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    Hello everybody!!

    I am Italian and I have a master degree in philosophy ūüėä

    I like very much my language and my country, that I know deeply, and I like teaching it at each level. I have experiences in Italy, Switzerland, and Germany, too.

    I offer you an Italian course or lessons online by Skype personalized for your exigence! Language (grammar, syntax, conversations, pronunciation), translations (from English, French or German), culture (history and philosophy) :)

    Flexibility, reliability, and curiosity are what can better describe my working way :)

    Contact me soon, I would be glad to help you to learn my language <3


    Online via webcam

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English, German, Italian

    About Me

    I am Italian mother language and I have a bachelor and master degree in philosophy ūüėä
    I like very much my language, I studied it deeply and I can offer personalized and alternative Italian lessons for what you prefer! ūüėČ
    If you need grammar, pronunciation or syntax improvement, a translation or reading complex texts I can organize customized lessons for you!
    Flexibility, patience, reliability, and curiosity are what can better describe my working way!


    Bachelor and Master Degree in Philosophy (both of them 110/110 cum laude) Università degli Studi di Roma "Tor Vergata"; Erasmus Programm in Heidelberg University (Germany)

    Experience / Qualifications

    Ancient Greek and Latin tutoring for high school students for 5 years;
    Italian teaching in Italy and in Germany for a couple of years
    Hello everybody!! I am an Italian girl and I have a master degree in philosophy ūüėä I like very much my language, I studied it deeply and I like teaching it at each level. I have a couple of years of experience in Italy and in Germany :D I can offer you personalized and alternative Italian lessons for what you prefer at home or easily by Skype (with reductions)! ūüėČ If you need grammar, syntax or pronunciation improving, a translation from English, French, German or reading complex Italian texts I can organize customized lessons for you! ūüėä Flexibility, patience, reliability, and curiosity are what can better describe my working way Don't hesitate to contact me also in French!!

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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    Learn how to speak Italian in few sessions with Alessio
    Classes will be adapted to student's needs and requests on the first trial day. First Class: Conversation, a first approach to the language (depending on the student's level), structuring the course (choice of the package), exercises. At the end of the classes you will be able to: - Above all the course will be structured on your demand (in case of an oncoming test/trip/business conference etc etc.). - Think as a real Italian and eat as an Italian - Understand and actively speak in conversation - Pronounce correctly - Use with good expertise and accuracy in Grammar (also while speaking) - Use with good expertise and accuracy in both oral and written - Avoid simple and common mistakes - Make jokes in the learning language - Aware of learning language's culture - Addicted to all foreign food specialities (you may taste the most eaten dishes, made by Italian chief). - have a good expertise of Italian gesture For those who are more advanced, The course will have proper aim and new challenges to get deeper into the language.

    Cours d'italien pour débuter ou s'améliorer (conversations, cours de grammaire, d'orthographe, ...)
    Vous souhaitez commencer l'italien ? Vous √™tes interm√©diaire et souhaitez vous am√©liorer ? N'h√©sitez pas √† me contacter ! Fort de 6 mois d'Erasmus pass√©s √† Genova et d'un cours d'italien √† l'universit√©, j'ai acquis un niveau qui me permet d'enseigner ce que j'ai moi-m√™me acquis. Dipl√īm√© d'un bac en philosophie, je m'int√©resse √©galement de pr√®s √† la p√©dagogie et √† l'animation. Ma m√©thode est donc adapt√©e aux besoins de chacun, et ne demande que de nouveaux d√©fis √† relever !

    English & Italian lessons by a British-Italian Native Speaker
    I am an experienced tutor from Oxford, England who is happy to teach English to speak, to write (for academia or business), or for exams like IELTS and the Cambridge Assessment. As you'll know English is an extremely valuable language to have to work or simply for travel in today's world. I have taught English from a very basic level (to non-English speaking refugees in Turkey) to a very academic level and have completed a degree (in Philosophy, Politics and Economics) at the University of Oxford. I also teach Italian and am fluent in the language as my mother is from Lazio and so I learnt it from a young age.

