English as a Second Language (ESL) in Helsinki, Finland
English, German, French, Polish, Hungarian
English, German, French, Polish, Hungarian

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I am a Third Culture Kid currently living in Finland. My first proper memory of teaching is trying to acquaint my aunt with the English language by translating Dallas for her, with mixed results. Tutoring in high school went much better, and I realized that I enjoyed transmitting my knowledge to others. Grammar is important, of course, but my goal has always been to make the learning process as natural and close to real life as possible. It's easy to just open up a grammar book / guide and learn the basics, speaking is a whole other issue.

Because of the way I grew up, I can easily adapt to different learning styles students bring with them. My success is based on motivating students by building on what they already known, turning shy learners into confident speakers.


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If you've lost confidence in English or German, want to start from scratch or want to perfect already present knowledge, I can help you achieve your goals, drawing on 20+ years of successful teaching. I spent my childhood and teens moving back and forth between Germany and America (attending local schools) as a French citizen, so in addition to being a native speaker of both languages, I am also sensitive to individual concerns that can come up e.g. shyness, difficulty expressing oneself, etc. I have taught private students from all walks of life in Germany, France, Hungary, UK, USA, and now Finland, focusing on anything from run-of-the-mill tutoring to specific needs e.g. confidence in public speaking, social settings related to work, preparation for college / grad school. My method is to motivate students by setting challenges that let them see their own success. Each country also has its own method of teaching and learning, which can greatly assist in acquiring language skills. You will gain confidence, speak with ease, learn to speak as naturally as a native speaker and know the difference between their / they're / there at the very least. Different rates apply, depending on what you are looking for. Duration of a class will vary according to your needs, so feel free to let me know what you are looking for, whether you're absolutely sure or just want to dip your toe in the water. I teach in English, German, French, Polish or Hungarian Read more »

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