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International Music Education and Piano Lessons for ALL LEVELS. Learn to play Piano EASY from your home.

-Learn to Play Piano:
Ages of students:4-9 years old
Lesson length: 30-60 Minutes
Lesson schedule: One class per week
A great age for learning how to play the piano. Lessons feature music reading, ensemble playing and singing - with an emphasis on having fun!

Ages of students:10 to adult
Lesson length: 60 Minutes
Lesson schedule: One class per week
An internationally regarded piano lesson for all levels age 10 to adult. An emphasis on hands-on learning to helping students of all ages learn to play and enjoy the piano.

-Music Wonderland Lesson:
Ages of students: 3 year olds
Course length: 30 Minutes
Lesson schedule: One class per week
Parent participation: Required

Listening Ability:
As this is a most significant period of aural development, a rich and varied array of listening activities develops sensitivity and listening ability and enables students to perceive music's power to vividly express images and emotions.

Social Development:
Because of the importance of the parent in the life of a child this age, interaction between parent and child is an important focus in the lessons. Also, through the lessons children develop the basic skills of relating to others

Keyboard Experience:
Children experience sound through the keyboard and are introduced to the fun of keyboard playing. Appropriate to this stage in their physical development, initial playing activities engage the use of large motor skills.

Cultivation of the Imagination:
Recognizing the significance of fantasy, play, and the imagination in the learning of children of this age, the activities, textbooks, and music are filled with suitable colorful, playful imagery, sounds, and subjects.

-Junior Music Lesson
Ages of students: 4 and 5 year olds
Lesson length: 60 Minutes
Lesson schedule: One class per week
Parent participation: Required (participation enables parent to be an effective "at home" learning partner)

Hearing: Listening to wonderful music helps children:
♩ Develop emotional sensitivity
♩ Develop an ear for music
♩ Feel and express music in time rhythmically

Singing: Children love to sing! Singing develops:
♩ Self expression
♩ Correct tempo, rhythm, and pitch
♩ Understanding of note names

Playing: Performing songs introduces children to the joy of expressing music by themselves. Playing also helps students:
♩ Get familiar with the five-line staff and keyboard
♩ Express music with both hands

Creating: Junior Music Course experiences cultivate children's:
♩ Musical creativity
♩ Sense of harmony

*Lessons in English, Chinese and Germen

Extra information

I am professional educated music teacher with more than 17 years of experience teaching in Switzerland, UK and China. I graduated in London Trinity college of Music and China Central Conservatory of Music. My lessons can be adapt to your needs. I enjoy to teach students of different age groups with all levels. As I have 3 little boys myself, I especially have experiences to teach small children in a playful effective way. Feel free to contact me on 076 477 54 35 or
I look forward to hearing from you!


At teacher's location: Schachenstrasse, 9450 Altstätten, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Eichberg, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Schaan, Liechtenstein
At student's location: Around St. Gallen, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Altstätten, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Lucerne, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Schwyz, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Zug, Switzerland
At student's location: Around Zürich (Kreis 1) / Lindenhof, Switzerland

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General info



Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



30 minutes
60 minutes
90 minutes

The class is taught in:

English, Chinese, German

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8  Monday at 8:00  Tuesday at 8:00  Wednesday at 8:00  Thursday at 8:00  Friday at 8:00  Saturday at 8:00  Sunday at 8:00
9  Monday at 9:00  Tuesday at 9:00  Wednesday at 9:00  Thursday at 9:00  Friday at 9:00  Saturday at 9:00  Sunday at 9:00
10  Monday at 10:00  Tuesday at 10:00  Wednesday at 10:00  Thursday at 10:00  Friday at 10:00  Saturday at 10:00  Sunday at 10:00
11  Monday at 11:00  Tuesday at 11:00  Wednesday at 11:00  Thursday at 11:00  Friday at 11:00  Saturday at 11:00  Sunday at 11:00
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21  Monday at 21:00  Tuesday at 21:00  Wednesday at 21:00  Thursday at 21:00  Friday at 21:00  Saturday at 21:00  Sunday at 21:00
22  Monday at 22:00  Tuesday at 22:00  Wednesday at 22:00  Thursday at 22:00  Friday at 22:00  Saturday at 22:00  Sunday at 22:00
23  Monday at 23:00  Tuesday at 23:00  Wednesday at 23:00  Thursday at 23:00  Friday at 23:00  Saturday at 23:00  Sunday at 23:00
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Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.

Online reputation

  • Instructor since November 2018

Good-fit Instructor Guarantee

Our guarantee for your private lessons that will let you find tutors without worrying.

If you are not satisfied after your first lesson, Apprentus will find you another instructor or will refund your first lesson.


