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39 music history teachers in Belgium

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Raúl - Brussels$37
Trusted teacher: Professional saxophonist eager to teach and work to bring out the best version of yourself! The lessons are intended for all levels, children or adults. We follow a working method where you will continuously and deeply develop your musicality, way of playing, expressiveness and technique. -------------------------------------------------- ---------------------- Raúl is a Spanish saxophonist who finished his MASTER DIDACTIC in 2018 in the Ecole Supérieure des Arts in Mons. Before, he also followed a MASTER of INTERPRETATION at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels (2015-2017) in the class of Alain Crepin and Simon Diricq. He studied at the "Musikene" (Higher Conservatory of Music of the Basque Country) with Eric Devallon, Tomás Jérez, Antonio Felipe Belijar and Miguel Ángel Lorente. Passionate about multidisciplinary artistic creation, he thinks of mixing all the arts in the same show as an aesthetic finality. We could observe this type of research in his project for his final master's recital in Brussels where he created a project based on Maslow's hierarchy of human needs theory where he mixes live, recorded, music and music. dance, play of light and effects under the name of: “according to Maslow…” In his career as a concert artist, he has played in different ensembles (solo, duo, trio, quartet, orchestra performances, etc.) and in different countries such as Japan (Artisanal music fair “Suono Italia” 2010), Belgium (Festival Musiq3 2016 ), Artonov Festival at BOZAR in 2016…), France (Dax chamber music festival 2011) or Spain (“Quincena Musical” music festival 2015, Aste Nagusia 2015, Heineken Jazzaldia 2014, Kutxa Festival 2015, Intercentros Melómano 2010).
Saxophone · Music theory · Music history
Humans have invented three ways of exploring life: philosophy, religion and art. For me, music is the most effective one, as it works in time and it is in time how we perceive life. As a musician or a young composer you will need to equip yourself with the right tools in order to explore the world of music. I have designed my courses as a practical and deep guide made for young composers and musicians. Except from regular music lessons, I teach to people who they wish to study in Dutch Conservatories or in Music Academies and/or Universities abroad. Courses: - Music Composition Are you a creative mind? Are you ready to implement your musical ideas? In this course you will learn how to compose for instruments of you preference, composition techniques and basic rules of orchestration and instrumentation. I will guide you based on your compositional ideas and concepts in order to materialise the music that you have imagined. - Music Theory The focus of this course is to learn how theory and harmony function through a musical piece. Whatever your instrument is, having knowledge on classical harmony, will give you much more confidence in your performance. - Music History Learning the historic background of our musical legacy helps us to understand more in depth the musical languages and aesthetics of the past decades/centuries. In this course we will focus on important historic moments when important composers formed significant changes through the centuries. We will discuss what were these changes were about and what impact had for the next generations. - Orchestration - Instrumentation In this course you will learn how the notes work together. During our lessons you will be aware on how the great masters like Beethoven or Mozart created the masterpieces that we are still listening in concert halls.
Music theory · Music history · Music composition
Student of the National Superior Conservatory of Music and Dance in Paris, contributor and critic for the Avant-Scène Opéra, editor for the Luxembourg Philharmonic, I offer the following lessons. Music theory and musical culture are essential tools for understanding and making music. Music theory, because it allows you to master the technical tools that allow you to make music, is fundamental for anyone who wants to progress in their instrument. Musical culture makes it possible to understand what goes on in music beyond the technique. From this knowledge (established over a lot of listening) we can develop an interpretation and go beyond technical issues. For music theory lessons only, I constantly articulate the different musical parameters (rhythm, intonation, ear, etc.) and draw my training from the repertoire, which has the advantage of making music from the start. Small technical exercises also allow you to focus on one or the other parameter, but the perspective remains mainly that of a global approach placing the music at the center. As far as musical culture is concerned, I use each of my professional experiences (Musicologist, playwright and music critic) to transmit my knowledge to you. Thus we will approach the history of music through works (history of forms and languages), interpretation and places of music. It is mainly through the study of documents (texts of musical criticism, iconography, scores, musical instruments…) that transmission takes place. Knowledge completes and informs this documentary study. Finally the study of document and the erudition have only one goal: to enlighten the listening of the works which I place at the heart of my teaching.
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Saxophone lessons with professional saxophonist for all levels, children or adults. English, Español, Français (Brussels)
I've started alto sax lessons as a complete beginner with Raúl and he made me feel very much at ease during my first lesson. He's great at taking beginners through the basics of the instrument, he's patient and enthusiastic.
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