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93 piano teachers in United States

Unlock your musical aspirations from the comfort of your own home with personalized piano and voice lessons delivered to you by Matthew Cooper, a celebrated tenor opera singer and esteemed music educator in Calgary, AB. Specializing in nurturing talent at all levels, Matthew brings the essence of classical vocal training and captivating performances directly to your living space. Why Choose Matthew? World-Class Experience: With a vibrant history of leading roles in international tours and a multitude of awards, including 17 first-place Kiwanis awards, Matthew embodies musical excellence. Expert Instruction: Benefit from tailored lessons that cover everything from music theory and aural skills to performance etiquette, all from an expert who has trained with the best and performed across Europe and Canada. Convenience and Comfort: Receive top-notch music education without stepping outside your home. Perfect for busy families or individuals seeking the ultimate in convenience and personalized attention. Offerings: In-Home Piano and Voice Lessons: Customized to meet your individual goals, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced musician. Comprehensive Music Education: Dive deep into music theory, develop your aural skills, and perfect your performance with a curriculum designed for all ages and stages. Flexible and Convenient Scheduling: Lessons are planned around your busy schedule, providing a hassle-free way to integrate music education into your life. Begin Your Musical Adventure Matthew Cooper is not just a teacher but a guide to unlocking your full musical potential, all within the familiar surroundings of your home. Reserve Your Spot! Location: Serving Calgary, AB, and surrounding areas. Phone: 1 (709) 597-8612 Email: [email protected] Transform your home into a stage and your dreams into reality. Contact Matthew Cooper today to schedule your in-home piano and voice lessons and take the first step on a journey that promises to be as rewarding as it is enriching.
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Trusted teacher: Piano lessons with Natalia offers you the varied and impressive program. Are you ready to take on the challenge of learning to play the piano! Do you like piano? Do you want to improve the technique of your piano playing? Do not hesitate to contact me. The lessons take place at my home in Erpe-Mere (Burst). As a professionally trained classical pianist you learn how to read / play notes, scales, arpeggio, chords, improvisation exercises and much more. Are you looking for online piano lessons in this corona crisis? Does piano seem to be more your thing? Canceling is always easy; you are not committed to anything. That is part of the philosophy of Piano Lessons with Natalia. Online piano lessons (usually) mean that you take piano lessons through video lessons via Skype, Viber or Messenger. I prepared my lessons in advance and prepared them for you in a clear and structured way, so that you learn the piano step by step. to master. Online piano lessons At Online piano I also focus specifically on technique, learning notes, playing exercises and much more. For this I developed a teaching method based on years of experience with teaching fortepiano. So I am a piano teacher of online piano lessons that offers multiple lessons. It is the combination of the varied program of theory and practice together, why Piano Lessons with Natalia say that “Everyone can learn to play the piano”. At Online Piano Lessons I make playing the piano accessible, easy and fun. Persist In this Corona crisis, force yourself to sit behind the piano every day. I do everything I can to make the lessons as fun and easy as possible. This way you can easily repeat the exercises and melody pieces with the help of my online piano lessons. You also learn to play a new practice tune in every lesson that you can play to your heart's content. You will discover that the motivation and discipline to learn to play the piano well is much more important than your capacity and experience. To get really good you will have to help yourself through difficult exercises. Fortunately, at the Online Piano Lessons you are not just there, but I give you Live advice, tips and intensive effort in your handover assignments.
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Hello, welcome to my profile! My name is Richard, nice to meet you! I'm a Dutch (Netherlands) piano teacher and concert pianist with 25 years of experience. Since I started playing the piano, at age 5, I've been passionate about music, and I would love to pass on my huge passion for playing the piano to you! I hold a Master's degree in Music in both piano performance and as a piano teacher. For the past 25 years, I have been teaching piano lessons (both individual and group lessons) at several music schools in the Netherlands, as well as private piano lessons in various European countries and Mexico. As of now, 2024, I'm available full-time for private piano lessons at your home or a public place, but 'm also open to teaching online, if you prefer so. I speak fluent English, Spanish, German, and Dutch, so I can teach in all of these languages. As a piano teacher, I have extensive experience with students of all ages and levels, as well as different music styles. As a concert pianist, I have made numerous concert tours as a soloist and played with renown orchestras in several countries, including Germany, France, the Netherlands, UK, and United Arab Emirates. Furthermore, I won prizes in several prestigious piano competitions, made various TV-, radio and album recordings, and attended masterclasses with world-renown pianists such as the American master pianists Murray Perahia and Emanual Ax. I would describe myself as someone how is friendly, patient, organized, efficient, flexible and passionate about music. I believe that my passion for piano, my extensive knowledge and experience as a piano teacher and concert pianist, combined with my excellent communication skills and my inspiring teaching style, are some of the key ingredients of great piano teaching. My piano lessons are for students of all ages and levels, who would like to learn or improve their piano playing. Although my background is in classical repertoire, I also have experience in teaching popular and film music, among other types of music. I love all kinds of music, and I'm definitely open to teaching you how to play your favorite songs. I work with some of the best piano methods to achieve optimal learning outcomes. Inspiring the student and developing their natural musicality are crucial factors in this process. My lessons include learning and improving piano technique, reading sheet music (if not already mastered), playing by ear, music theory, musicality development, and fostering enjoyment in playing this beautiful instrument. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions or doubts. I look forward to hearing from you!
