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Guitar, Bass, Jazz, Electronic Music: immediate results!

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I propose a personalized method to learn music!
I am a guitarist, bassist, sound designer and music composer, advertising jingles, short films and theatrical performances.
• I practiced the activity of musician (guitarist, bassist and bassist) for jazz, pop and funk formations.
• At the same time, I work as a private teacher with the help of a self-produced theoretical and practical method. I knew how to teach at beginner or advanced levels by respecting the requirements of the students.

I took the jazz lessons at the conservatory "L.Refice" (Frosinone) and a MOOC course of "Jazz Improvisation Course" (Berklee college of music online) but I am also a experimenter of the "sound" (with synth and post production) and I took a MOOC course of "Introduction to Music Production" (Berklee college of music online).

If you like music, do not hesitate to contact me!

Extra information

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Course support (book + audio accompaniment) with guitar manual and bass self-produced.


At teacher's location: Rue de la Ferme, 1205 Genève, Suisse
At student's location: Around Lancy, Switzerland
Online via webcam

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General info


Acoustic, Blues, Classical, Country & bluegrass, Electric, Electro & electronica, Folk, Funk, Jazz, Pop, Reggae & dub, Rock, Song & varieties


Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes
90 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English, Italian

About Me

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I like all kinds of music, especially I like jazz, but I am also a experimenter of "sound" (with synth and post production).

If you like music, do not hesitate to contact me!


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2002/2009 - Private lessons of bass guitar, double bass, classical and jazz harmony, solfeggio.
2009-2012 - Jazz at the Conservatoire "L.Refice".
September / October 2013 - MOOC course "History of Rock" (University of Rochester online).

Experience / Qualifications

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October / November 2013 - MOOC Course "Jazz Improvisation Course" (Berklee college of music online)
November / December 2013 - MOOC "Introduction to Music Production" (Berklee college of music online)

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je suis contente d'avoir commence ce course avec Luca
Professionnel, sympathique, cours très accessibles pour les débutants !
Professionel et tres prepare pour demarrer avec des debutants. Tres recommande.

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la Clef de
Classes of guitar, classical, electric, accompaniment, bass for children and adults
Classes of guitar, classical, electric, accompaniment, bass for children and adults Course adapted to your age and your level, even for children from 7 years old with a small guitar. Still a few free places. By professional. Current music, accompaniment of songs or classical pieces. All this with the basics of musical theories taught with humor and efficiency. Paper and multimedia media. Participation in concerts and auditions. You can also rent from us your instrument or buy at very good conditions. Classes can take place in Sainte-Croix (VD), where I travel to your home in the region of Geneva, Yverdon and Lausanne.

GUITAR COURSE: in Lancy PRIVATE TEACHER: any age and any level
Self-taught musician for over 15 years I am a guitarist, composer, producer and teacher. Giving lessons for several years, I adapt easily to each student according to his desires, his abilities and his musical tastes. - classical guitar (nylon rope) - electric guitar (metal rope) - folk guitar (metal rope) - charrango - guitalele, requinto The lessons will be adapted according to your level, the main objective will be to guide you in order to help you to progress effectively with practical and theoretical exercises. (Arpeggios, chords, rhythms, theories and solos) I will also give you an introductory piano lesson, necessary for the theoretical musical initiation.

Flamenco Guitar Lessons with Manuel in Geneva
There are three parts to learning flamenco guitar: the technique of the instrument, the accompaniment of the song and the accompaniment of the dance. The course covers the different techniques of right hand (Alzapua, Tremolos, Rasgados ...) The rhythms (compass), the styles (Palos) and the harmony of the flamenco. Then the student will learn traditional and modern falsetas. The learning will continue with the accompaniment of singing and dancing. The student receives tablature scores and can film the important points of the class.

Introduction to classical guitar / electric
Passionate about music and graduated from the Conservatory of Music in Geneva after 13 years of study, I want to teach you how to play this instrument in a simple and intuitive way. I can teach you to read a score, play one of your favorite tracks, know your scales, your chords and also to improvise. My schedules are flexible and I also teach on weekends. I am always happy to learn this instrument to whoever wants it so do not hesitate to contact me even for a simple question!

MAO (Logic Pro) course in Geneva / Computer Aided Music
Musician pro, graduated from the Geneva University of Music (Master of Arts) and trained at SAE (School of Audio Engineer - Electronic Music Producer) gives private lessons of MAO in Plainpalais. Logic Pro, Garageband help with creating a model (composition, recording, arrangements)

Guitar lessons, learn any songs
Tell me your goal, the songs you would like to play and then work directly on your goals and not music lessons. By learning the songs you like we will work the chords and rhythm. (this class can be taught in english)

Pop , Rock Guitar lessons for beginners and intermediate players
If you want to learn to play your favorite songs and discover music theory at the same time I can help you with that :) I've been learning music and guitar since childhood and at one point of another I've practiced and played different styles of music ranging from jazz and classical to heavy metal. However, the styles where I feel more at home are Pop and Rock, specially from the 60's to the 90's. Electric or Classical guitar, how to play by yourself or interact with other musicians.

Blues guitar lessons by professional musician in Geneva
Blues guitar lessons by professional musician in Geneva. Guitarist for 25 years now, I pass on my passion for blues and guitar for fifteen years. Classes are tailored to everyone: from the beginner who has never made music to the confirmed guitarist wanting to explore new sounds in the Blues. From Albert Collins to ZZ Top, BB King, Jimi Hendrix, Joe Bonamassa, Robben Ford and Stevie Ray Vaughan: all styles to explore.

