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    Let's study Japanese (Japans) efficiently with Amazon best seller author & a friend of super famous J-POP musicians!

    I passed the Japanese teaching test and taught 1000 lessons and have 100 students over the world (including all platforms) so you can have a professional lesson at a reasonable price and we can focus on your personal goal from beginners to fluent speakers.
    My favorite topics to chat about are J-POP/Rock. I even used to hang out with super famous musicians .I can't tell who they are for their privacy, but we can talk about Japanese music, backstage and Japanese music industry.

    For beginners, I use teaching materials and focus on the Genki textbook. But I can customize the lesson without it.
    For JLPT I use a JLPT textbook. I published a book about how to get high scores on exams using only short-term study and it's a best seller on Amazon so I certainly know plenty of tips. Let's study efficiently together!

    Also, I'm studying Java programming, so I am teaching programming Japanese terms to students.
    so my lesson helps you to work with Japanese programmers!

    Me as a Teacher
    I know many Japanese learners have headaches for particles like the difference between 'が’ and 'は', 'に’and 'で’, 自動詞(はいる)and 他動詞(いれる). As a professional teacher, I am willing to explain and practice with you.

    The style chart of my lesson is like below.
    My Lessons & Teaching Style
    Complete beginner:
    --->Yes-->Start with the easiest letter.We can order foods in the end of the lesson. (talk about a textbook for next lessons)
    ---->Yes,but personal purpose&goal--->Let's target to it!

    Not a complete beginner:
    -->For travel to JP-->Role play for a variety of travel situations
    -->JLPT -->N1/N2/N3-->Practicing the exam & discussion based on each level
    -->JLPT -->N4/N5-->Practicing the exam & conversation based on each level
    -->Can do daily conversations-->Choose a topic from a list and conversation
    -->Still learning daily conversations-->Genki textbook and actual conversation based on it(I recommend the textbook but tell me if it's difficult. I can customize the lesson.

    Extra information

    I teach online until covid-19 is gone. Thank you for your understanding.


    Online via webcam

    General info

    Japanese for adults, School
    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)
    Student level:
    30 minutes
    45 minutes
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes
    The class is taught in:English, Japanese, Dutch

    About Me

    About me:
    Hobbies/Interests: Music, Fashion,Travel,Writing
    Favourite sports: Tennis, Futsal
    Favourite music/singers/bands: Chainsmokers,J-POP bands, Rock music in 90's
    Favourite places/travel: destinations Cambodia, Thailand, Paris, Singapore,Netherlands
    Favourite books/authors: Yukio Mishima, Osamu Dazai
    Favourite movies :Black swan
    Favourite actors/actresses: Natalie Portman


    Aoyama gakuin university in Tokyo Japan, BA Economics

    Work experience:
    -Team leader International business- Tokyo, JP -Experienced international business with various countries( Asia, Europe, and North America) using English and Japanese -Technical translation of Japanese and English.So I can teach business and technical English and Japanese for people from all over the world.

    Experience / Qualifications

    -Japanese language teaching competency test Japan educational exchanges and services 2019

    -TOEIC ETS(English test) 2016 score 910

    Ask a question

    Send a message explaining your needs and Kei will reply soon:
    The more detail, the better.
    Ex. "Hi, when are you available to meet for a lesson?"

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    14      Wednesday at 14:00    Friday at 14:00    Sunday at 14:00
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    from $28.22Online via webcam

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    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

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    from $28.22Online via webcam

    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Japanese All Levels (N5-N1). Study Japanese with a native teacher
    For people who want to learn Japanese (every level), my class is the best option for you! I have a 420-hour Japanese language teaching certificate with experience in teaching private lessons before. In this class, I will: - Design the best course that suit your purposes and interests - Help you reach a certain level in Japanese as you desire - Assist you in studying for the JLPT test I offer courses through online platforms (Zoom, skype,..) so don't worry too much about finding a physical place to meet in this pandemic time. Hope to work with you soon!

    Learn Japanese from an experienced tutor with a solid background in Japanology and linguistics (+bring your friend for a group discount!)
    Whatever your Japanese level, whatever your goals with learning, I am more than sure we can achieve them together. For example: - Are you planning to take a JLPT exam anywhere from N5 to N1? - Need a quick brush-up for your job or scholarship interview? - Upcoming trip to Japan and you wish you could break the ice with locals in their language? - Do you want to understand what they are talking about in your favourite TV show without subtitles? - Or… you simply fell in love with this incredible language and want to start learning it from scratch in a structured way? If you answered yes to any of the above questions, then you can already rest assured that you have found the right tutor. On top of these, the range of possible directions our classes can take is even broader: I can introduce you to Japanese interpretation prepping, help you to improve your understanding of written Japanese in a more structured way, or if you’re a kanji nerd like I am, talk about their history for hours. I have been a Japanologist *slash* lover-of-all-things-Japanese for more than 14 years and as such I am familiar with a very broad range of linguistic and cultural layers of the country (oh, and if there is one that I am not, then I will most definitely be more than happy to look into it). So do not hesitate to leave a message if you want to learn with me.

