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    Sound Design, Composition, Song Writing, DAW (Ableton,Logic,ProTools), Mixing & Mastering, Music Production

    As an experienced working composer, sound designer and producer in the business (from any form of media to music production, art installation) I would love to share my knowledge with people who has ambitious and passion to learn more about 'music' or just basically want to improve their 'sound' and taste in 'music production'.

    I can help you to improve your skills with any topic of :

    *Sound design
    *Song Writing
    *DAW (Ableton,Logic,ProTools)
    *Mixing & Mastering
    *Music Production


    At teacher's location: Van Heenvlietlaan, 1083 Amsterdam, Netherlands
    At student's location: Around Amsterdam, Netherlands
    Online via webcam

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    Children (7-12 years old)
    Teenagers (13-17 years old)
    Adults (18-64 years old)
    Seniors (65+ years old)

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    30 minutes
    60 minutes
    90 minutes
    120 minutes

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    About Me

    My name is Mert. I am working and studying in Amsterdam for a year. As being a passionate 'music' and 'sound' lover from the beginning of my childhood, I started to play guitar when I was 6 years old and since then I have been all around in 'music'
    I received training music in various disciplines and have been working in the industry for more than 8 years. As much as I mostly experienced in media and spatial augmented realities (Projection mappings, 3d mappings, VR), installations and motion graphics but also produce music and sound design for all other platforms.


    Master of Music : Pathway Music Design
    University of the Arts Utrecht HKU
    2017 - current
    -Holland Scholarship(2017)-

    Bachelor of Art : Music
    İstanbul Bilgi University
    -Special Talent Scholarship-

    Experience / Qualifications

    *2018 “MovingSensing_Sequence06” 3D Modeling, Motion Capture, Animation, 360 Digital Video. Initial release: “Activatar” Collaboration with “Bill Miller”. -Composer-

    * 2018 ‘Media Sound Hamburg’. Worked with ‘Martín Hernández’ and ‘Frans Bak’.

    * 2018 Nominated ‘Young Talent’ Award ‘Buma Music in Motion’. -Composer-

    * 2018 ‘TIKA’ & ’15 Temmuz’ Dome Structure 360 Projection Mapping Shows. -Sound Designer-

    * 2018 ‘Galata Tower Projection Mapping Show’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2018 ‘Temple of Time’ 360 immersive experience (Director Cut) using 77.000 handmade unique design pieces of Girard-Perregaux’s watches. (SIHH-Geneve) -Sound Designer-

    * 2018 ‘İstanbul Gençlik Festivali’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2017 ‘Monolith’ Project mapping, LED lightning installation. (Inspired by Ukrainian Mathematician ‘Georgy Voronoy’. known for ‘Voronoi Diagram’. Installation is about experiencing existence of ‘Cell Structures’ from Voronoi’s perspective. Collaboration with motion graphics artist ‘Ethem Cem’. Exhibited in ‘Mix Festival’ Zorlu PSM Venue) -Sound Designer-

    * 2017 ‘Dress’ Project mapping installation.(Individuals who struggle to build their distinctive personalities for themselves in our times and impacts on prejudiced people who misjudges them) -Composer, sound designer-

    * 2017 ‘Jello’ with Loradeniz. (Red Bull Amsterdam Studios) -Producer, composer, performer-

    * 2017 ‘iMapp Bucharest 2017’.(The world’s biggest architectural AI Performance collaborated with Ouchhh, Canadian Data AI Scientists Assoc. Prof. Phil Pass, Kıvanç Tatar and MASOM.) -Sound designer-

    * 2017 ‘Memorial to the July 15 Coup Attempt in Turkey’. (3d mapping projects that where simultaneously shown at prestigious locations such as the Grand National Assembly of Turkey and the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality Building. More than 6 million people attended these events which also aired live on more than 20 TV channels.) -Sound designer-

    * 2017 ‘World Petroleum Congress 2017’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2017/2018 ‘Hex’ 3d printed geometrical project mapping installation. (Inspired by German Geometer ‘Max Brückner’ who known for his collection of polyhedral models. Collaboration with motion graphics artist ‘Ethem Cem’ (Exhibited in ‘İstanbul Energy Museum’and ‘Mamut Art Project 2018’.) -Composer and Sound Designer-

    * 2017 ‘Göçebe (Nomad)’. -Sound designer, dialogue editor and digital foley artist-

