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    Chinese course, Erhu (instrument) lesson offering in Geneva

    Hello everyoneūüėä
    My native language is Chinese, I also speak Taiwanese, English and a little Spanish.
    I'm a professional Erhu(a kind of traditional instrument )performer from Taiwan.
    I'm a master of ethnomusicology and BA in Chinese music.
    I've been teaching in elementary school for several years as a music teacher.
    I also have 11 years of experience in tutoring.
    I'm offering Chinese course(transitional or simplified )and Erhu lesson, of course, group tutoring is welcome for me.

    Contact me if you are interested!
    Thank you so much! Merci ūüėä

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    At student's location: Around Geneva, Switzerland

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    45 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    English, Chinese

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    from $54.49At student's home

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    A Chinese girl gives Chinese classes for all the ages.
    Dear all, I am a Chinese girl, had 2 years study in European University for my Master degree and 4 years study for my Bachelor in Chinese Literature filed at Beijing Normal University. since 2016 I have been teaching Chinese in the school of The Language Center at Ferney Voltaire , I also had experience to teach maths for High school students. If you need any help on chinese and maths , please contact me. Thanks a lot for your attention.

    Premier apprentissage de la langue chinoise en enfance
    "C'est du chinois"!? Peut-√™tre, mais il est tr√®s myst√©rieux et logique. Avec moi, vous apprendrez comment fonctionne cette logique, et vous d√©couvrirez aussi, la beaut√© de son originalit√©. Je donne des cours particuliers depuis 2010 et mes √©l√®ves ont tous les √Ęges. (ils sont adolescents, adultes, ou encore retrait√©s) Mes cours sont effectu√©s √† l'√©crit, et √† l'oral, et j'esp√®re au final pouvoir m'entretenir avec vous en chinois. L'objectif est bien √©videment de pouvoir la parler. Je base mes textes sur des dialogues, des histoires, de grands moments de la Chine, mais aussi de po√®mes, de chansons, de culture, etc. Je personnalise tout mes documents, ainsi, le niveau s'adapte √† l'int√©r√™t de tous. J'ai aussi cr√©√© un groupe "WhatsApp" pour faciliter l'apprentissage au quotidien, car il est important que cela reste ludique. Je suis vraiment passionn√©e par mon travail, et serai ravie de vous enseigner ma langue maternelle.

    Chinese Lessons for Beginner Learners - 1 Hour Classes
    Hi there! I'm from Singapore, and I'm proficient in both English and Mandarin Chinese. The former is my native language, and the latter, my Mother Tongue. I've done my academic studies in both languages, and lived in Singapore - a country where both languages are used everywhere, most of my life. The lessons would follow a 4 week plan, where the aim is for students to achieve an elementary level of speaking in Mandarin Chinese, as well as a basic level of written Mandarin (simplified version). You'll be learning useful words and phrases tweaked to fit your interests / daily activities.

    Jenny Yc
    English, Math, Sciences, and Mandarin Chinese Tutoring
    - I am a native speaker in both English and Mandarin Chinese - I have worked as a language tutor, teaching both Chinese and English to kids aged 2-9 - I have worked as tutor for high school math and science; and a tutor for university-level biology

    Cours de chinois pour adultes. (Débutant)à Genève.
    Bonjour, Je suis professeur de langue asiatique et Je suis diplomée de Hanguk university of foreign language studies. J ai bcp d’expériences à l'étranger d'apprentissage de langue et de culture étrangère ( en France, en Australie et en Chine), Je vous assure que Je sais ce qu'est apprendre la langue étrangère et Je peux vous enseigner le Chinois et la culture aisatique. Je préparerai le cours en m'accordant à vos besoin.

    Chinese Lesson and Examination Preparation Tutoring
    Chinese lady, "Commercial Translation English - Chinese" Diploma holder, gives lessons in Mandarin Chinese at all levels. Lessons include Listening, Reading, Writing and Oral: General & Business conversation, Pronunciation drills, Vocabulary, Lecture, Listening & Writing practice, Helping CV, Examination Preparation (Hanyu Shuiping Kaoshi HSK level 1-6, Business Chinese Test BCT level 1-5 & Youth Chinese Test YCT level 1-4).

    Chinese turor for Chinese/ Mandarin (simplified and traditional )
    Giving my background in Foreign Languages and Literature as my bachelor study, and Adult and Continuing Education as my master degree, I gain great professional abilities in languages and education. Since I was 18 years old, I've been offering language teaching to the students, who are from 5-70 years old. I possess a wide range of Mandarin teaching experiences that I've given one-to-one and group classes before, and even online classes to people all over the world, through which I gained all the experiences teaching people with all the different culture and also all levels from A1-C2, and even with the clients who need to prepare for Mandarin verification exams( HSK, H√†ny«Ē Shu«źp√≠ng K«éosh√¨). When it comes to the most forgettable teaching experience I've ever had, I think it was my former job that I gave language and culture class in a community university for 3.5 years. There, I merged language teaching, diversified culture, with European and South-East Asian cooking, and it was certainly a great fun. With more than 10 years of working in the Mandarin as well as English tutor/ teaching field, I believe my qualifications will match your learning requirements.

