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64 music theory lessons teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: My classes are held online around the world. I can teach in English, Spanish, Russian, Italian, French, German or Portuguese. I am a graduate of the Moscow Conservatory in Russia where I lived, studied music and arts and worked as a ballet teacher, languages and music teacher. I have professional equipment such as cameras in different positions and degrees since it is essential that the student has different optics of both the piano and my body posture. We start with music theory and practice at the same time choosing pieces of preference for the student. The real objective of the class goes beyond the music per se ... but rather a spiritual-intellectual integration which results in genius through music! Music is the hook to touch the soul. Russian piano education focuses on fewer, more challenging pieces. The music will be learnt from memory and much of the learning is done through teacher demonstration. - Solfeggio First of all, what is solfeggio? Also known as 'solfège', solfeggio (sometimes called sight-singing) is the ability to read and sing music at sight. You may have heard this phrase before: 'Do Re Mi Fa So La Ti Do'. This is a method used to help musicians sight-sing. The Russian piano teaching method is often complemented by the use of solfeggio, and it is commonplace that when Russian teachers do use it, they use the fixed do, meaning C is always do, regardless of the key. With the British piano teaching method, solfeggio is less commonly used, and when it is, moveable do (the tonic is do) is used. As you can probably decipher, this makes the Russian method of using solfeggio much more challenging. - Attitude Without wanting to cast a generalisation across Russia, their learning method has been known for strictness, discipline and controversy. It leaves many wondering: Is the Russian way of learning the piano more demanding? Frequently, Russian piano teachers I work with joke about the harshness of teachers in their youth. The method is trying to achieve excellence in piano playing, but encouragement and discipline are used to varying degrees.
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-- I also teach in english -- My lessons are for anyone wishing to approach the piano in a personalized way, regardless of the style and level targeted. I divide my teaching into equal parts between theory (melody, harmony and rhythm) and practice (all pieces of your choice), the aim being to offer you a grid of global understanding of writing and musical interpretation. I start from the principle that you have to have fun from the start, while looking for a high level of autonomy. -- About me -- Having grown up abroad (in the Central African Republic then in Saudi Arabia), I had the chance to learn the piano through an eclectic teaching. In particular, I was a student of Gulmira Abdukhalikova, a Kazakh concert artist now based in Abu-Dhabi, who made me progress by applying the famous "Russian method". At 13, I won 3rd place in the International Piano Competition of Île de France at Maisons-Lafitte. At the end of my adolescence, I participated in the Big Band of the Children of Jazz, within the framework of a festival organized each year in Barcelonette by Stéphane Kochoyan (who was also, at the time, artistic director of the Jazz Festival in Vienna). Subsequently, I set sail for Canada where I lived for six years. I co-animated several Open-Mics of poetry, as a pianist-improviser, and I produced two albums: "Fragments" (2018) and "Echoes of space-time" (2019), the latter having been 100% improvised and recorded "one-shot" in the studio. At the end of 2020, three years after having started giving piano lessons in Canada and France, I publish "The method of the self-taught pianist" as well as my own sight-reading manual.
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Piano Lessons with the Best Colombian Young Pianist! (Santiago de Cali)
Juan is as much experienced in playing piano than teaching it, what makes him the kind of teacher that help you learn fast and in a very pleasant way. Piano lesson with him aren't just about moving finger and repeating things over and over, it's also about understanding things through music theory and music history, which is very important to me. He has perfectly adapted the lesson according to my taste and level and also the way I like to learn things. If you're looking for a comprehensive, experiment and pleasant piano teacher, then I highly recommend you to book a lesson with Juan!
Review by JEREMY
Extremely PATIENT and experienced accordion teacher for beginners, intermediate and advanced students (ONLINE) (Toronto)
So far my son has had just one lesson with Stefan, but he has already demonstrated an excellent demeanor, especially important for working with a child who is just beginning! He is very patient and encouraging thus far. Overall, he is a very good instructor for our situation! Update: My son has taken lessons from Stefan for about a year now and we could not be happier with him as an instructor! He is truly a great teacher for a child who is just getting started and well worth the cost!
Review by JAMES
Piano for everyone! A cool skill for a lifetime. :) (New York)
I started to play the piano again after 15 years. I enjoyed the class with Kristine a lot. She is very kind, patient and funny person. It feels like she is adopting her teaching style to the respective student. I am confident to get up to speed on the piano quickly with her help.
Review by STEFANIE