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    Pattern Making and Sewing Classes Women's wear, Home Textile

    With so many things selling outside, still many times it doesn't quite fit our taste and style. With sewing and pattern making skills you can bring anything you've imagined to reality. With good sewing skills you can upscale any DIY project and make it look like you just purchased it at the designers boutique. Learning pattern making allows you to develop any garment from scratch and be sure that nobody has anything like this.

    I'm adjusting to any level of knowledge from the beginner to advanced. Sharing all the techniques and tricks I know. If you think that you are a hard learner I have a lot of patience and always will find the way to explain everything till I absolutely sure you understand. I'm a practicing fashion designer and have more then 10 years experience of teaching groups and in private.

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    At teacher's location: Shlomo Ibn Gabirol, Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel
    At student's location: Around Tel Aviv, Israel
    Online via webcam

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    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    60 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, Russian, Hebrew

    About Me

    I'm a fashion designer and a photographer, I have my own brand:
    I'm teaching students because I love to teach, I love to meet new people and I believe that knowing to sew and to make patterns makes this world more sustainable.
    I'm teaching by classic Miller's method and don't let skip anything. I believe that you can be creative and cut the corners after you know all the rules.


    I studied pattern making and sewing privately in Russia.
    I have B.Des and B.Ed from The Neri Bloomfield Academy of Design and Education. Haifa, Israel.
    I did extension courses in Central Saint Martins, London, UK.

    Experience / Qualifications

    I have been sewing and making closes ever since I was a child, and professionally for the last 22 years. I was teaching privately and in groups at private schools for the last 10 years.

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    Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

    If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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    Teaching English and Hindi to kids (5-15 years), Indian Art and Crafts for home
    This class will be for teaching children how to read, write and speak in English by understanding in a playful way. I am passionate about teaching kids and hence kids will enjoy every moment of it for sure. Apart from English, I am also willing to teach HINDI which is one of the official language of India(the land of colors and diversified cultures). So next time you are going to India, be confident to talk like the locals and shop from the flea markets. I am also an artist with hands on experience on several Indian art like the Madhubani, Warli, Gond, Patachitra, traditional folk, etc which belong to the several beautiful states of India. Along with it, the children can also learn several water color and still life paintings. Crafts (mostly diy) will also be taught for the interested children. Everything will be one-to-one unless there is a group wanting the service, which I am sure will also be interesting and entertaining as well.

    personal shopper, personal stylistm shopping consultant, events organiser , wedding stulist wedding dresses and customs
    Having confidence in your personal style will give you poise in all your relationships—professional and personal alike. No matter who you are or what you look like, you have a unique, stunning style that just needs to be discovered. We want to help you uncover the real you! As personal stylists, my team and I can help you figure out the best clothing and accessories for your job, your unique tastes, and your life. I have a passion for style and want to help you become the best you can be. My extensive experience in fashion and personal consulting provides lasting benefits to each of my customers. Our services include incredible benefits such as properly enhancing your figure, discovering your clothing style, finding the colors that fit you best and showing you how to harmonize them, and finding the best accessories to fit you.

    Fire Performance, Slack Lining, Magic, DJ/Production and Leather Crafting
    I specialize in Fire Performance. I have been performing all over the world for over 20 years. My main tool is Fire Poi. I also work with Staff and Double Staff. I would cover fire safety, object manipulation, state of flow and meditation, performance and sacred geometry. Students would eventually need materials for this class. The second class I offer is walking on a 1" slackline. Lessons will cover slackline safety, balance, core strength, meditation and how to set up a slackline. Students do not need materials for this class. The third class is Magic and sleight of hand. I am an intermediate magician specializing in close up magic and card tricks. Lessons would cover magic history, close up sleight of hand, card tricks, coin tricks, parlor tricks and stage magic. Students would need a deck of cards to begin. The fourth class is Leather art and tooling. I have been tooling and carving leather for over 15 years. I specialize in sacred geometry. Lessons would cover leather prepping, tooling, carving, stamping, molding and dying. Students would need to acquire their own tools and leather for this class. The fifth class is DJ and Production. I have been a DJ for 10 years and producing music for 15 years. My main DAW is FL Studio. I specialize in Tribal/World music. I have played tons of festivals all over the states. Students would need a laptop for this class.

    Bright Marketing Ideas - New business ideas - You have the money, I Give you the Idea, We create a success.
    - Lots of people have the means but lack innovative ideas. I have many ideas that suit your future expectations and your budget. - We examine your vision, your plan and. We come up with feasable solutions and ideas to improve yoru business and your income. - We discuss your dreams and goals to shape the right business idea together.

    English, Portuguese, drawing, painting, sculpting for language and creative students.
    My language and art programs are used to enhance and build on those dormant skills to help you open doors to other opportunities. If you are looking to brush up on your reading and writing then do not hesitate, bit if your simply interested in learning to draw, paint or sculpt don't hold back just contact me.

    Art and design course for beginners or intermediates
    My name is Cosmina and I am currently a student at the Arts Training Center (Polydesign 3D) in Geneva. I am passionate about art and all artistic activities since my youngest age and offers you to share this passion for a moment of relaxation and creativity during one of my art classes. These courses may vary depending on your preferences. The workshops that I propose are the following ones: -Workshop (sculpture, painting, papier mache, sewing ...) -Adobe Illustrator / Photoshop / In Design

    Pastel drawings, paintings and paper origami classes
    My class will teach people to pursue their love of art with no fear. I believe that art is an outlet for creativity. I specialize in landscape portraits and calligraphy and my teaching methods are purely practical. This class is aimed for beginners and people who wish to refine and test their artistic capabilities.

    Paula Andreu
    Spanish Conversational and Grammar and Test Prep Tutoring
    Hello, my name is Paula Andreu from Barcelona (Spain). Fashion Designer, a native Spanish teacher, Catalan (certificates DELE C1) and English (TEFL), writer and translator. I have also the B2 level of French. My work experience are teaching Spanish, Catalan and English based on more than 5 years of experience in countries like South America, Africa and Asia and online around the world. Come to my classes and enjoy.

    Fashion Consultancy - advice and recommendations to individuals, customers or companies, English Course
    Fashion Consultancy: I am very passionate about Fashion. Currently working on creating my own brand of clothes. I could assist in Fashion Consulting advise for any event or need of yours. English Course: I obtain TOEFL certificate and i have done my Master studies in English. It's been 7 years now that i speak and practice English

    Laura Peláez
    Spanish, English, Music,rythm, Art,, making crafts, How to cook especially Mediterranean cuisine, Story teller class for little kids.
    I´m a teacher of a wide range of activities with a huge teaching vocation, . I have broad knowledge of musical language. I play the drum set, percussion and a little the guitar I love working with several instruments in my class and show them to the students and teach them how to use them and where they are from and actively involving them. . In my classes, like for example English or story teller I help to improve the development of English language, encourage creativity, and stimulate learner recall with the active involvement of the students, using very fun and bright educational resources and toys.

    Art and Craft, Painting, Modelling, Origami Summer 2017
    I am a Fine Art graduate with Master Degree, specialised in Painting and animation. I have been working/teaching art to students 2-18 for 5-6 years. I teach art and craft to students with more than 5 years of experience. My goal is to teach students trending art and expose to new types of medium. I also teach art to all: kids, students, adults and elders. I design fun and interactive classes.