    Expatriate in Tokyo gives beginner Japanese lessons (by Skype), JLPT, working holiday preparation ...
    I offer individual lessons via Skype, for beginners or false beginners. The courses are based on the Minna no Nihongo books and will be adapted to your objectives, whether it is to prepare a trip, a working holiday, the baccalaureate, the JLPT, professional reasons or others. I would also provide you with PDFs to help you memorize and review the lessons as you learn.

    On line Japanese Tutoring, Certified tutor with more than 10 years of experience
    Would you like to learn Japanese and start speaking the language from the very first class? Tired of not being able to say anything in spite of having completed the grammar exercises? Then my classes are for you! I'm Mizu, I'm a native and a certified Japanese instructor. I've been teaching Japanese at school and tutoring children and adults in different countries for over ten years and currently working in University as a lecturer. I'm passionate about what I do and I love helping students brush up their communication skills. In my classes, students complete reading and grammar exercises, but I try to focus on the listening and speaking part, so that they can listen and express their feelings and opinions in given situation. I'd say my classes are fun and relaxed, but at the same time I'll always make sure you learn something every time we meet. I'm really looking forward to meeting you soon!!

    Introduction to Japanese: The Kana booster (hiragana & katakana)
    こ ん に ち は (Hello) That's it you decided to seriously learn Japanese to get closer to your goal? How to learn a new language when you have passed the stage of childhood? Do you fear oblivion or retrogression? When you learn the Japanese alphabet in high school or university, it takes between 3 to 6 months to anchor the learning of hiragana and katakana. I know this frustration of not going fast enough to then be able to read it, write it, understand it and speak it! Forget the romaji which are a real obstacle to learning Japanese even if I understand that it is a comfortable benchmark for learners. I created "the Kana booster" to support you in your first steps towards the Japanese language: - Discovery of Japanese characters - Pronunciation of the alphabet - Introduction to the writing system - Maintenance of the syllabary thanks to memorization - Kana challenge I had to learn hiragana like you in several months. On the other hand for the katakana, I only had 15 days to memorize them before my Japanese school year! This is why I have compiled my knowledge and know-how for you! I have my little tips and my personal methods so that you can acquire the basics to pursue your passion! *Who should attend ?* Pure beginners or those who need to refresh their memories or people who have lost their motivation as well as those who want to start / start again on good foundations! * How does the course actually work? * In 30 minutes we dynamically do the alphabet line by line. A real exchange between the learner and me. I reveal the errors and correct them. I give keys on the traps to avoid. We see the alphabet in all its forms in different approaches. Finally we take stock at the end of the lesson. * And what about my methodology? * With 6 years of language teaching with a different learner profile and around the world, then after working in South Korea and Japan with companies that prioritize education, I developed my vision and the tools necessary for the proper development of the learning of a foreign language for non-Aboriginal people. Being a teacher / student, I test myself what I offer. it allows me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my media in order to improve the content and aim for excellence. For learning this course is suitable for young and old, I speak French, English and Japanese fluently so I can teach the course in these languages. * What does my rate include? * "Kana's booster" is at its launch price. This is a "boost" course to help you learn faster and save you time! Once mastered, you can easily assimilate other notions of the Japanese language and be one step ahead of others. By choosing me, you can always be in contact with me and ask me questions about your problems (even outside the course) Send a course request and let's practice together! Amandine 愛 満 多 よ り

    DO YOU NEED TO MASTER French and Japanese grammar ?
    if you are interested in, or if you need to improve your grammar skill, if you which to study translation too this lesson is for you. I will teach you how to master grammar and vocabulary, to play on the nuances of expressions in both languages. Each time we will begin with a reminder of a grammar point and continue with exercises consisting of translating sentences and finally studying the commentary on your mistakes. you will have homework to prepare!

    Japanese language classes taught in a fun and professional way.
    I have studied Japanese language at the university of Nagoya Japan and obtained JLPT Niveau 1 (The highest level of the Japanese Proficiency Test)I also studied Classical Japanese and Classical Chinese at KU Leuven. I have also obtained a Postgraduate in Korean Studies at KU Leuven. In 2011 I became the winner of the Japanese speech contest organised bij Nihonjinkai in Brussels. I have a longstanding experience in teaching Japanese as a certified language teacher. I have lived and worked 10 years in Japan, as a language teacher at Japanese universities and Japanese companies. I also worked as a Japanese-English/French translator for several Japanese companies. I offer Japanese language classes for students of all levels. All my classes are tailor made and adjusted to the needs and the wishes of the student. I can help you study for JLPT as well.