    * 2017 ‘NESCAFÉ 3ü1 Arada Extra – Oyunlar Olsun ‘. -Sound Designer-

    * 2017 Eczacıbaşı ‘3D Motion Branding For 75th Anniversary Corporate Film’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2017 Arçelik ‘The New Generation of Home Appliances’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2017 ‘Fox International Channels Upfront Night’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2016 ‘Conquest of Istanbul 2016 3d Mapping Project’. (Fetih 563th is an annual celebration that gather half million people in the large esplanade of Yenikapi in Istanbul with 700 performers at once that include mechanical props, video mapping with firework synchronization.) -Sound designer-

    * 2016 Trivia(game app) -Composer and Sound Designer-

    * 2016 ‘Kristal Elma’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2016 Vodafone Digital Transformation ‘Dare to Dream’. -Sound Designer-

    * 2016 ‘Yank – I/I’. Yank’s album. -Performer and composer-

    * 2016 ‘Loot Atelier’ Company. -Recording engineer- (clients: Phillips Avent, Phillips Lumea, Allianz Insurance, Doritos, Pepsi Max)

    * 2016 ‘Audiofil’ Company. -Composer and sound designer-

    * 2016 ‘Concrete’ (2014). -Composer- (‘Maçka Elektrikli Müzik Günleri’)

    * 2015 Graduated from Istanbul Bilgi University’s Department of Music.

    * 2015 ‘Bridge’ and ’Silivri’ -Producer, composer, performer, recording engineer and mix engineer- (with Burak Irmak, Yankı Bıçakçı, Feryin Kaya, Korhan Futacı, Alican İpek and Loradeniz).

    * 2014 ‘Yağmur Duası’ (Selim Saraçoğlu). -Recording engineer-

    * 2014 ‘sleepdreamwake’. -Composer, performer, producer, recording engineer and mix engineer-

    * 2013 ‘-limitless- Light Installation’ (HFT Stuttgart University). -Composer and sound designer-

    * 2011 Entered Istanbul Bilgi University’s Department of Music.

    * 2006 – 2011 ‘Threetwofall’, ‘Sade’ (live bands). -Guitarist-

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    Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

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    Leon Haxby
    Professional Piano / Composition / Music Theory Lessons in English
    I am a friendly, patient and professional Piano, Composition and DJ teacher from London, currently living near Amsterdam. I began composition lessons with Darren Bloom at Forest School and was awarded a scholarship to the Royal Birmingham Conservatoire, where I graduated with a BMus in Composition in 2015. I am now studying for a Masters degree at the Conservatorium van Amsterdam with Richard Ayres and Wim Henderickx. My previous teachers include Richard Causton, Edwin Roxburgh, Ed Bennett, Joe Cutler and Howard Skempton. I have also taken part in masterclasses with Mario Garuti and Colin Matthews. I was the winner of the Orchestre Nouvelle Generation Composers Competition 2016/17, and the Birmingham Conservatoire Orchestral Composition Prize 2015. My scores are held in the Royal Academy of Music and American Viola Society libraries, and my pieces have been performed in various locations throughout Europe, the USA, Canada and South Africa. In addition to classical composition, I have also completed a number of scores for short films, and composed the soundtrack for Marianna Jungman's show at London Fashion Week in 2014. Other collaborators include Jeff Leyshon, Andrew Delaney, Zena Holloway and New York-based photographer Graeme Montgomery. I have been commissioned to write soundtracks for Japanese Vogue, and Cent Magazine. For DJing I specialise in Techno, Dubstep and Drum & Bass music. I was taught by Noah Priddle and Kasey Riot at the London Sound Academy where I completed a course in 2017. Teaching Experience: From 2009-2011 I taught Drumkit to students aged between 10-15 at a local Rock & Pop School. I've also been involved in a number of music courses for children between 2009-2014 as a Supervisor / Sound Technician. In 2016 I began giving private lessons, and built up a group of over 20 pupils ranging from 5 year olds to adults. Between April-July 2017, I also gave private and small-group music lessons at a local primary school. Approach to Teaching: My philosophy in Music Tuition is to improve the student's technique through exercises and pieces which they enjoy. I also provide a general music education as I believe in a holistic approach, and increasing their passion for music which will increase their motivation for practice and improvement.

    Improvisation (music) on any instrument. Jazz, Free, Pop
    An Improvisation class thought to be given to any musician whom can already play an instrument and wants to gain some freedom. Not necessarily Jazz oriented. The program will be personalised on you. There will be a bit of analysis and theory. I can teach also on webcam.

