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3 life coaching teachers in United States

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Trusted teacher: Singing lessons and online vocal coaching by voice teacher, for professional and amateur singers and / or musicians, in current music, all ages welcome! Voice work in all directories. I accompany you on the piano, and we can work on your instrumentals, backing tracks, karaoke, or even with your instrument. As long as you have a webcam and a microphone, let's go!;) Everything you need to know to free your voice! .. The difference between "vocal coaching" and "singing lessons" is that I take the singer in the vocal state where he / she arrives, and I take him where he / she wishes to go, with the repertoire you choose, which can be your own (songwriter), or the one you choose. I do "with" you, with what you are, with what you bring me as "raw material"! There is always room to move forward, whatever your level at the start! :) It can also be quite simply a moment for you, just for the pleasure of singing, whatever you want! Singing is Life!;) Singing lessons and vocal coaching by Cours Florent Musique singing teacher, for singers and / or musicians pros or amateurs, in current music, all ages welcome! On line at that time ... Voice work in all directories. I accompany you to the piano, and you can work on playbacks, karaoke, or with your instrument. All you need to know to free your voice! .. The difference between "vocal coaching" and "singing lessons" is that I take the singer into the vocal state where he / she arrives, and I take him where he / she wants to go, with the "repertoire" you choose, which can be yours (songwriter), or whatever you choose. I do "with" you, with what you are, with what you bring me as "raw material"! There is always matter to advance, whatever your level at the beginning! :) It can also be just a moment for you, just for the pleasure of singing, whatever you want or need! Singing is Life! we can connect via Zoom, Blackboard or facetime, whatsapp ...
Life coaching · Singing
Life Self Coaching is the technique of self-development that gives the possibility to everyone with the use of the appropriate techniques, which are offered in Life Self Coaching ) through a series of webinars, to learn how every individual can achieve their goals at each life stage. Suppose you set a goal and you really need the services of a Life Coach to help you achieve it, but do not have the required amount of money to pay the weekly or bi-weekly coaching fees. We, with our knowledge and experience, provide you with three 60’ FREE Coaching Sessions– as long as needed – via e-mail or phone once you have attended the Life Self Coaching theory through our webinar “Life Self Coaching – Be the Best of Yourself”. the 1st website globally that offers support on Life Self Coaching issues and enables anyone, who is dedicated in achieving his/her goal to help them become reality and realize their best self, which is strongly connected with our mission: Be the Best of Yourself! In the procedure of achieving your goals you learn our methodology so that there is a common ground between us. After attending the program you will have all the tools you need in order to achieve your goals in every area BY YOURSELF! What are the benefits of our Program? Learn how you can coach yourself towards success anytime- anywhere! By attending the program you are given the opportunity to communicate via e-mail anytime with a range of experts from the fields of communication, psychology, sport and education on Life Self Coaching, who partner with our website and all for FREE!
Personal training · Life coaching
ICF Certified Leadership and Life Coach who can assist you in discovering yourself and shaping a meaningful purpose for your life. I have coached and mentored thousands of individuals of various age groups in the past 24+ years. I'm passionate to see how others grow in their personal and organizational skills. I believe in 1-minute-value coaching that achieves the desired outcomes. It will be my pleasure to build a learning/coaching partnership together as we go from session to session. I always strive to understand my client's needs and passion. That helps me to tailor my coaching sessions to identify areas of improvement through proper guidance. I define coaching as the mechanism of facilitating the learning process of an individual through proper guidance towards a desired outcome which a coachee discovers by receiving insight from a coaching session and heading towards establishing goal(s) to achieve them on time. This helps the coachee to grow in skillogy by applying a learning outcome. During my introductory session with a potential client, I put a distinguishing factor between coaching and mentoring and sometimes classes can be a merge of both. I define mentoring as the mechansim of learning where a master mentor guides, advises, recommends solutions, shares stories and experiences, deliver a defined knoweldge area, motivate and inspire a mentee to grow in personal and professional life. In coahing I strive to follow the 80/20 rule. That is to say, I speak by 20% and listen to my coachee by 80%. This helps the coachee to discover things and receive insight in a 1-hour session. This applies to one-to-one or group coaching. Whether you want me to coach you in leadership or in life skills, the common element which makes a successful coaching experience is your passion and purpose to bring a desired, positive change in your life. Our learning partnership can make this dream come true! Sharpening leadership or life skills is your choice. You can become the person you choose to be. Your decision to start working on your personality and skills will give you the gravitas and professional image that most motivated people desire to have. This can only be possible when we work on the following formula: "Knowledge is what we obtain; wisdom is what we hear; understanding is what we become" (Dr.W.Salyards) No matter what would be your challenge in personal or professional life, I am here to assist you carry your burden and passion to maximize performance and optimize your life skills. Remember, when you WANT, success can be near the door. Stay tuned with me and enjoy my 1-minute-value coaching services!