    Japanese Language lessons for absolute beginner to intermediate (from conversation to JLPT preparatory!)
    Hello future students!! I'm Emiko. Below is a bit about myself; - passed the Japanese language teaching competency test in 2003. - have a master's degree in Japanese linguistics. - have been teaching Japanese since 2005. - experience in teaching: - class lesson with over 20 students - small group lesson - private lesson - all levels from beginner to advanced - well-balanced all 4 skills lesson - conversation lesson - JLPT- preparatory(N5-N1) lesson I love teaching Japanese and I also love to see people making progress. I think the key to success in learning language is: Step 1: clarify your purpose Step 2: set achievable goal one by one Step 3: continue studying My job is to support you. Please share your needs, goal, purpose or interests and I will plan lessons only for you. I do my best to make our lessons effective and meaningful!

    This is Japanese grammar class. Let's clear about Japanese particles and grammar.
    If you are worried about Japanese particles and grammar, please join this class. There will be two textbooks used in this class, but we recommend that those who have learned the basics of Japanese participate. The basics of Japanese are, for example, "Minna no Nihongo I / II" and "Genki na nihongo I / II".

    Japanese lessons at your leisure by webcam with native Japanese teacher
    I am Japanese, a graduate of Japanese teacher with 5 years of teaching experience for the French, with more than 30 students. Many students are able to practice Japanese well after only 1 to 2 years of teaching. Some also manage to pass the JLPT (Japanese Language Proficiency Test). I offer private Japanese lessons by webcam (skype, hungout etc) or on site (If you live nearby, I can give you in a café, Fab-Lab de Cergy etc,). I use original manuals and this allows you to learn in a fun and effective way. If you are interested, please do not hesitate to contact me.

    German Course - Japanese Course - Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced Levels
    I propose an approach to German oriented towards grammar and vocabulary, which often pose the most difficulties, and spoken language. This course aims to approach the technical aspects of the language without being too didactic. For the course, I combine the theoretical aspect of the language, necessary for correct speaking, with the practical aspect, which makes it possible to be understood and to interact effectively with native speakers, while taking a step back from each one. both. I offer an approach to Japanese based on grammar, vocabulary and spelling (kanjis). Starting from the experience of a speaker of Indo-European language, the course aims for the student to soak up the structure of the Japanese language in a natural way by getting rid of any unconscious a prioris coming from his own language. Also, in this course I put the emphasis on the written-oral relationship, which can strike in the case of the Japanese language, so as not to leave them separated.

    Private Japanese Lesson by Certified Native Japanese Tutor
    Konnichiwa Hello! I am Japanese native from Osaka and currently living in Switzerland since 2005. I offer private Japanese lessons to people from complete beginner level including children to advanced level. In the first meeting, I will ask several questions to fully understand the needs of the student and will propose the lesson contents. Based on the objective of each student, I will be using a balanced approach that will improve listening, speaking, reading, and writing through textbooks, exercises, conversation, and games. I can teach in Japanese or English fluently and in French to a certain extent. I offer my lesson online or face to face near my place. You will find my lesson engaging and interactive. Please feel free to ask me any questions.

    Japanese language for beginners and advanced. Conversation lessons also possible!
    Hajimemashite. (Nice to meet you!) My name is Hiroshi. I'm from Japan and I've been living in the Netherlands for 5 years now. I would like to teach you the Japanese language and culture. Together we can look at your learning goals and I would like to help you with that. It doesn't matter if you don't know any Japanese yet or if you've come a long way. Let's do our best together. Ganbarimashou!

    Japanese lessons for Beginners
    こんにちは! ╰ (* ´︶` *) ╯ ♡ I am a 3rd year student of Japanese Studies at the Nicolaus Copernicus University in Toruń. I suggest individual lessons to people who are just starting their adventure with Japanese. During the lesson, we will learn commonly used words and phrases, the basics of grammar, how to arrange sentences, correct pronunciation, listening, Japanese writing (hiragana, katakana and kanji). During the lesson, I will provide an access to the textbook and exercises on which we will work, and I will additionally provide materials in the form of presentations, videos and additional exercises. I can also teach in Russian, English or Polish. I can make lessons online or meet in nearby cafe if someone is living in my area. :) The duration of the lesson would be 1 hour.

    Japans voor beginners en intermediate level, JLPT level N5 tot N3 (van A1 tot B2)
    De Aziatische cultuur heeft mij al van kindsbeen af geïnteresseerd, daarom heb ik ook besloten om hier mijn studierichting van te maken. Ik heb mijn bachelordiploma behaald in de richting Japanologie, en kijk ernaar uit mijn kennis te delen met anderen. Verder heb ik al enige ervaring in het lesgeven, dankzij eerdere studentenjobs. Op dit moment geef ik ook les op verschillende online platformen, mijn leerlingen zijn zeer tevreden met deze lessen. Voor mijn lessen baseer ik me vooral op de boeken van Genki 1 en 2, en videomateriaal om wat af te wisselen. Naar mijn mening is het leren van grammatica en spreekvaardigheden het belangrijkste, maar indien er interesse is in bijvoorbeeld luistervaardigheid, leesvaardigheid, schrijfvaardigheid, ... kan hier ook zeker op geoefend worden.