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Russian Language Tutoring - Learn Speaking, Grammar and Writing

Do you want to learn Russian? Learn to speak and write without mistakes? My online Russian language training will help you master this beautiful language.

Training with me is organized in such a way that you learn Russian online as comfortably and effectively as possible:

The schedule is compiled according to a convenient schedule.
The training program is drawn up individually, taking into account your current level and your goal.
You will gain access to the study material to help you with completing vocabulary and grammar exercises.
The priority in teaching is speaking practice. Therefore, first of all, you will study the lexical composition of the language, and only then move on to the grammatical structure.

Strengthen your new gained knowledge by completing homework:

Master the language - the fear of not being understood will go away.
Learn new words - the most common colloquial phrases for any situation in life.
You will feel comfortable in any environment - work, study, communication.
Improve your pronunciation.

Extra information

Bring a laptop with Google or Zoom apps installed and a workbook with pen or pencil


Online via webcam

General info

Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)
Student level:
45 minutes
The class is taught in:English, Russian

About Me

Results-producing international business professional with 23 years of experience in international business management. An innovative, dynamic, and highly energetic manager with a proven ability to identify and capitalize on business opportunities. Previously achieved rapid progression in major projects from the planning stage through to implementation and completion. Possessing a solid track record of understanding, defining, and shaping a customers' needs. A strong intercultural communicator who is well-versed in cross-cultural business practices and protocol, adept at collaborating with business partners in Central Asia, Armenia, and the rest of the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS)


Haskayne School of Business - University of Calgary
EMBA courses:
Strategic Management
Business Analytics
HR Management

Master's degree in Economics (with honors) in Economics
Bachelor’s degree in Economics (with honors) in Economics
Plekhanov Russian Economic University - Moscow - Russian Federation

Certified International Trade Professional ( 2021 candidate)
International Trade Finance course and examination by FITT

Business and Commercial Banking training courses of Scotiabank
Canadian Securities Course of the Canadian Securities Institute (CSI)
Certificate in Corporatization and Operations with Securities of the National
Center for Training Specialists of the Securities Market (with honors)

Experience / Qualifications

Marketing Analysis and Campaigns
Opportunity Analysis and Qualification
Digital Marketing
Business Drivers and Technology Alignment
New Business Pipelines Executive Level Engagement
Vendor Relationship Business Development
Contract Negotiations
Infrastructure Proposals
Profit Maximization
Systems Integration Technology and Business Solutions
Tender, Proposal, and Contract Development
Stakeholder, Account and Relationship Management
Business Value Propositions
Consultative Selling
Enterprise, Corporate and SME Client Management
Operational, Service Delivery, and Project Management
Strategic Alliances P&L/ Financial Analysis and MIS
Team Building & Leadership
Human Resource Management
Public Relations & Speaking

Ask a question

Send a message explaining your needs and Ali will reply soon:
The more detail, the better.
Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

Availability of a typical week

17  Monday at 17:00  Tuesday at 17:00  Wednesday at 17:00  Thursday at 17:00  Friday at 17:00  Saturday at 17:00  Sunday at 17:00
18  Monday at 18:00  Tuesday at 18:00  Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
19  Monday at 19:00  Tuesday at 19:00  Wednesday at 19:00  Thursday at 19:00  Friday at 19:00  Saturday at 19:00  Sunday at 19:00
from $74Online via webcam

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

Online reputation

  • Instructor since May 2021

Availability of a typical week

17  Monday at 17:00  Tuesday at 17:00  Wednesday at 17:00  Thursday at 17:00  Friday at 17:00  Saturday at 17:00  Sunday at 17:00
18  Monday at 18:00  Tuesday at 18:00  Wednesday at 18:00  Thursday at 18:00  Friday at 18:00  Saturday at 18:00  Sunday at 18:00
19  Monday at 19:00  Tuesday at 19:00  Wednesday at 19:00  Thursday at 19:00  Friday at 19:00  Saturday at 19:00  Sunday at 19:00
from $74Online via webcam

