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Professional artists, Semi professional, Passionate, Curious, Lovers, Singers in the shower: this concerns you! With the CVT Method (Completed Vocal Technique) reach your goals quickly! Everything is possible for everyone !!! Make a first session and see for yourself ...

Training possible in: French, English, Italian and Danish

Singing lessons are for anyone wanting to sing, from all backgrounds, styles and levels, whatever your goal: professional, leisure, simple pleasure or well-being personal development.

Private lessons are 100% personalized, we work according to your wish and your personal goal. Everything is done through music and we add the technique when it is necessary. The purpose of the vocal technique is to readjust muscular tension so that you can sing freely, reach dream notes and find exactly the desired sound.


At teacher's location: 1380 Lasne, Belgique
At teacher's location: Nivelles, Belgique
At teacher's location: Waterloo, Belgique
At student's location: Around Saint-Gilles, Belgium
Online via webcam

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Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

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60 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English, Italian, Danish

About Me

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Chanteuse professionnelle avec plus de 20 ans d’expérience
Dida - imported to us directly from Denmark, where she grew up in a musical environment, with her mother being a famous singer. Her career started at a very young age with a role in a Film at 6 and her first recording at 12. Ever since, she has kept recording, singing, acting and dancing in many shows, musicals and european well known stages . You might remember her from the Belgian “Pour la Gloire , from the Belgian “selection for the Eurovision song contest” or from “La chanson du Siecle”.

Dida performed in Jazz orchestras, Funk and Soul bands and various musicals like "West Side Story" and "One night in New York" .Today you can discover Dida and her band at different cover Festivals, private events and a few times a year at “Acte3” while at the same time she is busy preparing her album.


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Methode: CVT - Complete vocal Technique
Artistes professionnels, Semi professionnels, Passionnés, Curieux, Amateurs, Chanteurs sous la douche : ceci vous concerne ! Avec la Méthode CVT ( Complete Vocal Technique ) atteignez vos objectifs rapidement ! Tout est possible pour tout le monde !!! Faites une première séance et voyez par vous même…

Formations possible en : Français, Anglais, Danois et Italien

Experience / Qualifications

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1988- Album: Growing up - Harlekim music Denmark
1990- Single: United Feelings of Europe - Polidor France/Antenne2
1992- Single: Une histoire - Polidor/Remark France produced by Midimandoline
1993- Single: Tout Savoir - Polidor/Remark France produced by Midimandoline
1996- Album: Pour la gloire - Featuring 1 song Get Here, Music Line Belgium
1996- Album: Bequest, Stage - Feeling Belgium
1997- Single: Happy - as Xenia by Mackenzie, BMG Ariola Belgium
1997- Single: You saved my life - as Xenia by Mackenzie, BMG Ariola Belgium
2009- Single: Thats the price of love - Platinium France
2009- Single: Oxsana Prism - Burning my wings & Inner voices.
2009- Single: Jamais Pareil - Duet with Jannie Høeg
2010- Album - Just the 3 of us - First season
2018- Coming up soon :)

Films, TV, Videos and Musicalls

Musicalls: Uden telt over hovedet,
Samsø revyen,
The happy Prince,
Jazz Oratorium ,
West side story,
Fiddler on the roof
One Night in New York.

Music videos: Greg,
Bully bob,
Nice girl,
United feelings of Europe (Antenne 2 FR),
One Night in New York.