    German, Swiss German, Chinese, English convo
    I am a student in international affairs in Geneva. I have already a lot of experience in teaching and would like to share my knowledge with curious people :) My goal is to keep students challenged, but not overwhelmed. I assign homework after every lesson and provide periodic progress reports.

    Ningchun LI
    Apprendre la Culture et la Langue chinoise avec une professionnelle
    Professeur de l'école inlingua, et professionnelle dans l'art et la culture, j'ai des expériences réelles dans le domaine pédagogique, et j'ai une connaissance riche à partager. Vous êtes débutant(e)s? vous êtes curieux? je vous guide et je vous accompagne dans cette chemin de découverte. Vous avez déjà une base de connaissance, et vous êtes prêt(e) à partir au plus loin? je vous mets la disponibilité de mon savoir-faire et mes expériences, pour mieux réussir un examen, préparer un séjour, ou simplement parler, lire et écrire.

    Chinese/ Chinois (Mandarin) Spoken Course for All Levels
    šĹ†Ś•ĹÔľĀ I am Lena. I hold a bachelor's degree of Teaching Chinese as a Second Language, and I did my Master degree in Social Science in the UK. I am now currently doing an internship in Switzerland. My experience working and studying in different continents enabled me to understand different languages, and spread Chinese culture and language among my international friends. Chinese is a charming language with substantial historic and cultural contexts. If you feel like learning Mandarin, practice to get emotionally and situationally involved in the language is one of the most effective approach. In this way, you‚Äôll remember things a lot better if you feel it when you learn it. This isn‚Äôt only my experience. In the courses, I will be able to provide suggestions for suitable learning materials, and help you to find a approach that suits you to improve your spoken Chinese. The content of the course will be designed based on your practical use and interest, and I will combine the most interesting and trendy issues with the topics to enable an enjoyable learning experience.The course could be delivered both online of offline (If you are currently in Geneva). Besides the mentioned above, I am very keen on discussing about the food, history, tourist attractions, and other cool stuffs in China, as well as my own interesting experiences in different countries. I also have knowledge and experience of Chinese Calligraphy, and it could be introduced and practiced in the courses too. If you are interested, feel free to ask a question or send me a message. Let's break down learning Mandarin while making new friends!

    Initiation à la langue chinoise et sa culture
    Apprendre √† parler le chinois est un art; celle-ci est une langue fortement influenc√©e par son histoire et la culture. D√©couvrez la richesse de son pass√© tout en apprenant une nouvelle langue. Dipl√īm√©e Masters en Langue, litt√©ratures et civilisation chinoises de l'Universit√© de Gen√®ve, j'ai au moins 10 ans d'exp√©rience dans l'initiation √† langue chinoise.

    Mandarin, Chinese language acquisitions, HSK exams
    I specialize in tutoring Chinese mandarin, my mother tongue, since 13 years (5 years for kids under 12; 3 and 2 years respectively for Oxford and Sorbonne students; 3 years in the design of pedagogy at international schools). Highlights include HSK preparations, writing, and speaking. Aurélien Boissier who passed his national diplomacy exam at Paris in spring 2017 is a convincing successful story of my efficient teaching (this announcement has his consent). With my Ph.D in Oxford, I am also comfortable to teach English. Besides, I've passion to share my knowledge in Chinese philosophy (esp. Yi Jing) and Asian cooking. Jian-Zhun

    Cours Chinois (Mandarin) niveaux débutants à intermédiaire - Mandarin Chinese Classes
    šĹ†Ś•ĹÔľĀ Franco-Am√©ricain, j'√©tudie le Chinois depuis plus de 10 ans et ai v√©cu en Chine 6 ans au total. Je dispose donc d'un bon niveau, et suis tr√®s √† l'aise dans la langue, en particulier √† l'oral. Etant pass√© moi-m√™me par de tr√®s nombreux professeurs, natifs et non natifs, je sais quelles sont les m√©thodes les plus efficaces afin de progresser rapidement, et je saurai inculquer les bonnes bases √† prendre d√®s le d√©part, notamment pour l'apprentissage des caract√®res. Il est selon moi judicieux de passer par une personne non native, en termes de m√©thodologie, l'id√©al √©tant de compl√©ter les cours avec une personne native en particulier pour la prononciation et les tons. J'ai √©t√© professeur d'Anglais ainsi que de Fran√ßais en Chine pendant la quasi totalit√© de mes s√©jours et enseign√© √©norm√©ment d'√©tudiants de tous ages et tous niveaux. Je souhaite √† pr√©sent enseigner le Chinois car je souhaite transmettre ma passion et permettre √† mes √©tudiants d'aller droit au but sans passer √† c√īt√© de certaines choses que j'ai personnellement d√©couvertes trop tard. Je souhaite √©galement transmettre des m√©thodes et conseils afin de continuer √† pratiquer apr√®s les cours. PS: I can also teach Mandarin in English

    Chinese language, culture and beyond - depending on your needs
    I am a native Chinese speaker who has a good knowledge of Chinese culture, poetry, history, etc. My classes are not only aimed to help with the language itself, but to understand the culture behind it. The class can be flexible and designed with the student together tailoring to their specific needs. If you are an absolute beginner, no worries, we can make the classes fun and motivating!