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Tom - Etterbeek$33
Trusted teacher: Need a catch-up, tutoring, private lessons or help with homework in mathematics? In computer science ? In logic? I'm here for you! I offer you a personalized approach; because there is no one method that works for everyone, I adapt to the needs and requests of each student (and their parents). The first hour of class will be used to define the student's needs, deadlines and strengths. My courses are aimed at secondary school students of all levels, higher education students outside technical courses (engineering, physics, mathematics, etc.) and anyone wishing to refresh or strengthen their knowledge in mathematics and computer science. Through my reading and my studies in computer science at the École Polytechnique de Louvain, I have amassed a quantity of knowledge in mathematics and computer science that it would be a shame not to share :) Being a student myself, I know the difficulties that certain subjects can cause and the lack of pedagogy of certain teachers. I look forward to working alongside you and unlocking your skills :) I am a master's student in computer science at the École Polytechnique de Louvain (UCLouvain), with a bachelor's degree. Naturally curious, I supplemented my course in computer science with numerous courses in physics (classical and quantum) and logic. I have also been brought to work with people from many backgrounds in various contexts, I learned a great adaptability. I have been volunteering for a long time helping friends and acquaintances in the success of their studies and I hope to be able to use this experience for the benefit of your success :)
Math · Computer science · Logic
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Trusted teacher: Whether you are studying Philosophy and need assistance in capturing complicated philosophical problems or support in preparation for the exams (GCSE, A Levels, University level) or are simply interested in that exciting branch of knowledge, I am here to help! My name is Anna, and I am a qualified teacher (DET L5 diploma) with over ten years of professional experience in private tutoring (online and face-to-face) as well as classroom experience (RS & Philosophy) in the UK. Moreover, I hold degrees in Polish Philology and Philosophy. But what is most important is that I am passionate about teaching Philosophy to curious minds! Philosophy - 'the love of wisdom' - is a valuable tool for navigating the meanders of our everyday life. During our sessions, we will draw on the wisdom of the Ancients, learn the history of philosophical thought, and present the profiles of the most exciting philosophers, but above all, practice the disappearing art of dialogue. Moreover, logical, analytical and critical thinking skills - learning to think wisely - are useful in every other area of life. So, I invite you to this exciting journey through the centuries, continents and currents of thought to find out about the 'big questions' of Philosophy, World Religions and contemporary Ethics. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to message me. I am happy to tailor the session if you are interested in very concrete aspects of Philosophy, for instance, the notion of Freedom, Responsibility, or Friendship.
Logic · Philosophy · Religious studies
Trusted teacher: Hi everyone! I have been teaching private courses in Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Mathematics for 9 years. It is my passion to prepare my students for the future with school and exam studies. When I won the Anatolian Teacher High School in Istanbul in 2008 and Boğaziçi University in 2012, my biggest goal was to be a reliable role model for my students in the future. I am very happy that I have now made this dream come true since the year I entered university. Until this time, I have taught private lessons at secondary, high school and university level to numerous students from Turkey and abroad. I still continue to give private lessons on the online platform and teach Physics at an International School in Istanbul where California Education Standards (Cognia) are adopted. It is my passion to prepare my students for the future with school and exam studies. I am currently teaching for SAT Exam Preparation. SAT Subject Tests includes Physics, Math, Chemistry and Biology. I can teach both IB and American Curriculum as well. I teach my lessons on Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Google Classroom, depending on the student' request. Inquiry Based Learning which I have adopted as a teaching method; it enables me to teach lessons based on inquiry and always keeping the student & teacher dialogue dynamic. I strive to progress depending on the age and level of the student. For this, I aim to explain myself, the way I study and understand my student's expectations and level. After the level has been determined, it is of great importance for me that the student knows the lesson plan and draft as well and adheres to the jointly agreed schedule. I share pdfs and documents that I have prepared before the class and use the books by Pearson, Serway, Nowicki, Sarquis and so on for University & Secondary School Level. For Middle School, I use HMH Science Modules etc. I do emphasize the importance on giving homework/assignment and return as giving ''feedforwards'' for my students. As someone in love with her job, it is my greatest motivation to direct the students to professions they can do with love. In this course, you will be able to learn following contents: IMAT Chemistry Atomic Theory, Electron Arrangement, Periodicity, Chemical Properties, Ionic Bonding, Covalent Bonding, Molecular Geometry and Bonding, Intermolecular Forces, The mole concept and Avogadro’s constant, Chemical Equations, Working a Stoichiometry problem, Stoichiometry in Gases and Liquids, Theories of Acids and Bases, Properties of Acids and Bases, Inorganic compounds, Oxidation and Reduction, Organic Chemistry, Hydrocarbons, Aromatic Hydrocarbons, Alcohols – Ethers, Carbonylic groups, Equilibrium.