TV Shows: Get rigtigt (DR2),
Pour la gloire (RTBF 1996 and 1997)
Stjerneskud (MTV Sweden & DR1)
La Chanson du siecle (RTBF 1997)
Belgian selection for the Eurovision (RTBF 1998)
X-Factor France (TF1 2010).
Film: Andorra (DR1),

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Je suis très contente. Très bonne ambiance. Dida vous met à l’aise tout de suite. A recommander

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Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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Learn and improve your singing technique in Pop and Jazz style
The courses are individual and take place as agreed with each student for a duration of 1 hour. We will consider singing as a primary form of artistic expression. We will work on the voice through guided exercises on breathing and proprioception, on sound and the development of a language aimed at understanding and preserving our instrument. For more information on the lessons I am available to answer your questions. I put at the disposal all my professional expertise (Diploma in jazz singing at the Conservatory of Rome and Brussels and my experience of performing) to make this path attractive and interesting. Lessons will be given in English, French, or Italian. Discover your voice! Enjoy your Voice

international music teacher from London in Belgium
Teacher with education background in Amsterdam and Istanbul conservatoire's returning back to Belgium after 9 years in London. Lots of experience in teaching UK grade systems. All ages well come. Still teaching to some 3-6 year olds in London. Also father of 3-lingual children, so clearly experienced on multilingualism. Vocal students well come and world music styles very welcome. Thanks a lot, Adam

Singing and performance classes, music and theater
Graduated in composition and Orchestration and in the art of theater and directing, having a Master in Musical Theater at the Sorbonne University Paris and a doctorate of advanced research in the art of singing and musical interpretation , I propose singing and interpretation lessons, based on the understanding and implementation of the Belt technique (breathing, voice placement, flexibility of diaphragmal pressure, diction) and a practical application of the theatrical method from Stanislavski for a thorough understanding and discovery of the theatrical interpretation of songs. The course consists of two or three parts: 1. A warm-up with various exercises, with the aim of widening the range, developing the breathing and understanding the mechanism of the phonator device. 2. Practical work on a song with eclectic choice. 3. A part of learning music theory and reading of score, if necessary. I work with you, putting a lot of emphasis on discovering or developing your voice at your own pace. I can also propose: 2. Music interpretation course (we work on the game and the construction of a character, the emotion of the song, the nuances) 3. Theater course (Actor's Studio method) - (we work on the body expression, the scenic presence, the connection between thought and action on stage), 4. Course of musical theory and solfege (the bases of the musical theory to be able to read and follow a partition), 5. Preparation course for castings and auditions (work on psychological preparation, stress management, choice of pieces and cutting, etc.). The price quoted is per course

Learn to sing easily, from classical music to pop !!
Technical work focused on your vocal health: improving posture and breathing, expansion of the vocal range, elimination of all tensions. Exercises and interpretation of songs: opera, lied, song, musical theater, pop, rock etc. Private lessons in French, English, Portuguese and German. My name is Priscila I am a singer, I have a Master's degree in singing at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I obtained my bachelor's degree in classical singing at the Dramatic and Music Conservatory of São Paulo in Brazil. Also in Brazil, I continued my musical studies at the Opera Studio of the Escola de Música do Estado de São Paulo and I studied the repertoire at the Escola Municipal de Música with CaioFerraz, Marizilda Hein and Gilberto Chaves. I took part in the master classes of José van Dam (Belgium), Christine Schweitzer (France), Juan Pons (Spain), Graciela Araya (Chile), Luiz Lima (Argentina), Luiza Giannini (Italy), Alicia Nafé (Argentina) and CesarTello (Argentina) I also attended Nadine Denize's classes in Paris. I started as a professional in the "Amsterdam Chamber Opera", I sang in the opera "The Human Voice" of Francis Poulenc and "Herzog BlaubartsBurg" of Bela Bartok and I also sang Richard Wagner Wesendonck Lieder in Argentina with the Argentinian driver Cesar Tello. After a lot of high class competitions, I won the first prize in the "Maria Callas" contest in 2009 in Sao Paulo, Brazil and was semi-finalist in the competition "Competizione dell'Opera" (2014). ) in Linz, Austria. Since my arrival in Europe (2012), I have played Maddalena in Verdi's Rigoletto (2013), Zita in Puccini's Gianni Schicchi (2014) and other concerts as a soloist. Priscila

Course of vocal technique and singing in Saint-Gilles
For who? Whether you are a professional or a beginner, the course is intended for people who are serious about voice operation and application in singing (support / power / voice stability / timbre etc.). Compared to the course: Taking examples from the EVT method (Estill Voice Training is truly a system that explains the voice and the way it works to empower the voice of the audience, empower the audience elite performer), my goal is to make student more conscious and comfortable during the sound emission and singing. To do that, we will start with the source of sound: our body. We will approach the breathing, the warm-up, and we will focus on different techniques for the sound emission.