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


Learn English for all levels of experience from 'Hello' to 'Goodbye' and everything in-between
Hello, my name is Jack, a native English speaker originally from Manchester, England. I have experience teaching English as a second language both online to students in China.And in schools in Italy. I have a diploma in International Business Management from Northumbria University, and studied abroad in Sweden and Portugal and therefore know how important and daunting learning a language can be. I specialise in teaching English as a second language. My aim is to be the lessons fun and engaging. Depending on what you want to learn we can focus on grammar, sentence structure, building vocabulary of a particular topic or start at the basics learning phonics. If you would like support and tutoring on homework or topics you are studying in school I can support students with this and help them achieve in school. I can also teach Business English and help you prepare for a presentation or interview or help with your studies. My class would be perfect for either adults or children wanting to improve their oral and written English skills. Each class will be personalised to your needs and abilities with the first class used to evaluate your level and how we can best use further classes to improve your abilities and see results.

Practical and fun English language classes that will improve your confidence in the English language!
Classes with me will improve your confidence in using English for work and in your free time! Learn practical English skills and have fun whilst doing so! Speaking good English means increasing your job opportunities and gaining a better financial position for you and your family. I have a clear and friendly British English accent which will make learning that much easier for you I hold 2 university degree's and 2 professional teaching certificates. And have taught students of all ages from around the world for more than 10 years! You are most welcome, and I look forward to hearing from you:-)

English language for Adults, Boost your Listening and Speaking.
I am a cheerful, optimistic and mindful teacher. I have been giving this course for more than 6 years. The class provides a flexible set of teaching materials, which can help you to improve your speaking and grammar skills at the same time. At the lesson different interactive activities, such as watching authentic videos and listening popular songs, are used to level up your English as fast as possible. Studying can be funny and fascinating. Teaching experience and friendly ambience can break down the wall of your silence. The course mission is to boost your vocabulary and communication. I provide all the materials and interesting homework tasks, which are prepared personally for every student.

Russian Course in Lausanne, Geneva and Skype, Highly Qualified Teacher, 10 Years of Experience
Do you want to learn Russian for fun? Do you need it to boost your career? Perhaps, are you planning to go to work in one of the countries where Russian is or one of the official languages? Would you like to pass your exams (university, TRKI / TORFL certification, Swiss maturity) with flying colors? Or do you simply want to communicate in Russian with your colleagues, friends or relatives? I would be happy to help you acquire the basics, deepen your knowledge and put it into practice. Qualified trainer with 10 years of experience teaching Russian, including at university level in Switzerland, I offer introductory courses in Russian language and culture, advanced (advanced grammar, oral expression, writing), Business Russian, exam preparation (university, TRKI / TORFL certification, Swiss maturity), Russian for pleasure and Russian for specific objectives (for example, journalism, diplomacy). Native Russian, I give tailor-made lessons, tailored to your needs. Our first course will be dedicated to getting to know each other. I will enjoy discussing your goals and the time you can invest. My goal is to offer you a personalized program to guarantee the best results. The price includes access to the online course space where I put at your disposal the material seen in class (grammatical tables, exercises, etc.)

My name is Marian and I am a native Spanish translator and interpreter (AN-FR-IT). I live this year in Paris (but I belong to the south of Spain) and therefore I would like to be able to give private lessons of Spanish at the same time that I work as a Spanish teacher in high school. You can choose the level, the method and the points to study together. I adapt to the specific situation of each person! I give courses online with the same teaching method that I use in high school. Do not hesitate... ¡¡Vamos a aprender español !!

French private lessons: Language and communication [ONLINE]
I am a French teacher, an academician. I have been teaching French, language and communication since 2012. I speak Arabic, French, Spanish, a little English and a little Turkish. I explain my classes in French, in Arabic or in Spanish, according to your choice.