    Ableton & MaxMSP Lessons - in a͓̽m͓̽s͓̽t͓̽e͓̽r͓̽d͓̽a͓̽m͓̽
    Ableton Live is a software music sequencer and digital audio workstation. In contrast to many other software sequencers, Live is designed to be an instrument for live performances as well as a tool for composing, recording, arranging, mixing, and mastering. Max, also known as Max/MSP/Jitter, is a visual programming language for music and multimedia. Over its more than thirty-year history, it has been used by composers, performers, software designers, researchers, and artists to create recordings, performances, and installations. Depending on your interest I will show you how to use and customise each program to your needs, but also show you how to combine the two in order to get the best of the 2 worlds. Ableton and MaxMSP are a killer combo for anyone that wants to: - expand their musical instrument with electronic extensions - create custom made controllers for their live performances - create complex automations for live or studio use - produce music, compose, arrange - create automated VJ sets to accompany their live performance - create a live looping performance - control backing tracks for live performances - work on generative music - program art installations and much more I will give you sets & patches with examples to accompany the lessons, but also help you build your own creations in MaxMSP or Ableton.

    Violin: all levels (classical, folk and alternative)
    Your passion and direction is the most important thing. If you like to make your own music: great, I will show you the most efficient positioning of fingers to play and you can go free to do your music. If you are applying to Conservatorium, we will go into hard work to get you prepared for professional level. You give the tempo and direction, I will only share with you tricks and techniques I've learn for my years and years of playing (hopefully will be useful for you!).

    Piano and improvisation class and music production in Amsterdam
    From my studio at the Berlagebrug I give piano lessons to beginners and (semi) advanced students. The lessons take place on a Yamaha wing and when a piece is well under control, we can make a professional recording of it. I myself graduated in 1992 as a musician from the Hilversum Conservatory (nowadays Conservatory of Amsterdam) in the direction of light music, or jazz and pop. So with me you learn not only to read notes, but also chord schemes and - if you want - improvisation. Or we search together for a song that you would like to play and make a nice adaptation of it. Together we first look at exactly what you want to learn and align the curriculum. I can also help you learn how to compose and produce. I work with Pro Tools and Logic Pro X. For classical piano lessons, I would rather refer you to someone else.

    Composition Lesson
    Composition lessons are for anyone who wishes to compose music, for any instrument, emsemble and/or electronics music. My teaching method combines various approaches and styles, supporting practice with theoretical knowledge, and most important developing creativity and helping the student in making their imagionary visions come real. For each student a different palate of tools is offered, according to the student's musical wishes and ambitions. I teach the basis of western-music composition - theory, harmony, counterpoint, score-reading, solfege, rhythm, analysis and more. Further I suggest broad overview of world, jazz, pop, new/contemporary music, various styles in electronic music (popular and experimental), improvisatory compositions, graphic notation, text and game pieces, music for theater, film and dance and interdicsiplinary works which combine music with other art fields.

    Double Bass Lessons at home. All levels and ages!.
    I am a classical and baroque bassist. Graduated from Amsterdam Conservatory (Bachelor and Master ) With more than 15 years playing my instrument and 3 years of teaching young kids and people from all ages and levels! If you always wanted to learn the double bass is never to late to start!

    Amsterdam Oud West guitar lessons acoustic / electric
    Guitar lessons for beginners are aimed at not learning wrong habits in the initial phase. The guitar is an easy instrument, but unlearning something that is not functional is always heavy. We immediately make music without having to read notes. Chords, rhythms and strumming, that's what it's all about! My name is Joris, I have been playing guitar for 30 years and I teach 7 of them. My sympathy goes out to those students who have fallen for the sound and shape of the guitar, who love music with all their heart and want to play for themselves, first and foremost!

    PIANO LESSONS: What about learning how to play the piano? (in person and online)
    Piano, the instrument used by the romantics to make their most beautiful music, but also by the most experimental and modern composers to create their amazing music. Isn't it a great instrument to play? With more than 5 years of experience teaching in music schools and 8 years as a private piano teacher, I developed an efficient and "fun"-focusing way to teach how to play the instrument. Every student is different, so also the way to play and learn shall be different, which makes every single lesson special and rewarding. I also offer the possibility of teaching in groups: if you want to know more about this option. I hope I become the teacher you want and need!