Guitar lessons and singing for all ages!
Professional musician, I teach guitar and singing for 15 years. My classes are directed to teach you how to entertain yourself with music, sing and accompany all the songs you love in all sorts of style. Musical solfeggio and theory are not compulsory but they constitute in addition.

Evelina Naskova
piano lessons, singing lessons, music theory lessons, music lessons, Bulgarian lessons
Student of Royal Conservatory of Brussels gives singing lessons, piano lessons, music theory classes, home music lessons at all levels.

Uncover Your Voice and Sing Freely with Confidence
Singing is your birthright! If you want to sing classical, world, pop, or other genres of music, or just to explore potentials of your voice - welcome. No age limits. You will learn vocal warm-ups, as well as exercises from other methods, to improve your vocal capabilities and your overall health. I'm creating methods individually - something that will work for you. Enrich your life with singing. Give yourself some good time! You can choose your program, or we can do it together.

singing lessons and individually tailored vocal training - via webcam, wherever you are
I want to help you realize your full potential as a singer and to guide and encourage you as you progress. I am a very motivated singing teacher, vocal coach and Singer with an extensive academic background in singing. I was educated in classical at the conservatories of Vienna and Berlin and in modern singing at the conservatory of Barcelona. I have 18 years of professional experience and am experienced in a range of styles, including classical, musical, jazz, modern and flamenco. As a vocal coach, I can help you to prepare performances, recordings, and for auditions. Singing lessons are individually tailored to suit you, your objectives, and your voice. Due to increasing demand for online lessons they are offered via Skype, from the comfort of your home and according to your own schedule. Please let me know your needs and availability

Vocal coaching for singer / classic and pop (Italian, English, Spanish)
Italian opera singer with more than 10 years of experience. I got a Master in "Music Performance" from the Royal Irish Academy of Music in Dublin, my mother tongue is Italian, I have an excellent level of English, and a good level in French and English. Spanish. I help with the pronunciation of Italian, English and Spanish in the songs.

Classical singing and piano lessons for all levels and ages
Dear parents and students, I am a professional singer and pianist from Hong Kong, having more than 10 years of experience in music teaching. Having graduated from the Chinese University of Hong Kong with a Bachelor degree in music and Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel with a Master degree in classical singing (cum laude), I am currently pursuing my postgraduate study in singing at Koninklijk Conservatorium Brussel, under the tutelage of Valerie Guillorit. I am a holder of Licentiate Trinity College of London (LTCL) vocal and piano performance certificates, both with distinctions. Besides, I am a holder of ABRSM Grade 8 music theory certificate with merit. I have performed as soloist at a lot of occasions in Hong Kong and Europe, and the repertoire includes opera, Lied, oratorio and new music. I have given singing and piano lessons to students ranging from 2 to 40 years of age. Very happily, all of them had obtained distinctions in their ABRSM exams and some of them had won prizes in competitions. However, I do not teach them for distinctions and prizes. No matter what they get on their music journey, I love them with all my heart and I always believe that encouragement is the key. For beginners, I focus a lot on basic techniques. During the lessons, I also like to share my knowledge about history and theory, which are important building blocks to shaping a musician. For advanced learners, I would teach more about musicality and music presentation along with basic techniques. Of course, the actual teaching method depends on the personality and ability of student too. I grow up in a top English school in Hong Kong, so I can communicate in English fluently. I am confident that I will give my students the best learning experience. Please feel free to contact me if you would like a trial lesson:)