Electric, classical or folk: the pleasure of the guitar in your favorite styles!
Whatever your level, your age, your goals, I adapt! With sheet music, tablature or by ear, learning will be done through your favorite tracks so that you will find as much pleasure as possible. I will also teach those who wish to improvise and / or compose their own works.

Guitar lessons by graduate teacher - progression to the rhythm of the student - solfeggio and harmony (optional) - rhythmic - improvisation - classical repertoire - jazz - blues - bossa nova - South American music - pop - folk - etc. to LAUSANNE and GENEVA - beginners and advanced. Winner of the first prize of composition during the festival "xx jazz in France" awarded by SACEM Program • Development of the musical ear. • Basics of guitar technique / picking technique, butte, rasgueado, thumb technique - blocks. • Melodic markers on the instrument • Initiation to read tablatures and / or scores • rhythmic work • Basis of solfège and harmony • Study of ranges and chords (major scales, minor natural, harmonic minor, pentatonic / triads, 7th chords and cadences corresponding) DIRECTORY • Classic parts • Jazz and improvisation standards • Blues • Bossa Nova • South American music • World music • Folk & pop • Songs and accompaniment

Flamenco guitar for all
With 18 years of experience teaching guitar and more than 20 years in socio-cultural animation, I have also successfully led many courses in schools with recognized pedagogical qualities such as The Rudolf School Steiner and the Active School, or in Andalusian associations in Geneva, Friborg, Nyon and Martigny. I also accompany the dance lessons of various dancers (living in Switzerland, Spain and France) regularly or during workshops in Spain and Switzerland: Ana la China (CH), Antonio Perujo (CH), Maud la Manuela (CH), Naomi Guerrero (CH), Melissa Salcedo (CH), Octavia de la Vega (CH), Jose Candela (Grenada), La Tati (Madrid), Carmen Ledesma (Sevilla), Manuela Carpio (Jerez), Ana Maria Lopez (Jerez), Raimundo Benitez (Grenada), Manuel Guitieres (Monpellier). My stage experience alongside local and internationally renowned artists (Enrique Bermuda "el Piculabe", Matias Lopez "el Mati", Juanillorro, Sandra Santisteban, Ana Barba, Melchor Campos, Paloma Pradal, Manolo Carmona "El Huelebien", Yolanda Almodovar, Andres Gil, Maria Bertos or Juan Manuel Cortes, Marta Themo, Stéphane Montangero) in organizations ranging from local associations to international flamenco festivals (Geneva, Mont-de-Marsan), as well as my apprenticeship with various masters ( Jose Manuel Tudela, Domingo Rubichi, Manuel Losada "el Carbonero", Agustin de la Fuente, Jesus El Guardia, Daniel Manzanas, Enrique Bermudez) and the fact that I played other musical styles (blues, rock, Brazilian music) for 12 years before diving into the world of flamenco make me a versatile guitarist and listens to others. Lessons: Over time, I have developed a method that adapts to the needs and abilities of each student to guide them progressively and playfully towards a growing autonomy. Thus, the student is led on the way towards the accompaniment of singing, dancing and composition. The technical, theoretical and rhythmic baggage it needs is introduced in a personalized way so that this last one lives it the way most in agreement with its mode of learning. Flamenco being of oral tradition we will not normally use music theory for its learning but mainly listening and imitation (however, if necessary I can also explain some rhythmic or harmonic particularities using this language for those whose understanding go through this). In order for everyone to remember what they have learned in the current lesson, I systematically devote a brief moment of video or audio recording with a slow take that includes a synthesis of explanations and a real-time take. If the student does not have anything to film or record, I can do it with my phone and send the file to him by e-mail. The latter finds in this way at any time a summary of each course. For beginners guitarists, I propose a grip of the instrument With traditional ultra - simplified melodic and rhythmic motifs, the first technical bases are thus acquired by playing rather than under the constraint of tedious exercises (which I can also propose if the student feels the need). We will gradually expand them according to the progress of the student.

Home Guitar Lessons
Leo, 20, a student at the University of Geneva offers home guitar lessons. Composer, singer and guitarist in the group "The Crew", I practice guitar for 14 years and I already have some years of experience in studio despite my young age. (album recording for The crew and artist such as Claude Barzotti). It would be a pleasure to share with you my love of the Guitar whatever your age and your goals.

Learn How to Play the Acoustic Guitar From Beginners Level
I can start teaching you the basics and then have you strumming or plucking away in a short amount of time. You have the option of choosing a song that you would like to learn and I will teach it to you. I can teach you how to read tabs (if you do not already know). I teach from the basics up until you are confidently able to play any song. I am very patient when it comes to teaching. I have experience in guitar teaching and have taught people who were complete beginners, and helped them to be able to independently play any song they want.

Guitar lessons (acoustic or electric) for beginners or intermediates
Bonjour! I am a 26 years old Italian living in Geneva and I am looking for motivated pupils to train to the beautiful art of guitar! I have been playing and singing for 15 years, a journey that brought me to discover many different genres, styles of playing and instruments - all knowledge that I believe is worth sharing. My course's aim is to give a technical and theoretical basis, to help my pupils to create their own composition and, for the most determined, to learn to improvise! I can give classes in Italian, English or Spanish; I am still not very good in French, but the language of music is universal :)