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1 organic chemistry teacher in Zamoskvorech’ye

Trusted teacher: 7 years of experience as a University Teacher (PostGraduate & Undergraduate) for Organic Chemistry Courses Ph.D. in Organic Chemistry >15 years of experience as a medicinal chemistry researcher My tutorials are ideal for students that would like to pursue a Chemistry Ph.D. abroad and for whoever would like to acquire the correct tools for master this discipline and be able to correctly read and write chemistry article in order to become a leading person in the chemistry world. My dual working experience from the industry and academy render me a unique teacher capable of delivering the correct pragmatic skill for this area. I can customize the tutorial accordingly to the student needs, ranging from the general organic chemistry to more specific fields like the medicinal chemistry or the supramolecular chemistry etc. I have got trackable experience in both fields. I am also available for undergraduate tutorials and for General Chemistry lessons too. I am time flexible, capable of motivating the students and to adjust lectures depending on the student response and interest. Program overview: Introduction to Organic Chemistry. Atomic Structure and Bonding, focus on Carbon Atom. Drawing Structures. Bases and Acids. Reactivity Centers: Functional Groups. 3D: & Stereochemistry. Hydrocarbons. Alkane Nomenclature. Alkanes. Alkenes. Reactions of Alkenes. Alkynes & The Carbon-Carbon Triple. Getting back to Functional Groups. Substitution and Elimination Reactions. The Alcohols. Conjugated Alkenes and the Diels–Alder Reaction. Aromaticity & Aromatic Compounds. Reactions of Aromatic Compounds. Spectroscopy and Structure Determination. Mass Spectrometry. IR Spectroscopy. NMR & EPR Spectroscopy. Reaction Mechanisms.
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Matura preparation? School work? Or just keen interest in the subject? Intensive practice to research and discovery, sharing experiences. As an internationally recognized student in the field of chemistry (chemical Olympics), I am happy to offer courses for all levels of mathematics and chemistry. I have been successfully teaching tuition in math, Latin, English and chemistry for over three years and have had some success. So even math "muffle" could be enthusiastic about the subject and grades and motivation could be significantly improved. Individual learning and conscientious preparation are important to me. I have enjoyed teaching, teaching content and the opportunity to share my knowledge with younger people for years. And I want to bring this fun and motivation to the outside world - combined with a lot of stories, competence and empathy for the respective student. A lot of the school traffic is at the moment, and my help is shifted to digital channels, which works very well. For weeks I have been working daily with programs such as Teams, Zoom, Skype and Co. to still communicate and mediate. My media skills are of great help, so that tutoring can work traditionally as well as digitally. My schedule, in particular, is flexible, so I am happy to take spontaneous lessons. In our course we get to know any areas of (organic) chemistry, synthesis (AHS upper level, lower level, first year of study) - or school mathematics in a vivid way, as I once learned to "love" the subjects. I gladly and conscientiously respond to individual needs. If you are interested, please contact me!
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Trusted teacher: I've been studying Chemistry for a while and I am currently in my Second Year of University, I have helped a fair bit with academic support throughout my years with Secondary School Chemistry, A level Chemistry and also helped with Foundation and First Year Chemistry and have the means to hopefully direct you on how to solve issues that may be hard to wrap your head around on first meeting the concepts, Chemistry is often a subject that people struggle with understanding as it's very much a you get it or you don't subject and I understand that not all concepts can be understood with the first explanation, I'm happy to re-explain or setup contact so that if I've covered something with you and you still don't quite get it after that I can go back over what you did before so that you don't feel like you need multiple sessions for the exact same question. In terms of work it'd mostly be for concepts or areas you don't understand in particular rather than a just general teaching of the subject area as I wouldn't want you to waste time on areas you are comfortable with, I'd have to know what areas you are having issues with ahead of time so I can have an idea as to what areas I'd need to refresh upon to best help you, since Chemistry is such a vast subject with so many different sections knowing the general area of a topic such as Inorganic Chemistry, Transition Metals ahead of time would go a long way for me to know how to prepare to help you. With Chemistry often comes applied mathematics as well as some physics knowledge at higher levels so I am also willing to help out with issues in those areas however my main area of strength is in chemistry so advanced mathematics such as further maths, A level physics and what not won't really be what I'm capable of however GCSE Physics and possibly AS level maths I may also be able to help with but do note that any help there will be limited. As a tutor I will endeavor to be more casual and open about things as to hopefully not be intimidating in any way, I am a student so I understand that it's often easier to open up about questions and be wrong if you don't feel like you are going to be judged for your mistakes. Learning is a process of making mistakes and figuring out how to solve those so you improve going forward, and I wouldn't want anyone I tutored to feel that a subject area is 'too simple' or 'dumb' to ask about. Chemistry is a subject that's core foundations are important to understand if you want to understand any of the harder concepts so even the 'simplest of things' are relevant for your understanding.
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The course was very nice! David is a very good teacher. He is very patient and attentive. He prepares materials for the class and makes sure the student is able to follow up his explanations. He is also a very lively person with whom one can have a very nice conversation. 100% recommended.
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Jessica Mae
Jessica is a good chemistry tutor and a nice person. She prepares well for her classes and explains everything clearly. She is also flexible and adapts easily to her student's needs.
Review by JULIJA