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About Me

I came to Geneva to challenge myself and see if an international organization like UN could be a career path for me. I also came here because of Geneva's fairly extensive tango-environment (I'm a tango-holic!) and, of course, for the mountains.

My days go by in the English section at UNOG, where I set up syllabuses for the different courses, correct materials, and make quizzes for the students.

I have travelled a lot and like to meet people with different backgrounds and interests. My former colleagues describe me as empathic and easy-going, and I like to work with both children and adults. I can teach in both French, English and Danish, depending on level.


I majored in Linguistics with a minor in Sociology from Aarhus University, Denmark.
During my education I have studied a variety of phenomena; including grammar, text analysis, semantics, phonology and communication. My master's thesis was on the interaction between clients and professionals in psychiatry, and this subject is still dear to my heart.

Experience / Qualifications

I taught instruction classes during my studies, for example "Phonology and Phonetics" and "Introduction to Linguistics". I also have experience teaching preschoolers, as I have worked as a speech therapist.

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