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    Welcome to all ! My name is Geoffrey, I am 21 years old and I am in first year of Master of International Law at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, after a degree in French Law obtained passable mention at the University of Mulhouse, and a bachelor's degree economic and social obtained good mention (14,297) at Lycée Notre-Dame les Oiseaux de Verneuil sur Seine.

    I give individual and group lessons, with a lot of fun, for almost a year already, in a wide range of subjects. In this context, I accumulate nearly a hundred hours of lessons in subjects such as English, mathematics, French but also in general support.

    My goal is to enable them to understand what they are doing, and thus prevent them from sinking into an automatic but unthinking application of what they are learning. It is to this end that I was able to give, also, mini-courses of support to comrades in university, especially during the periods of revision of the partial ones.

    In parallel, I am relatively familiar with languages, which have always been my favorite subjects and my favorite playground. Indeed, I am also a translator (English / German / Italian / French), proofreader and editor. In this context, I helped people in job search to write their CV and cover letter in French or in English. I was also able to help someone correct their book before the project was submitted to a publisher.

    As a teacher, I seek, as much as possible, to find methods that can go to all students. To this end, in English for example, I am always accompanied by a pair, to allow the student to have two points of view, two different explanations to enable him to better understand what is in question. In this context, I also ban any form of "academic" pedagogy, and I try to make my class a moment of exchange, interactivity and fun, the latter being in my opinion the best method to progress and to attract the attention of the student, even in the most difficult passages of his learning.

    This method has also borne fruit. Since the implementation of this pedagogy last January, my two students have progressed significantly in English. The first, which was thus intended to leave the USA, was able to leave serenely in the United States and cope properly even if at the beginning of the course, three weeks earlier, she did not speak English!

    In the same way, I am also currently taking charge of a second year student who also has difficulties in English. At present, we have swept the entire program by 6 ° -5 °, as well as a part of the 4 ° program and thus fill some of its gaps.

    Finally, I also take care of a student of first in French, with also results in the key. On the other hand, the pedagogy used here is more academic, high school French lending itself in my opinion less to pedagogies less "classical" and orchestrated than foreign languages.

    In all cases I invest a lot for my students. In English, it is thus very common that I prepare exercises, complete subjects so that the student can pound serenely from one session to another.

    It is also very common that I ask, if necessary, to have returns from both the student and his / her parents (if they are present), who always request and obtain a report at the end of the session, so to know where we are going. Transparency is my rule.

    For more information, do not hesitate to contact me.


    At teacher's location: Rue Parmentier, 95430 Auvers-sur-Oise, France
    At teacher's location: Tour des Chênes, 33 Boulevard du Port, 95000 Cergy, France
    Online via webcam

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    General info


    English as a second language (esl)


    Preschool children (4-6 years old)
    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

    Student level:



    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes

    The class is taught in:

    French, English, German, Italian, Japanese

    About Me

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    My name is Geoffrey, I am 22 years old and I am currently in master 1 of international and European law at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, after obtaining a license "public law", with honors, at the university of Haute-Alsace.

    I have been teaching with great pleasure for over a year, 300 hours of lessons given in support. With great pleasure, because the contact of the students is something of gratifying: to see them, to follow them for the duration, to help them to progress and to see their efforts bear fruit, is something very, very, very stimulating. In addition, the courses I give are designed not to look like courses, the goal is that the student does not feel compelled, every week, to see me - the progression is largely related to the feeling in my opinion -.

    Suddenly, I try to make my classes pleasant moments, fun, and no longer "heavy" courses where we just rehash the course: the course becomes long for the student, who feels like a goose in full force, only for the teacher, who does not find his job very rewarding ...

    In English, for example, it is very recurrent that I use a game, the "BE / WAS / BEEN" to teach students irregular verbs. The principle of the game is simple: you draw a map, which tells you the meaning of the verb in question in French and the number of shapes to find (1 to 4). I add a rule to the very principle of the game to make it more interactive: if the player (teacher or student) does not find, you have to do a hangman. In general, this atmosphere is very pleasing to students, who are very quick to play and even ask for more.

    In addition, in this subject, I generally run with a partner, because it remains very largely a subject dedicated to being used orally. The subjects are exhausted when one is two, to three it is possible to rebound, to find subjects ... to revive in other words the conversation.

    For other subjects, I do not really have a miracle method. It all depends on the student's difficulties, his motivations. It is quite difficult to make a methodology course, moreover, something quite fun ... it will unfortunately remain in an academic setting, which I do not like (we do not like either, we "teachers", spend hours explaining methodologies whose interest seems to us quite limited sometimes ...).

    Regarding my other motivations, let's be honest five minutes: I'm a student, I have my own apartment, nobody works totally for fun. I am aware that my outspokenness on this point can put off, but to hide the face on this ground seems to me to be totally irrelevant ...

    For the rest, I want to practice in higher education, so private lessons are an excellent method to get the foot in the stirrup.


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    - 2015: Bachelor's degree, "Public Law" degree, AB (University of Haute-Alsace, Mulhouse)
    - 2013: DEUG Law, University of Cergy-Pontoise, Cergy
    - 2011: Economic and Social Baccalaureate, English specialty, Italian option LV3 (mention B, Lycée Notre-Dame les Oiseaux, Verneuil sur Seine)
    - 2009: Aeronautical initiation certificate (Lycée Notre-Dame les Oiseaux, Verneuil sur Seine)

    Experience / Qualifications

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    Approximately 300 hours of lessons given by the end of February.
    Welcome to all ! My name is Geoffrey, I will soon be in the first year of a Master of International Law at the University of Cergy-Pontoise, after a degree in French Law obtained honors at the University of Mulhouse. I give individual and collective lessons, with a lot of pleasure, since some time already, in a rather wide range of subjects. My goal is to enable them to understand what they are doing, and thus prevent them from sinking into an automatic but unthinking application of what they are learning. I try, as much as possible, to find methods that can go to all students. To this end, in English for example, I am always accompanied by a pair, to allow the student to have two points of view, two different explanations to enable him to better understand what is in question. Do not hesitate, in any case, to contact me for more details!

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    I am an ex Maths teacher in GCSE and IB programme. I have taught many students and have been trained for teaching using pedagogy. I am an engineer and I used many day to day applications to inspire students. Teaching is just not about sharing knowledge, it is to stimulate the students to want to learn, to get them to learn by themselves at the end. My goal is to help them to not only aid in their grades but to inspire them to want to learn more.

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    Currently studying engineering school, I give private lessons in Maths to students from 6th to 12th grade. I have already given courses to high school students. The most optimal sessions are 2-hour sessions to review the course and do exercises.

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    ENGLISH school, adults, companies
    Mixed grammar, listening to videos and podcasts, conversation, all adapted to the needs of the trainee

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    Young Third Year Bachelor of Arts Languages Literature and Civilizations Foreign and Regional (LLCER) Specialization English, with experience in homework help, tutoring and training in English (many internships in high schools and colleges, one year school support three hours per week in college + assistantship to an English teacher), I propose to teach you the basics of English but also to refine, improve and sharpen your English in order to reach an intermediate level useful for any advanced and intelligible conversation in English. The goal is to help the student to improve while enjoying discovering the language and culture that surrounds him (both British and American) through activities and supports (music, podcasts, videos, texts , articles ...).

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    Student at ESSEC gives mathematics classes
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