Life coaching · Leadership development
Trusted teacher: Hi there! My name is Kostas. I graduated from Emory University in 2017 with a Bachelor's in Business Administration and from the I.B. program from Newbury Park High School in California. I worked as a strategy consultant for almost two years after university. I have also completed my TEFL certificate and have experience teaching English as a second language. I have previous experience teaching: Primary and Secondary Level Mathematics, HL I.B. Economics, HL I.B. Business, Principles of Microeconomics and Macroeconomics, SAT, and English. Now, I am based in Madrid. Student client location is not an issue as I have extensive experience tutoring online. I can help you, a high-aspiring high school student or guardian of one, with all-encompassing coaching to achieve your college placement goals in the USA. I have developed effective strategies and coaching techniques from my own experience and mistakes. I can help you with tutoring in specific course work, SAT prep and prep strategies from proven sources and practices, creating your college goals, college applications, and a plan and implementation to achieve them. This is a new service that I am offering because of the incredible gap of knowledge I have noticed between parents from all backgrounds, high school counselors, and universities. I want your student to be prepared and successful during their high school career and college placement. I've turned Ds, Cs, and Bs into As, and even Fs into Bs. Everything is possible if the student is willing to work hard with me. My policy is strict. I require students to inform me of the newly covered information in class at least 4 hours before class. If I notice a student is simply not cooperating after extensive effort from myself and the parents, I will drop the student as a client. I want students who are willing to take matters into their own hands.
Math · Life coaching · Sat prep
Trusted teacher: I have been working in the Adult Learning and Career Development sectors for more than 12 years, supporting people to grow and develop both personally and professionally. I have also worked in counselling settings with young people, adults and couples, as well as managing a mentoring project and undertaking academic proof-reading, and all these experiences inform my methods now. I blend a person-centred focus with a practical and structured approach to good effect. I believe that professional development goes hand-in-hand with increased understanding of self and others, also known as emotional intelligence. Understanding and valuing your own strengths and vulnerabilities helps you communicate more strongly and create more honest, productive relationships, both at home and at work, and can impact on your ability to make a convincing argument in written form as well. I am happy to meet you at your home, at my home or at another location convenient to us both, or we can work via webcam. I normally prepare tasks or concepts to consider between meetings, and always tailor the sessions to what you most need or want to get out of them. If you want a simple listening ear, that is fine - if you want someone to create a schedule to help you stick to goals, I can do that. We can decide between us what might best help you get where you want to in your life or career. The availability in the calendar below is just a guide, I can work around your schedule, so please feel free to ask about specific days or times.
Life coaching · Self-improvement · Career development
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Learn to Juggle quickly and easily for individuals and groups (London)
Joe was very professional and took his time teaching us how to juggle. He made it very easy to get up to speed with everything and was also very funny. He was punctual and accommodating of our needs.
Review by FAITH
Online voice coaching! Singing lessons, spoken or sung voice! (Bagnolet)
Cécile is a professional teacher with a personal approach. Besides being a very friendly person, her teaching is absolutely worth recommending.
Review by TIMON
Public Speaking/ How to be comfortable with your voice (Rotterdam)
Meric is really good for having voice control training,she knows what she is doing and giving safe feeling, absolutely recommended.
Review by DURAN