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This course is designed for beginners, who have a busy life at work or at home, but want to use basic Russian in everyday conversations. It will allow you to enhance fluency and communication skills, learn phrases for everyday situations, improve your pronunciation and build up your basic vocabulary. 🏆 WHAT WILL I GET FROM THIS COURSE? 🏆 🔹 You will learn how to read and write in Cyrillic. 🔹 You will be able to shop or travel with basic Russian/Ukrainian and understand simple conversations. 🔹 You will orientate yourself in the city, read a map, and understand street signs and city advertisements. 🔹 You will know how to use the most important elements of basic Russian/Ukrainian grammar in your everyday speech. 🔹 You will communicate with Russian people in the most typical situations at work, in the supermarket, in the street, at a restaurant, etc. 🔹 You will be able to tell about your everyday life, describe your lifestyle, hobbies, interests and plans for future. 🔹 You will feel comfortable in a Russian/Ukrainian speaking environment without an interpreter or a phrasebook. 🔹 You will be able to write short letters and SMS in Russian/Ukrainian and express your opinions. 📖 COURSE SYLLABUS 📖 1. Russian/Ukrainian Alphabet & Phonetics 2. Meeting People. Socializing 3. People and their Jobs 4. Things people carry 5. Family & Friends 6. Food 7. Eating Out 8. Buying Food 9. Work & Daily Routines 10. Seasons & Weather 11. Lifestyles 12. In the Office. Communications 13. Countries & Cities 14. Nationalities & Languages 15. Past Events & Routines 16. Plans for the Future 17. City Life. Going Out. 18. Money & Banking 19. Safe Travel 20. Accommodation 21. Buying Clothes & Souvenirs 22. Hobbies & Interests 23. Holidays & Events 24. Telephoning & Invitations 25. Family Parties. Birthday 26. Ukrainian Culture. Free Time Activities 27. Health 28. Feelings & Emotions
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My name is LJ Rauternbach and I have been using the Keirsey Temperament Sorter (KTS) since 1995 and updated my skills by attending and successfully completed the KTS-II training in London in 2007. The KTS-II Temperament Sorter is a well established tool, used within most of the Fortune 200 companies worldwide. These include Coca Cola Company, IBM, FORD, Price Waterhouse Cooper, GAP, UPS, Siemens, US Army, Yale University etc. Your Personality is made up of two elements. Temperament and Character. Temperament is the bit that does not change and is like the hardware in a PC, while Character is the bit that does change with experience, culture, values etc, like the software in a PC. The KTS-II looks at a persons temperament and then categorises the person in one of 4 groups (each with 4 types). Each type has a unique way of speaking and doing that separates them from each other. This unique way of speaking and doing enables a person to have a natural intelligence in specific fields e.g The Artisan is naturally gifted in tactical skills, where the Idealists are gifted in diplomacy etc. The KTS-II as a theory has been developed over more than 50 yrs. However, this is not new at all. In fact, there is evidence recorded over the past 2000 years by observers like Plato, Aristotle even Ezekiel in the Bible, that man naturallly falls in 4 unique categories. With the dawn of modern psychology at the turn of the century Freud for instance focused on “pleasure” as the highest motivation of life while Maslow for instance contradicted Freud with his hierarchy of needs claiming that “Self-Actualisation (to know thy self)” is the highest form of living. Looking through the paradigm of temperament theory, this makes perfect sense. Freud would seek pleasure because he was an Artisan, and Maslow would seek self-actualisation because he was a Idealist.
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| Learn Russian Language | Learn How To Play Chess | (The Hague)
I had two sessions with Maksim (one for Chess and one for Russian) and it went really well! Within one lesson, he taught me a lot and he was passionate about teaching Chess and Russian. He gave me a lots of tips and had prepared some useful documents about Russian basics. I was unfortunately unable to go on with the lessons because of my work but I still use his tips when I get the chance to play Chess, and I still carry his documents about Russian Basics with me and revist them when I am travelling in Public Transport. On top of being a skilled teacher, he was also very encouraging, very respectful and available. I would definitely rebook with him again when time will allow me to resume my learning process.
Review by NAZIHA
Cello tutoring (also at home) (Lausanne)
My 7 year old daughter wanted to start Cello and I found Alejandro via Apprentus. We aren't a musical family therefore I had no idea what to expect. As of the first lesson my daughter was fascinated how Alejandro transmits his love and passion for this wonderful instrument. He motivates her and explains very easy how to handle the Cello & read the notes. Everyone is happy that we have found him!! I can only recommend him!
Review by AL.
Private chess lessons for beginner and intermediate level (Leiderdorp)
I've just had my first lesson with Ignacio and it was a most instructive and pleasant experience. I'm already looking forward to the next lesson.
Review by ERIC