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ABRSM Piano Exam Preparation; Music for Children's Development; Piano Lessons for All levels; Music Theory for All Levels
About me: I am an international piano teacher and music educator with more than 10 years of experience in Switzerland, UK, China and Singapore. I have a Master Degree in Music Education from the Institute of Education, University College of London. Strong experience in preparing students for the ABRSM piano and theory exam (The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music). About you: I like to teach students of different age groups from early years to retirement age. Happy and open to have students from various countries and cultural backgrounds. Together we will bring your piano skills to the next level. My piano lessons: - Adapt to your needs - A unique and comprehensive teaching style through harmony interpretation, solfege singing, music appreciation, playing technique and skills, music sight-reading skills and music psychology in order to support you to interpret each piece of music successfully. My theory lessons: - Coverage of the topics you need to understand music and develop your skills. Special music programme for children's development (2-6 years old): - Lessons are designed to discover children's creativity, intelligence, sensory perception and imagination. This lesson will enable your little one to enjoy the fun of music and cultivate his/her love for music through happy singing, fun rhythm, body movement and musical story. Next steps: It would be my honour and pleasure to share my music knowledge with you personally. I look forward to hearing from you!

Nikoleta Doykova
Piano lessons in English and German for children and adults. At your home or in one of the teacher’s locations in central Zurich
Success in learning frequently depends on finding the right Piano Instructor - someone who knows the subject well and understands how to inspire others. I know how difficult it can be to find a reliable teacher who focuses on developing your talents and skills step by step. As an experienced and passionate Piano Instructor, I believe in an approach that gives students positive, constructive ways to learn. I design my lessons according to my students’ needs, with an emphasis on confidence-boosting activities.

Piano classes at your home with a professional pianist
I provide AT HOME piano classes for all levels. I am a professional pianist with various international experiences. I have performed around the Czech Republic and Italy, currently working on a CD for charity. I have experiences with live concerts as well as with performances in radio. I would love to share my experiences and talent with people, who are passionate about music and playing the piano as much as I do.

Piano lessons for every level. Learn how to play your favorite song!
• I offer you and your children piano lessons in Lucerne! • The repertoire of your choice: from classical to pop music. • I'm happy to work with any level of playing piano, even if it's zero! The lessons are in English, Russian.

Elio Coria
Cours de piano à domicile | Piano lessons at your place
Je vous propose de cours de piano chez vous: Lessons at your place: •Tous niveaux et toutes ages •All levels, all ages •Repertoire adapté a vos goûts •Repertoire according to your taste •Pédagogie adapté à chacun/une •Pedagogy adapted to everyone •Cours en français, espagnol, portugais, anglais et italien •Lessons possibles in 5 language Relevez le défi d'apprendre un instrument! Take the challenge of learning an instrument! “Beauty will save the world” ― F. Dostoyevsky, The Idiot.

Piano lessons / Klavierunterricht, Der Klavierunterricht für Ihre Ziele und Fähigkeiten individuell designt
Beginners and advanced, children and adults Didactics: I am a piano teacher, accredited teacher at the Kalaidos University of Music Switzerland, majoring in piano (since 2016) with a master's degree in music education at the conservatory in Lugano (2010). Over the past 20 years, I have successfully employed my teaching experience at various major music institutes and conservatory. Teacher activity: Since 2017, Accredited Teacher in Piano at Kalaidos Swiss College. 2016, Conservatory Zurich, Vicariate for piano. 2012-2016, private lessons with Jecklin Musikräume, Zurich. My various activities in the music sector have allowed me to work with students from 5 to 85 years and to perform various functions as a teacher, chamber music and course organizer. Thanks to these experiences, I was able to develop my communicative and educational skills. Listening and perception make up my personal quality in the design of my lessons. Enthusiastic and intuitive, I react in a differentiated way to my students. I would be glad if you would give me the opportunity to personally introduce myself to a trial lesson.

Piano Class, Music Theory, Musical Interpretation.
I teach individual piano lessons that incorporates elements of theory, as well as instrumental technique and interpretation. With 9 years of experience in teaching piano, a Master Degree in Chamber Music, a Bachelor’s Degree in Musical Interpretation- Piano and a Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology, I am interested to offer my training skills and knowledge to students.

Ukulele Lessons for Beginners and Children; learn to play the ukulele in a day!
For those who have always wanted to learn to play the ukulele or play an instrument but couldn't, or have player ukulele as a child and need a refresher. We will go through some light theory, and move right in to learning a song of your choice.

