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7 opera teachers in Austria

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Trusted teacher: Are you curious about singing, but feel like you don’t know where to start? Do you already have some experience of singing and are curious about what your voice could achieve at its full potential? Do you feel shy about your voice and wish you could feel confident enough to sing in front of other people? I am Olivia, a professional opera singer who is passionate about teaching singers a healthy vocal technique in all styles of singing, and helping them to grow in confidence along the way. My teaching room is a safe space where students are free to experiment, make mistakes and discover everything about their voice with my full support! I have been teaching singing privately to pupils of all ages and levels for several years, as well as enjoying a busy performance career. I find that being a regular performer myself is very important when imparting knowledge and advice to my students because I want to teach you more than just the mechanics of singing - I want to guide you towards being an artist and expressing YOUR unique voice and personality. I work on vocal technique, drama and language, and have worked with children, teenagers, and adults - both those hoping to sing professionally and enthusiastic amateurs! Every lesson will include warmups and technical exercises as well as work on repertoire that we will choose together. I can teach in English, French or Italian. As for my performance experience: I began taking singing lessons at 13 years old after joining the school choir in secondary school in London, and adored the process of training my voice. In my teens, I performed in concerts as a soloist and also in a few musical theatre roles, most notably Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz. I moved to Switzerland and trained as an opera singer at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, and did a Specialised Masters (Soloist) at the Hochschule der Künste Bern. I have since gone on to perform with the opera houses of Geneva, Lausanne and Lucerne, the Opera House of Zrenjanin in Serbia, the Jeunesses Musicales Opera Studio (Croatia), London Grimeborn Festival, and have been a featured soloist at such concert venues as the Berlin Philharmonic, Salle Paderewski in Lausanne, the BFM in Geneva, the Cologne Philharmonic, and St Johns Smith Square in London. Most recently you may have seen me as Mrs P. in the Swiss première of Michael Nyman's 'The Man who mistook his Wife for a Hat' in Vevey, or if you've been enjoying the program 'Blob Opera' this year, you might be interested to know that I was one of the opera singers working on this project by recording hours of material for a machine to create an algorithm that recreating an opera singer's voice! Good singing is about solid and healthy vocal technique, a good feeling for music, self-expression and confidence! I would love to work with you to build all of these parts of yourself and to see where your voice takes you. If you have any questions, please do get in touch with me!
Voice (music) · Singing · Opera
Trusted teacher: Pleasure to sing, to express the artist in oneself... Singing is not difficult, it is simply necessary to learn to know its voice. Vocal technique should help with this and not be a difficulty to overcome :-) All styles are welcome! I help you understand how to perform the vocal gesture according to your physiology and with respect for your instrument to learn how to develop and master your vocal abilities. The pleasure of singing and the acquisition of a correct technique, easy and adapted to your voice, take a prominent place in my lessons in order to learn how to use it without difficulty and to feel real vocal comfort. Beginners? The courses are oriented on the technique and aesthetics of the voice: ° Body preparation: breathing, breath management, yoga, physiological notions... ° Technical work: vocal placement, head resonances, agility, support, projection... ° Interpretation: musical agogy, stylistic differences, diction, meaning of the text, psychology of the characters, management of emotions... Confirmed: ° Preparing for auditions ° Role study ° Preparation for entrance exams to conservatories and high schools of music Trained at the Lyon Conservatory and then at the Geneva University of Music, I acquired during my career a healthy and balanced technique, a precise awareness of the functioning of the body and the vocal apparatus as well as a good experience of the stage and of interpretation. I have a double artistic label: A professional singer, I am on the one hand a lyric soprano and perform regularly in performances of operettas, operas and in recitals. I followed, on the other hand, the course in Current Music of the National School of Music of Villeurbanne. This training and my personal practice, in concert, of the different styles of rock, pop, chanson or soul music allow me to grasp this field very concretely. Holder of a Master's degree in Pedagogy (classical singing), I have been teaching for more than ten years during which I have trained more than 80 singers and am passionate about sharing and transmitting my know-how, listening to singers and their needs. Classes are open to everyone from the age of 16, regardless of level. Nice to meet you, Clear
Singing · Opera
Trusted teacher: I confirm the efficiency of my work by demonstrating the results "before/after". I prefer working with people who have professional prospects and want to sing in the opera house. First of all, watch the video "before and after" of my students. They will say the best about the content of my lessons and my qualification. If they are unconvincing for you, no regalia and achievements will convince you. We just don't suit each other. It is ok. If it is important to you how the teacher sings himself - watch also the video with my singing. I will add just some points with which I can help you. I will not say banal things about breathing, resonators, etc. There is enough of this nonsense on the Internet without me. Maybe you are studying at a college /university/conservatory or have already completed your studies, but are dissatisfied with your singing technique? Maybe you can't decide on the type of your voice in any way?Some teachers define you as a tenor, while others define you as a baritone, etc.? Maybe your throat hurts when you sing and/or your voice gets tired quickly and/or the high/low notes disappear (at the same time, the doctor says that your vocal folds are healthy, which means that the problem is in vocal technique)? Or maybe you just realize that you are not singing with a full and free voice and would like to understand how to fix it? I can help you in these situations. And also to develop your vibrato and range and teach you agility, soft singing, dynamic control and everything else. And also, what is an indicator of the effectiveness of a singing teacher (the results of students BEFORE and AFTER; the level of SINGING of the teacher) and what is NOT (regalia and "loud" names of students; the level of a teacher's CAREER). Of course, a great career is great. When it is based on excellent singing, first-class acting and impeccable musicality. And not on the number of followers on Instagram. (However, as an addition to all of the above, this is not bad). I am mainly working on voice development and solving your technical problems. I create the "foundation" of your professional skill - the right vocal technique. Since only it allows the Artist to be free and expressive in his Art.
Singing · Voice (music) · Opera
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Aleksandra is a amazing professional opera singer who is very kind and helpful to me as a student who wants to apply for school singing auditions.She is also very encouraging and positive and tries her best to teach in a relaxing atmosphere with a big smile.She is absolutely a great teacher !
Review by SUMMER
Opera singer offers lessons for Beginners and Professionals (Bucharest)
Egle is a responsive and present teacher. I had a lesson with her and she was very diligent and friendly. I am in the United States and she was accommodating with our time difference. I was impressed with her English fluency as this was also very helpful.
Review by LAURA
Opera singer offering singing classes to beginners and professionals, with an experience of teaching.Opera, pop, folk etc music.
Ketevan is very methodical in her approach, keenly perceptive with respect to one’s goals, while having a sophisticated charm and a cheerful disposition that are closely intertwined with great powers of confidence, concentration and commitment.
Review by DIANA