    Je donne des cours d'italien à plusieurs niveaux: - Primaire, - Collège-lycée, - Universitaire (Licence, Master 1 et Master 2), - Adulte (professionnel ou non). Je propose des cours particuliers de langue italienne visant à la linguistique, à l'orthographe, à la prononciation et à la conversation. Possibilité de travailler dans un domaine de votre choix en fonction de vos exigences afin de développer ou d'améliorer un vocabulaire technique adapté à votre secteur d'activité. Je travaille avec les enfants, en transformant en jeu l'apprentissage de la langue, avec des élèves de tous niveaux et des adultes. En plus j’effectue des cours de préparation aux certifications de langues ainsi que du soutien scolaire. Je donne des cours de langue italienne à tous niveaux. J'ai formé des élèves de l'école maternelle à l'age adulte. Je me suis également occupée de cours de langue italienne au niveau universitaire. Je suis professeur d'italien dans un lycée à Bordeaux et j'ai aussi été assistante d'italien dans plusieurs lycées en France. J'ai, donc, une forte expérience dans l'enseignement de la langue italienne aux étrangères, ainsi que une expérience pluriannuelle dans l'enseignement des langues étrangères (Français-Anglais). Je m'adapte aux besoins de mes élèves. Ces cours s'adressent à tous ceux qui sont intéressés par apprendre ou approfondir la culture italienne en plus de la langue. Si vous apprenez la langue pour votre travail, nous nous concentrerons sur du vocabulaire spécifique. Si vous cherchez un prof particulier pour votre enfant, je créerai des activités et exercices en transformant en jeu l'apprentissage de la langue. Programmes sur mesure. Soutien scolaire.

    Cours d'italien langue étrangère. Enseignante native, PhD, certifiée, experte
    Je donne de cours d'italien à tous les niveaux, individuels et collectifs, à particuliers et à entreprises. Cours orientés au travail, aux études et à la préparation des examens officiels. Enseignante certifiée (CEDILS, Certificato di Didattica dell'Italiano Lingua Straniera), avec plusieurs années d'expérience. Pendant mes cours, je recréais un contexte communicatif réel: je parle exclusivement l'italien dés la première leçon et je stimule votre expression orale. J'organise les cours afin que l'acquisition des structures grammaticales puisse progresser en harmonie avec celle de l'efficacité communicative, du répertoire lexicale et de la prononciation. Je stimule aussi votre autonomie avec l'utilisation de textes authentiques sélectionnés selon le niveau. J'adapte ma méthode aux objectifs individuels et je propose dans les classes une approche globale, stimulante et interactive de la langue italienne.

    Italian Classes (beginner-intermediate-advanced) with Italian native teacher
    Hi all! I am Isabella, I am 23 years old and I am Italian, from Venice. I would love to help you to learn or improve your Italian. We can have conversations, practise your reading or listening skills. We might also use my Italian grammar book to do exercise together or by your own. Please do not hesitate to email me if you want to have any further information. A presto! Isabella

    Italian, English and Test Prep Tutoring. General/Business English and Italian. Tailored lessons for young and adult students.
    I am Italian, and I am 29 years old. I lived in the UK for almost 7 years. I started teaching Italian and English 3 years ago. I worked for private language schools and NATO Defense College in Rome. I teach children and adults, group and private lessons. My lessons are tailored to fit the level and the needs of my students. I always make sure that my students are in a serene environment and enjoy their lesson. I have the DILS-PG and the CELTA certifications to teach both Italian and English as a second language. Also, I have experience in preparing students for international exams such as KET, PET, FIRST.

    Learn how speak English, Italian, Ukrainian and Russian
    English/Italian translator/interpret is ready to help you to learn a lot of different languages. I have over 3 years of experience teaching children and adults. I always try to create a very comfortable learning environment for my students.