Music, Piano lessons, Music theory, Solfeggio, Music Literature
I offer music lessons to children and adults at home. • Piano lessons (children from 3 years; adults of any age) • Assistance for students of music schools and colleges • Solfeggio, singing the notes Use of modern techniques Fast result Training takes place in English

Private Clarinet Lesson to all students who want to learn quickly
Lebenslauf / Curriculum Vitae JESUS DAVID Staatsangehörigkeit: Venezuela Geburtsdatum: 12.12.1997 Musikalische Erfahrungen 2003: Musikalisches Debut mit dem Orchester Vicente Emilio Sojo, unter der Leitung von Frau Johanna Ayala 2004: Chor Unterricht, sowie Konzerte, unter der Leitung von Herr Guadalupe Léon 2004-2006: Anfängerstunden mit den Lehrern: Jedary Ramos und Edwin Rojas 2006: Klarinettenunterricht mit Frau Daniela Toro 2007: Klarinettenunterrich mit Herr Anthoy Diaz 2008: Orchesterprojekt unter der Leitung von Herr Ron Davis 2009: Klarinettenunterricht mit Herr Samuel Aparicio 2010: Klarinettenunterricht mit Herr Carlos Escalona 2010: Klarinettenunterricht mit Frau Carmen Borregales 2010: Orchesterprojekt mit dme Orchester Francisco de Miranda, unter der Leitung von Herr Andrés Gonzalez 2010: Orchester Tournee mit dem Orchester Sinfonica Francisco de Miranda 2011: Klarinettenunterricht mit Herr Valdemar Rodriguez 2011: Endkonzert am 9. Festival der jungen Klarinetisten, mit dem Mendelsohn Duo 2011: Masterclasses mit internationalen Lehrern wie: Michael Arringon, Luis rossi, Luis Mora, Ricardo do Freites, Antonio Saiote, etc. 2012: Musikcamp in Spanien mit dem Lehrer Yehuda Gilad 2012: Einladung ins Orchester Simon Bolivar 2012: Orchester Tournee in die USA mit dem Orchester Simon Bolivar 2013: Einladung in die Simon Bolivar Band 2013: Europa Tournee mit der Simon Bolivar Band 2013: Masterclasses mit internationalen Lehrern wie: Aude Richard Camus, Paul Meyer, etc. 2014-2015: Klarintetten Konzert von Guarenas-Guatire 2014-2015: Solo Konzert mit Stücken von Aron Copland 2016: Semifinalist am YOUNG ARTIST COMPETITION, in Lawrence Kansas 2016: Masterclasses mit Ricardo Morales und Richie Hawley 2017: Tonaufnahmen mit Orchester von Pastorale Beethoven 6., Danza of Galante (Kodaly), etc 2017: Jury Mitglied für die Aufnahmeprüfungen vom Jugend Orchester Francisco de Miranda Erziehungswesen: 2001-2003: Level 1 und 2 Vorschule in der Madre Enriqueta 2003-2013: Vorschule zur High School U.E. Santa Maria Goretti 2014-2015: Bachelor of Science, San Jose Schule

Musicienne professionnelle donne cours de musique pour des enfants
Étudiante de chant á l'Haute École de Musique de Genève avec des études au piano propose: -Des cours particuliers à des débutants jusqu'à des niveaux plus avancés pour théorie musicale et piano. -Des lessons de soutien pour des étudiants du conservatoire ou l'école de musique pour solfège, analyse, harmonie, lecture à vue, etc. J'ai pas mal d'expérience dans l'enseignement de la théorie musicale pour les enfants. Quand même, adultes sont aussi bien bienvenus! Je peux me déplacer à domicile. N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour plus d'informations. À bientôt! Maria.

Private piano lessons for all ages and all levels, piano scores writing from your favourite songs, commercials etc.!
My name is Patryk, 27 yo :) Music is all my life. I've started learning piano since I was 4 years old. I graduated from Chopin's University of Music in Warsaw (Poland) and I'm currently living in Switzerland. Do you want to learn playing your favourite songs? Soundtracks from movies? Or maybe only "Happy Birthday" for your Mom? We will handle this together, 100% guarantee :) I'm very patient and open-minded. Thanks to the individual approach your progress will be soon visible! Do you need

Harples en notenleerles voor elk niveau. Door een enthousiaste harpiste. Studente aan het conservatorium met ervaring in het lesgeven.
Ik ben momenteel studente aan het Conservatoire Royal de Bruxelles. Ik zit in mijn derde bachelor. Ik heb al 13 jaar harples gevolgd bij verschillende gerenommeerde leerkrachten zoals Eline Groslot en Annie Lavoisier. In deze periode heb ik ook veel ervaring opgedaan als concertharpiste. Met onder andere de tweede prijs in het concours Français de la Harpe ( 2017). En gedurende 3 jaar geef ik ook privéles harp en notenleer. Deze lessen focussen zich zowel op (jonge) kinderen die harp willen leren als volwassenen die met harp willen beginnen. Elke leerling wordt op zijn eigen tempo begeleid en de lessen zijn aangepast aan de wensen van elke leerling. Ook notenleerlessen worden zo veel mogelijk aangepast aan het tempo van de leerling.