    Music Production and Theory: Everything you need to know.
    My name is Marco, and I am an Italian composer and sound designer working and living in Amsterdam. I studied Classical and Experimental Composition at the Conservatory, and then Communication Sciences and Technologies, and Sound Design at the University. After that, I spent the last 8 years producing music and sounds for advertisement, short movies, tv shows, documentaries, theatre, art installations, and so on. This gave me a broad knowledge of how to write music in every different style, and how to do that fast. This class starts with my experience, but I really want the students to build their own personalized plan, choosing on which of these areas to focus on: -Film Scoring -Sound Design -Music Theory -Arranging for Orchestra -Solfège -Introduction to Piano -Introduction to Music Softwares (DAWs) and Plugins -Electronic Music and Beats Production If you need to take lessons at certain times excluded from my timetable feel free to contact me anyways and let's see what we can arrange. Hope to hear from you soon! Cheers :)

    Ableton Live - Getting your ideas down into a workable format to create a full working track! No prior knowledge needed!
    I specialise in making music with the computer when there isn't a whole bunch of theory knowledge there. I can teach you to quickly and efficiently make that tune in your head into a reality, then turn that into a full track. If you have tried a few tutorials or courses and they didn't fit with you because of all the engineering jargon and theory based approach, this course is for you! I learnt to make music because I was hearing all these songs in my head but wasn't good enough at any instrument to materialise them. Ableton allowed me to hash through ideas, jam with them, then finally turn them into a full working track. I have also worked as a live and studio sound engineer so I do have the theoretical knowledge but can communicate in the language of learners from all different levels. I think there are a lot of people that just need to express what they have in there head and Ableton is by far the best program for that. It is very intuitive, "jammable" and so much fun! For me Ableton is my instrument but I also play the drums, piano and bass.

    Learn music techniques, piano, theory or composing music
    With my music lessons, I can come to your home to provide lessons. We will learn reading music, making small compositions, as well as learning piano skills. I encourage all levels of musicanship, and intend for students to work hard to achieve their goals!

    Classical Guitar Lessons from Conservatorium-Trained Teacher
    Hi, I’m Andrea! I’m a professional classical guitar performer and educator from Sydney, Australia. I have been developing my music teaching business for over 8 years, through which I teach a wide range of styles, levels, and ages. Lessons are specifically tailored to meet the needs of each student, whether the focus is on classical guitar performance, chords, pop/rock, jazz/blues, or Spanish-style fingerpicking. Music theory, composition, songwriting, improvisation, sight-reading, and preparation for high school exams or University auditions are all options that can be incorporated into lessons. I have plenty of experience with young children and teenagers as well as adults, from complete beginners to advanced players. My teaching philosophy is holistic in that I strive to help my students become well-rounded musicians with a range of listening, reading, improvisation, and analytical skills, while of course carefully choosing repertoire that will cater to the student’s taste as well as their abilities. Pop/rock guitar, blues and jazz improvisation are also options as well as classical training.

    Luís Tasso
    Bassoon (Baroque/Classical and Modern), Theory, and Composition Lessons
    I am a bassoonist and composer from Australia who is available to tutor in Amsterdam. I teach not only the ordinary modern bassoon but also historical performance, whether that would be on period instruments or otherwise. I am also available to tutor music theory and composition for all levels. I have won prizes in both bassoon and composition, including the Royal Schools Music Club Anniversary Scholarship, the Bendat Family Foundation Composition Scholarship, the Royal Over-Seas League Arts Travel Scholarship, and the Catholic Arts Chapman Scholarship. I have also been part of a variety of ensembles, including the MAPLE wind quintet, Tura New Music's Breaking Out Ensemble, and orchestras in Australia. I have had the incredible opportunity to write and arrange for many ensembles with very different instrumental combinations such as Piñata Percussion, the West Australian Symphony Orchestra, the Chamber Orchestra of St George's College, and Trinity College, Perth. As a teacher, I strive to develop students to become inspired by music and to always seek a deeper understanding and appreciate of music. I am open to teaching any student so long as they can hold an instrument comfortably!

    Violin lessons for all levels - Vioolles voor alle niveaus
    Hi, I'm Caitlin, I'm a professional violinist and violin teacher. I play in orchestras and ensembles and have been teaching the violin as well for the past two years. I learned how to teach violin from the best and will be able to guide you or your child towards a good level of playing. If you are at a more advanced level I can help you develop musically, overcome hurdles and enhance the joy of playing as well as prepare for conservatoire studies. Let's begin and discover the joy of playing the violin!