Test prep · Logic · Science
Trusted teacher: Learning economics can be challenging, especially with the level of mathematics that is required. My class covers a wide range of topics in microeconomics, game theory, and ECON 101, providing the necessary mathematical background, shaped according to the demand of individual students. Depending on which of the subjects you wish to cover, the class can contain the following: - All subjects of the introductory ECON101 course taught at universities: Supply and demand, economic surplus, elasticity, taxes and subsidies, perfect competition, monopoly, oligopoly, economic growth, money and banking, monetary policy, fiscal policy and more. - All subjects of introductory (1st or 2nd year) and advanced (3rd or 4th year) microeconomics: consumer decision, tastes and rationality, price effect decomposition, demand of consumer goods, supply of labor and capital, consumer welfare, production with 1 and multiple inputs, partial equilibrium. - All subjects of introductory and advanced game theory: strategic form games, dominance, Nash equilibrium, evolutionary stability, extensive form games, repeated games, games with uncertainty, Bayesian games, adverse selection, moral hazard, signalling and more. - I will provide the necessary math during the above classes. However, you can also request math tutoring separately covering the following subjects: limits and continuity, differentiation (derivatives, product rule, chain rule etc.), application of derivatives, integration, fundamental theorem of calculus. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Most teaching of these subjects just focus on solving specific problems, but miss to give the intuition behind it all to really understand what is going on. While focusing on different applications of the topics in microeconomic theory and game theory, I aim to provide a concrete understanding of the important topics in these fields. The class involves both lectures on the desired topics and many problem-sets we will work on together. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I have a lot of experience with students from different backgrounds. I will be teaching this class online, using the whiteboard function of online meeting applications such as Zoom, Microsoft Teams or Skype. During the first two years of covid, I had to teach classes online to groups of students, so built up experience with online teaching. I use a tablet and a digital pen to employ the whiteboard and simulate in-class teaching very closely.
Logic · Economics for students · Math
Trusted teacher: Hello everyone. I'm Muhammetnur. I'm 3rd year student of Software Engineering major. I love math, exact science, mnemonics, working system of brain and Information Technologies. I have attended several Mathematical Olympiads and Competitions since 2012 and gotten 8 gold, 12 silver and 9 bronze medals on both national and international level. I have started studying mnemonics since 2020 and working as a Frontend Web Developer since 2021. I have more than 6 years of experience on teaching math, preparing math competitions at school and at university and preparing math to entrance to the university. I have many students who have gotten several medals and entered to the university. I have completed successfully Algebra, Geometry, Number Theory, Combinatorics, Calculus 1-2-3, Discrete Math, Probability, Statistics, Linear Algebra, Analytic Geometry, Differential Equations, Numerical Methods, Math Analysis. I have 3 years experience with IT, 1 year experience with Web Development and 1 year experience as a Web Development Mentor. I can teach: - All grades (1-12) - All levels of Math - AMC 8/10/12 - SAT - GRE - GSCE - GMAT - Algebra - Geometry - Number Theory - Calculus - Linear Algebra - Analytic Geometry - Probability - Web Development Dear students and parents. I'm inviting you to book a lesson. After the lesson, you can see that we can make a difference. I will give you more than what you want or your child. We will be big family and understand math simple with my methodology based on interesting games, my high experienced knowledge and mnemonics. I will teach you not only math, also teach how to think as a mathematician and mnemonist. Thanks in advance for having time for lesson.