Turkish Lessons (In-Person OR Online) for Adults and Kids from an Experienced and Patient Teacher For All Levels-Learn&Practice&Speak!
I have been teaching Turkish for 17 years. I started to teach when I was studying Turkish Language and Literature. I worked in a language school and at the universities, I suppose that I gained success. 😊 My achievements are directly proportional to my students’ success. My students are mostly teachers, consulate officers, international business people, and also travelers. I feel rewarded when I witness their progress in applying their Turkish language skills to their daily lives. Over the years, I have met hundreds of people from all over the world, taught Turkish, and told them about Istanbul and Turkey. Those people told me about their countries and learned to express themselves in Turkish. For example, I ask them: “Do you like Istanbul?” in Turkish it is “İstanbul’u surveyor museum?” or “ Traffic is very bad in Istanbul!”, “İstanbul’ da çok Trafik var!” The basic but correct conversation is really important for self-confidence in any language. If a learner can master basic sentence forms, the rest will come much easier. On the other hand, making mistakes is also very important. Especially, a learner can not speak without making a mistake the first and second time. My students are always varied and have diverse learning skills. My professionalism also allows me to tailor language education according to individual interests, needs, and capacities. In the classroom, I hold firm three main principles: first, providing a comfortable environment, second, creating an encouraging atmosphere, and third, establishing a collaborative instruction model. I consider that I developed an aptitude for making learning Turkish to become much easier, enjoyable, and practical for my students. I use a book prepared by a university in Turkey. I share the pdf version of the book for my lessons. I also adapt the materials according to the learner’s needs and support the book with my authentic materials. Even though I use a communicative approach, all my lessons are guided by a solid knowledge of grammar. On the online lessons, I send an e-mail after every lesson. That word file includes a vocabulary list, sentences (corrected and uncorrected versions, you can compare both of them easily), grammar point,s and homework for revision. In this way, you can find everything in a file well organized. When we have a face to face lesson, I give a hard copy of this list after every lesson. The lessons could be at my home office or in my student's house or office. I sometimes meet with my students in a coffee shop, I try to prefer silent places. :) How learning a new language opens a new window into a person, teaching Turkish is also the same for me! I was always interested in languages - I could speak a bit of Italian and learned Persian grammar except English. I always think about Istanbul -I was born and grew up here- it is a good place for self-improvement. First and foremost, Istanbul hosts international people coming from around the world. It is considering to me, I am lucky because I have one of the pleasant professions. When teaching Turkish, promoting cross-cultural awareness forms an important part of my lessons. Teaching the language involves both the students and myself in a dynamic conversation about our cultural backgrounds. Teaching Turkish is in fact not only teaching a language but also teaching a culture. I am interested in cinema, music and like visiting museums. I always share the activities with my students. I also teach Turkish to young learners. I started to study Child Development at Istanbul University as a second university in 2018. We say in Turkish, “Studies have no age!" If you want to speak Turkish well, please contact me. It is fun, and we will smile during the lesson!

Russian online language classes , learn russian with professional teacher
Russian is an East Slavic language and it is the eighth most spoken language in the world. If you are feeling excited about learning how to speak and understand Russian, this is the right place to be. I provide Russian language courses per Skype for those who wish to study Russian as a foreign language for work and for business, for everyday life and for communication or just for pleasure. I am a native Russian speaker and I have several years of teaching experience. My lessons have been designed to give you a broad knowledge of the language, and include the four main disciplines of language learning reading, writing, speaking and listening. Classes are offered in various levels, from beginner to advanced level. I monitors my students' progress by regular testing, homework and individualized study assignments. I'd be happy to answer any questions you might have

The Russian. Private lessons of Russian for all levels.
Graduate teacher from Moscow with 15 years of experience offers private Russian lessons. Beginners, intermediate, advanced are welcome. - basic course - business course - literature course - revision course - advanced courses - conversation NEW: Skype Distance Learning My academic pedagogical studies and my many years of teaching allow me to obtain very good results in my work. Have the courage to challenge yourself and you will have access to a rich and unique culture of Russian culture.

Online / In person Private lesson / Turkish tutor / Conversation / Grammar / Writing / Reading / Homework
I am a Turkish teacher. I graduated in Turkey with a BA in Languages. The lessons I offer are from basic to academic level, so for children, students, expats and adults. The focus is on learning grammar, speaking, ,, read and write. If you want to learn Turkish for vacation, work, family or just as a hobby, then I can certainly help you. I use Turkish grammar books, podcast, websites for learning Turkish and other study material.

Russian as a foreign language, Russian for children and adults
I offer courses in Russian as a foreign language. Russian is my mother tongue. I successfully completed the training and received a certificate giving the right to teach the Russian language. Depending on your needs, I will teach you how to speak Russian correctly with pure pronunciation.