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Stef - Montreal, 10$61
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Trusted teacher: My classes are held online around the world. I can teach in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, German or Portuguese. I am a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory in Russia where I lived, studied music and arts and worked as a ballet teacher, languages and music teacher. I have professional equipment such as cameras in different positions and degrees since it is essential that the student has different optics of both the piano and my body posture. We start with music theory and practice at the same time choosing pieces of preference for the student. The real objective of the class goes beyond the music per se ... but rather a spiritual-intellectual integration which results in genius through music! Music is the hook to touch the soul. Russian piano education focuses on fewer, more challenging pieces. The music will be learnt from memory and much of the learning is done through teacher demonstration. - Solfeggio First of all, what is solfeggio? Also known as 'solfège', solfeggio (sometimes called sight-singing) is the ability to read and sing music at sight. You may have heard this phrase before: 'Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do'. This is a method used to help musicians sight-sing. The Russian piano teaching method is often complemented by the use of solfeggio, and it is commonplace that when Russian teachers do use it, they use the fixed do, meaning C is always do, regardless of the key. With the British piano teaching method, solfeggio is less commonly used, and when it is, moveable do (the tonic is do) is used. As you can probably decipher, this makes the Russian method of using solfeggio much more challenging. - Attitude Without wanting to cast a generalisation across Russia, their learning method has been known for strictness, discipline and controversy. It leaves many wondering: Is the Russian way of learning the piano more demanding? Frequently, Russian piano teachers I work with joke about the harshness of teachers in their youth. The method is trying to achieve excellence in piano playing, but encouragement and discipline are used to varying degrees.
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Trusted teacher: I have been in face-to-face and online education for more than twelve years, teaching classes in the disciplines of music (language and musical initiation, music theory, piano, singing) I can offer guitar, electric bass and drums classes as an intermediary with my husband. I have extensive experience in the teaching area in academic institutions (schools and music conservatory). I offer quality care for learning your subject or discipline of interest. I work with all ages: online from 5 years old and up and face-to-face with pre-piano and musical stimulation 3 years old and up. All classes include musical language learning since I consider it of great value that my students can quickly understand and interpret musical reading. We do face-to-face or online concerts twice a year (December and July) and annual shows on dates or special online/video projects. I offer the first courtesy class so that they know my teaching method and so that the student can verify if they feel compenetrated with my didactics and the instrument. I can provide classes in Spanish or English (international students sometimes require it). General characteristics: -Online or face-to-face modality -The lesson plan is aimed at students ages 4 and up -One hour classes 1 or 2 times a week -We do not give certificates, the objective is to promote knowledge so that the student develops the knowledge and skills in it, being able to apply them in their school or university academic development and/or later in a leveling test in any institute that grants certificates. -The teacher will send the student or his representative didactic digital material for the activities. -Most of the activities are based on games, practices, reading and writing, inquiry by association and dialogue. -The classes are 12 months of the year with a month of rest at the selection of the interested party. Content to develop: 1) Rhythmization 2) Solfeggio 3) Reading to the staff 4) Ear Training 5) Technical exercises on the instrument 6) Repertoire: chosen by the student and suggested by the teacher
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Piano Lessons with the Best Colombian Young Pianist! (Santiago de Cali)
Juan is as much experienced in playing piano than teaching it, what makes him the kind of teacher that help you learn fast and in a very pleasant way. Piano lesson with him aren't just about moving finger and repeating things over and over, it's also about understanding things through music theory and music history, which is very important to me. He has perfectly adapted the lesson according to my taste and level and also the way I like to learn things. If you're looking for a comprehensive, experiment and pleasant piano teacher, then I highly recommend you to book a lesson with Juan!
Review by JEREMY
Spanish classes for children and adults. Native teacher. (Bogotá)
Ana María
Ana is an outstanding Spanish teacher who has made my learning experience truly enjoyable. Her kindness and genuine care for her students create a supportive learning environment I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful teacher.
Review by CLEMENS
Fun Classical Piano lessons for kids (4+ years) and adults! (Liberal)
Taryna is a great teacher to work with the kids. Her patience, encouragement, and knowledge in teaching made my daughter more confident in piano. I, as a parent of a 8 yea old would definitely recommend her for piano lessons!
Review by PINAR UNER