Logic · Math
🧮 **Mathematics Mastery Class: Unlock Your Potential** 🌟 Are you ready to elevate your math skills to new heights? Join our Mathematics Mastery Class, where we embark on a thrilling journey to deepen your understanding, boost your problem-solving speed, and sharpen your logical thinking. 📚 **Comprehensive Knowledge Enhancement** 🧠 In this class, we delve into the core principles of mathematics, offering comprehensive lessons that cover a wide range of mathematical concepts. From foundational basics to advanced topics, you'll gain a profound understanding of mathematics that will serve as a solid foundation for your academic and real-life challenges. ⏱️ **Speed and Accuracy Training** ⚡ Speed matters, and we understand the importance of quick calculations. Our class includes exercises and techniques designed to improve your mathematical speed and accuracy. Whether you're tackling complex equations or rapid mental calculations, you'll be equipped to excel. 🤔 **Logical Thinking Development** 🌐 Mathematics is not just about numbers; it's about developing sharp logical thinking. Our class focuses on honing your problem-solving skills, encouraging you to think critically, analyze situations, and formulate logical solutions. These skills are not only essential for mathematics but also for various aspects of life. 🎓 **Experienced Instructors and Collaborative Learning** 👩‍🏫👨‍🏫 Our experienced instructors are passionate about mathematics and dedicated to your success. We foster a collaborative learning environment where students actively engage with one another, sharing insights and problem-solving strategies. You won't just learn math; you'll love it! Join us in the Mathematics Mastery Class and embark on a journey to become a confident, knowledgeable, and agile mathematician. Elevate your math skills, conquer challenges, and unlock a world of possibilities with the power of mathematics. 🌐🧮💡
Math · Logic · Computer programming
🧮 Hello all lovers of logic and problem solving! Are you ready to explore the fascinating world of mathematics? Allow me to introduce you to a passionate teacher, ready to accompany you on your mathematical journey: myself! 🎓 I am an avid math enthusiast, a curious explorer of complex concepts and an enthusiastic pedagogue. Whether you are a high school student wanting to strengthen your basics or an academic wanting to deepen your knowledge, I am here to guide you towards mastering mathematics. 🔢 Imagine yourself solving captivating puzzles, demystifying theories, and gaining the skills to tackle mathematical challenges with confidence and ease. My courses will help you develop a solid understanding of key concepts, from fundamentals to advanced areas such as abstract algebra, linear algebra, analysis, calculus, and multivariate calculus. 📚 My teaching method is based on clarity, logic and relevance. I explain math concepts in an accessible way, using real-life examples and visual illustrations to aid your understanding. Whether you want to explore the abstract structures of algebra, dive into the matrix calculations of linear algebra, analyze functions in analysis, or explore the multiple dimensions of multivariate calculus, I'll be here to guide you step by step. 🎯 By choosing my courses, you will benefit from personalized teaching according to your specific needs. Whether you struggle with mathematical proofs, linear transformations, integrals or differential equations, I will help you overcome obstacles and build your confidence in your mathematical skills. 📈 But learning math isn't just about theory! I'll also provide you with additional resources, like practice problems, application exercises, and book recommendations to deepen your knowledge. 🚀 So, are you ready to take up the mathematical challenge and broaden your intellectual horizons? Join me now and together we will explore the intricacies of mathematical reasoning, proofs and theories, from abstract algebra to analysis, including linear algebra and multivariate calculus. 🌟 Reserve your place today and get ready for an exciting mathematical adventure that will open up new perspectives and stimulate your analytical mind! We look forward to accompanying you on your mathematical journey! 😊
Math · Logic · Calculus
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Tutoring for Standard Mathematics Exams (UG level). (Amsterdam)
Haralambie has provided incredible support throughout our sessions in a variety of challenging areas of mathematics. The breadth of Haralambie's expertise is evident in the many ways he can demonstrate the idea. I have benefitted from Haralambie's clarity in showing the relevance of specific theorems and how they connect with upcoming material. I have learned a lot from our sessions and he marries the conceptual gaps that come up by explaining the ideas and properties very well. Haralambie provides guidance, patience, and context to the topics covered in subjects that are otherwise disorienting. We work together to hammer out a conceptual stump. My learning experience with Haralambie is fun and engaging, and his input and guidance has been incredibly helpful in elucidating areas that I have missed which improves my approach to future problems.
Review by RON
CLEP Exam Biology Preparation with Experienced Teacher (Istanbul)
Berin is a great teacher that has a lot of material and practice questions you can use for studying and reviewing your knowledge. Her explanations are clear and she’s a patient teacher which is helpful when grasping new topics. Overall she’s a good teacher that has lots of experience and I would recommend her specially if you need help preparing for a college level exam.
Tutor for Math, Physics, and Mechanical/Material Engineering courses (The Hague)
Extremely professional and knowledgeable with any problem that I have had. Reza is always polite, friendly and always shows great patience, which I believe is of the highest importance when learning difficult subjects. I highly recommend him as a teacher!
Review by EDEN