Private French lessons with native French speaker in Co. Mayo
I have been tutoring French and English for the past 20 years to students of various ages & origins and of numerous backgrounds: children, teenagers, adults, professionals, and also sometimes even older seniors (85+). Why am I teaching both languages? Well, I’m bilingual and of American & Swiss/French origins, and... I live in Ireland! This is what makes my teaching strong and relevant because I understand both cultures and therefore I can adapt my classes depending on the language of my students. While I was studying social work in French-speaking Switzerland, I was giving French/English private lessons in order to earn a side income. And I genuinely enjoyed it doing it! After I graduated and started working full-time, I didn’t give up this activity because I loved meeting new people and helping them achieve their goals. My teaching is always interactive in order to hold my students’ attention during the whole length of the classes, using numerous learning tools (photos, newspaper articles, music, videos, etc.) Naturally, I will focus on the priority of each student. Some students will want to improve their pronunciation, grammatical, and vocabulary skills, others will need to prepare a presentation or a speech at school/work, while others just want to learn a new language to enrich their general knowledge. And sometimes too, parents want their younger children to master a new language. Thanks to my education and experience with children, I’m also able to run a class dedicated to them! What you will gain from my course is not only good pronunciation and vocabulary/grammar improvement but also a deeper knowledge and understanding of the culture that surrounds one language! When you speak a language it’s important to appreciate the lifestyle, traditions, and heritage of the nation(s) speaking it. Both French and English are spoken in many countries around the world, as primary languages, and with so many different accents: the learning process is unlimited! Before the COVID restrictions, I was mainly teaching face-to-face and with a maximum of four students, but at the moment, I’m only teaching online (one-and-one) on Zoom. Besides that, I’m also a genealogist, I’m running Spiritual Seminars in the West of Ireland and I have a passion for vegetarian & vegan cuisine. I hold a Degree in Early Childhood Education for many years I owned a private “Before & Afterschool” facility for children aged 4 to 12. I’m looking forward to meeting you

Skype French class (online) with native teacher! The technology to learn.
The technology to improve your French. Classes with a certified native teacher. Hello Bonjour! I am a native French teacher and graduated in French Philology since 2012. I have five years of experience in Belgium and abroad. I propose online classes with a method that I have developed over the years, specifically for online classes. My method: -During class we focus on speaking. Outside of class, I will send you exercises that I will correct each week (grammar, conjugation, writing…). -Use a particular technique based on questions / answers to apply grammar speaking. -You will also receive an access to an application for your Smartphone (to learn the vocabulary). -Use an interactive whiteboard. -We will use a shared online notebook to correct your exercises and ask me your questions at any time of the day. I propose preparation for official exams (DELF, dalf, tcf, eoi ...). Classes for beginners, intermediate or advanced levels. Preparation of conferences or talks for business. Job interviews. The class is a bit different when I work with children or teenagers. I use interactive websites and letters. If you want a young, organized, dynamic and passionate teacher, call me or write me! See you soon, Laurie

English Classes With an Experienced Tutor for All Levels
✅ Very experienced in teaching English language - 5 years of experience ✅ TOEFL, AIELTS, ELTiS tests preparation ✅ Prepared, systematic self-created lessons for all levels in the English language ✅ Using advanced methods for memorizing words and keeping track of students' progress If you book a lesson with me, you can expect: - self-created lessons involving reading, writing, grammar and critical-thinking skills. - tracking your progress, finding your strong and weak points - my full dedication; I will always be there to help you with anything that you are struggling with - implementing every-day life examples into our conversation; we can also work on some specific topic that you like, so the lessons could become more fun and interesting A very friendly and patient tutor that really enjoys passing knowledge to other people. If you have any questions, I would be happy to answer them. :) Looking forward to work with you!

Learn Spanish with a native. The classes are adapted to you needs!
I'm a Spanish native teacher living in Belgium. I personalize my classes in the base which are your goals and your needs to learn Spanish. We will do together grammar, vocabulary and conversation classes. We will use sometimes the iPad, gsm, or computer. The time flies when you learn in a fun class.