    Italian Language, Literature, Culture and - most of all - Conversation
    This class is for aspiring "genuine" Italian speakers! The focus is to practice and improve the language fluency and do it while having fun with a lot of thematic conversation. I have a great litterature teaching background (from Dante to Baricco), experience with teenagers and adults. Classes will be basically in English, hopefully in Italian but I am also near native Spanish.

    Jeune étudiante italienne, je propose des cours de langue et culture italienne
    Mes cours s'adaptent √† chacun. De la conversation, compr√©hension et expression (√©crite et orale), traduction de textes, devoirs √† la maison, grammaire, culture italienne, √©tude de textes, d'articles de journaux, jusqu'aux Ňďuvres litt√©raires, ... Je propose un programme personnalis√© et adapt√© √† votre niveau et objectifs. .

    Aprenda o italiano através do cinema e da musica de Italia
    Portugu√™s: N√£o h√° um melhor m√©todo de aprender uma l√≠ngua que perceber a cultura, as express√Ķes e a arte! Fa√ßa o curso de Italiano atrav√©s a musica e o cinema! Videos, letras, express√Ķes , a arte filmes italianos. Sou uma estudante italiana ao douramento em cinema e tenho experi√™ncia como professora de italiano com crian√ßas e adultos. Posso ensinar tamb√©m a falante nativo ingleses e franc√™s. Os cursos s√£o personaliz√°veis: est√° poss√≠vel seguir apenas a abordagem gramatical para quem deseja-lo. o meu objectivo √© a vossa satisfa√ß√£o! Ciao ciao! English: What's better than studying a language knowing its culture, expressions and art? Join the Italian course through Italian film and music! Videos, song texts, writing exercises and comprehension through the best Italian movies and the most famous Italian songs! I am an Italian Phd student in Film studies and I have worked with children and adults. If you prefer just to have a course in grammar and not approaching cinema or music, I will also do that. All course will follo

    Learn Italian: grammar, conversation and culture tutoring.
    Ciao a tutti! I am a native Sicilian girl who graduated magna cum laude with a bachelor's degree in languages and cultures (Italian, English, Russian). If you already have a good grasp on the Italian language, I will tutor you and explain the mysteries of our eternal love for food. If you are a beginner, I can guide you through the intricate rules of Italian grammar and share with you my love for its beauty. Whatever your level is, I follow all my students closely, assigning homework and providing personalised lessons based on your needs.

    Cours de langue italienne (enseignante langue maternelle)
    Buongiorno!! Cours de langue italienne avec une eseignante de langue maternelle certifiée chez l'Université de Perugia. Mes cours sont élaborés en function de les besoins d'apprentissage de les élèves. Le contenu de cours est decidé avec l'étudiante sur la base de sa necessité: - Grammaire - Lexique - Conversation - Culture italienne N'hesitez pas à me contacter pour avoir plus des reinsegnements. A presto, Cristina

    - Italian language; Italian course or conversation.
    - I¬īm a professional Italian teacher from Italy, now living in Rome. I have 8 years teaching experience. I am very patient and I love to make a relaxed and friendly class environment. I have qualifications and experience teaching at different levels and in different contexts. I can help the student to improve the oral, written, and comprehension skills. Most important is that each course is based on the needs, interests and availability of the student. - The method is mainly what is called communicative, aimed at stimulating the student to speak immediately and put the focus on the functional aspect of the language. For beginners, I usually follow a specific program, I prepare a course and for each lesson I send students the files that I scan from the various books. Also the lessons can be essentially developed as conversations on specific subjects.

    Italian Tutoring / Conversation Classes
    Hi there! I'm offering Italian tutoring classes and Italian conversation classes! A little about me: I come from Rome, Italy, I have studied Telecommunications Engineering in Rome and lived in Rome, Turin and Milan. I can teach Italian from beginners to proficients, or I can also simply do conversations, online or at your place!