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2 presentation skills teachers in United States

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Trusted teacher: Our professional lives follow a rhythm that’s punctuated by meetings and presentations. Unfortunately, as we all know too well, most presentations are terrible. How many times has a monotone speaker, reading from slides, left you wondering what’s the point? And then, occasionally, a great speaker delivers a message that connects directly with you and, as a result, lifts your day. To help you become a presenter who people listen to, someone who holds the attention of their audience, and someone that can move people with their words, I will train and coach you to communicate effectively with passion and conviction. Presenting With Impact Program. A complete program that will help you make impactful presentations. The program is available on a one-to-one basis delivered over eight weeks, or as a one-day masterclass for individuals or groups. The program consists of three key areas: 1. Building a foundation - Analyzing your audience and setting objectives - Planning, developing and arranging your content 2. Creating compelling words - Supporting your ideas including telling stories for specific purposes - Writing with style 3. Delivering with impact - Maximizing your voice - Movement and NVC - Developing exceptional technique - Bring it all together - showtime This is a practical program based on the best practice of millennia of public speaking and presenting. And, throughout the program, we will develop your skills for both virtual and real-world situations. Presenting With Impact Coaching Presenting with Impact Coaching allows us to work together on refining, improving, and perfecting your skills and technique. We’ll work with your real-world presentations to help you to deliver excellent presentations that engage your audience, achieve your objectives, and become memorable for the right reasons. I deliver both the Presenting With Impact Program and Presenting With Impact Coaching either virtually or in-person in Basel, Switzerland.
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I offer the following programs: 1. Regular Track Program (from A2/B1 Level to C2 Level) 2. Fast Track Intensive Program: 45 lessons (an intensive life changing experience) 3. JobPrep Coaching: Series of 5-6 training sessions (succeeding in Job Interviews even with an average level of English) DETAILS: REGULAR Track Program includes: - Transforming the level of your “Spoken English” from A2 to C2 - “Mastering English Vocabulary” without ever memorising words - “Accent Neutralisation” to get rid of the local accent - Using English Grammar precisely to communicate accurately and efficiently - Establishing daily, weekly monthly routines to enable automatic language learning - Full printable feedbacks (covering all grammar & pronunciation mistakes) - Plus a collection of useful frequently used words expressions from each lesson FAST TRACK Program includes: - A 45 hours intense program (designed to give you a similar level that an average student achieves in a year of English lessons) - 35 Speaking Lessons with focus on Business & General English - Full Printable Feedbacks covering all grammar & pronunciation mistakes (Plus a collection of useful frequently used words expressions from the lesson). - 10 Grammar Lessons (modules designed exclusively for Adults) JOBPREP Coaching includes: - Job Interview simulations - Useful appropriate vocabulary to deliver the right message - Tips on designing and delivering professional answers to the seemingly simple yet tricky questions - Personalisation of standard interview responses to avoid sounding like the other candidates - Training on leaving a lasting impression on the interviewer - CV correction (done during a full separate session) 

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Trusted teacher: Opportunity to work online with a highly experienced (and fun!) recruitment specialist and staff development officer - 'Chartered Institute of Professional Development', MBTI and SHL qualified. I have many years of experience working in diverse working environments and teams so I understand the challengers and potential opportunities. Are you applying to: < United Nations (UN) < Private/public sector job; < Internship or, < Something similar. Do you want to: < Acquire skills (Inc. applying search engines) to find the job that aligns to your experience, skills, values and career goals < Understand what the job description is saying and evaluating if you are a good match < Write a successful job application that attracts the recruiter's attention (often there are 200 applications for one job) < Prepare for a test - often a mandatory step in the recruitment process - so you are more ready for the test questions < Learn competency-based interviewing techniques through Skype role-playing so your are excellently prepared for the actual interview Do you want to develop professionally so you can: < Work more effectively within your team < Acquire skills to manage your team more effectively < Learn skills and acquire specialist tools to achieve conflict resolution and harmony < Build confidence, manage stress, and stay calm even when under pressure. Contact me, I have years of experience in recruitment and building the capacity of staff in the UN and private and public sector. I train, coach and mentor people at all levels and help them secure jobs and develop professionally. Let's discuss your objectives so you can walk away with the practical skills and tools to improve your opportunities, manage stress and enjoy work-life balance.
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Get that job - Skype - Develop professionally - Former UN Staff Development Officer (Sachseln)
I am in the process of looking for a new job in the public/corporate sector as an economist, and on this occasion, I thought I'd get advice from an expert coach to review my CV and cover letter. Among the many available tutors, I chose to work online with Tania. Initially, this decision was based on her detailed presentation and our initial conversation. I felt that she was the right choice for me. I was right. Tania is an extremely prepared professional coach able to guide you along the various steps needed to write professional CVs and cover letters aligned to each specific job description. Tania is a "gold mine" in terms of information and suggestions, very patient, empathetic, and clearly passionate about developing others and creating successful outcomes. I highly recommend her.
Review by CATERINA
Speaking online or in public and working with the spoken voice. Manage stress when speaking online or in public. (Uccle)
I had a great experience with Corinne. I had to prepare a presentation for work, and she was able to prepare me in few sessions, giving me the rights tips. Recommended!
Review by NORA
Presentation Design, Speech Writing and Orathorical Practice
He wants me really to understand the concepts clearly, and he is willing to guide me to my goal! Hope the best for next lectures and first lecture was really useful!
Review by GIOELE

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