questions relating to the chapter and the concepts covered, tests are available to prepare you for class assignments and exams. I am patient and tolerant so whatever your nature, we will get along perfectly. Always available to follow you and I do whatever it takes to help you enjoy chemistry, physics and math. All my students who at the beginning had difficulties in Chemistry, physics or mathematics, end up excelling in these subjects with very good marks. Roland, whom I particularly thank, was one of my students who initially had enough gaps in chemistry. But from the first lessons, he started by better understanding the concepts and even finished his baccalaureate with very good grades in physics and chemistry.