Commercial singing lessons / acoustic guitar / composition
My name is Maxime I'm 25 years old and I'm a singer-songwriter. I offer accompanying acoustic guitar lessons, singing and composition lessons in Pully or Skype. The vocal technique (mixed voice) that I will teach you, will allow you to interpret your favorite songs that you can hear on the radio with ease and fluidity. Organic : A trumpet player with the Pully band for many years, I gained my musical experience at the Pully Music School. I was passionate about acoustic guitar at the age of 14 and I trained myself as an autodidact with my already acquired musical knowledge. I then wanted to improve my vocal technique and it was through the vocal programs of Brett Manning (Singing Success) and the advice of his associates that I could improve my voice considerably. I am currently a member of the IVTOM International voice teacher of mix to train me more precisely on the scientific aspect of the voice.

Piano and Voice/Singing Lessons in English in Brussels
I'm a piano and singing teacher, with over 15 years of teaching experience in Europe (including Belgium) and USA where I was within top 10 tutors in Washington DC and I'm a professional singer- songwriter. I offer voice/singing lessons and piano lessons: Voice/Singing: I teach the technique of Mix singing which is the most sought-after singing techniques in the industry and teaches singers to transition smoothly from chest voice to head voice and receive the full benefits of "both voices": the natural and powerful sound of the chest voice, and the range of the head voice. Piano: I teach using the classical method, applicable to both classical and modern music. I am university-educated with over 18 years of educational experience, including Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. If you have any questions don't hesitate to ask. I'm looking forward to working with you! :)

Pop&Rock Singing Lessons: Professional Touring Coach
I have been a professional touring singer with 'Mia and the Moon' for 12 years+ and have been teaching singers of all levels since 2012. I have studied Estill method aswell as Speech level singing, musical theatre, pop/commercial style and have formed my own unique style of coaching which consistently builds the confidence and skill set of my students. I cater for all ability levels and welcome absolute beginners. During lessons we study anatomy, warm ups, exercises, placement, repertoire and then stage confidence and putting all of the skills learned into songs and performance. My style is relaxed yet very informative and I aim for a student to see results quickly - but to enjoy the lessons enough to want to continue over a period of time. I also offer clubnights, studio days and various workshops alongside one to one coaching. I offer lessons to age 12+

Vocal technical coaching (all styles) and singing (lyrical) on Lausanne and its surroundings
How to learn to sing? To sing just and well? To answer these complex questions, I was interested in phonatory mechanisms, with speech therapists and phoniatres, I studied singing with a dozen singing teachers, I participated in many Masterclasses and trained myself in different institutions: first at the conservatories of Vaulx-en-Velin and Mâcon, then at the Regional Conservatory of Montpellier, and finally at the Haute Ecole de Musique in Lausanne where I am currently studying with Leontina Vaduva. It is first of all through passion that I want to convey what I have learned. This is felt, according to the words of my students, in my way of teaching which reconciles the rigor of art and the pleasure of singing. In my pedagogical approach, I clearly separate the vocal technique and the art of singing, that is to say the management of an objective mechanism, physical and physiological, of sound production (articulation of the language, management of the pressures subglottic and supra-glottic to achieve a pneumo-phono-resonantial balance), and the shaping of this sound to achieve musical beauty (make a beautiful "legato" line, tempo variations, nuances, etc.). ). When I start with a new student, I first make a diagnosis to determine the range of the voice, the level of resonantial passages, and check the health of the larynx (tonicity, endurance, flexibility). The typical course begins with vocal technique exercises and ends with the work of a musical piece. I adapt my course according to the needs of each one (for example, I can start with a Feldenkreis or Alexander technique exercise, relaxation, breath, or a physical warm-up), but also according to the desires and tastes of the student (the technical part will last more or less long). Considering that the stage is important for personal fulfillment and to set goals in music, I propose to my students to participate in the auditions and group lessons of the music school where I work in Lutry.