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134 japanese teachers in France

Le français est écrit ci-dessous. I’m a Japanese teacher from Tokyo area and have over three years of tutoring Japanese learners from various nationalities. I teach you in English, but if you prefer I can teach you in French (B1) or Chinese (C1) too. In my Japanese class, you can practice speaking Japanese with a native Japanese teacher though talking about various topics with fun. Especially if you have goals to go to Japan in the future, or if you have goals like things below, my class would be very helpful for you. - Level up your Japanese Speaking skill at any level (N5-N1) - Increase your practical vocabulary and grammar usage (For advanced learners, I can share words that may not appear in your formal courses too.) - Learn about Japan, Japanese customs and culture more though conversations Also, I offer some helps in other styles like these below. Let me know if there’s other thing I would be able to help you with. - Help self-learning with your textbook (reading, grammar, exercises, pronunciation etc.) - Help for your university’s homework or exam preparation (writing, oral etc.) - Starter/Beginner Japanese (kanji, words, grammar, conversation etc.) Feel free to contact me to discuss together a course well suited to your needs. I’m looking forward to seeing you! ———————- Je suis un professeur de japonais venu de la région de Tokyo et j'ai plus de trois ans de tutorat d'apprenants japonais de différentes nationalités. Je vous enseigne dans mon français (B1) et mon anglais (C2). Dans mon cours de japonais, vous pouvez vous entraîner à parler japonais avec un professeur de japonais natif tout en parlant de divers sujets avec plaisir. Surtout si vous avez des objectifs d'aller au Japon à l'avenir, ou si vous avez des objectifs comme les choses ci-dessous, ma classe vous serait très utile. - Améliorez vos compétences en japonais à n'importe quel niveau (N5-N1) - Augmentez votre vocabulaire pratique et votre utilisation de la grammaire (Pour les apprenants avancés, je peux également partager des mots qui peuvent ne pas apparaître dans votre manuel.) - En savoir plus sur le Japon, les coutumes et la culture japonaises grâce aux conversations De plus, je propose des aides dans d'autres styles comme ceux-ci ci-dessous. Faites-moi savoir s'il y a d'autres choses pour lesquelles je pourrais vous aider. - Aide à l'auto-apprentissage avec votre manuel (lecture, grammaire, exercices, prononciation etc.) - Aide pour les devoirs ou la préparation aux examens de votre université (écrit, oral etc.) - Japonais débutant/débutant (kanji, mots, grammaire, conversation, etc.) N'hésitez pas à me contacter pour discuter ensemble d'un cours bien adapté à vos besoins. J'ai hâte de vous voir!
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Amandine - Dijon$34
Trusted teacher: My name is Amandine and I am a beginner Japanese teacher, specializing in the linguistic preparation of travel for 16-30 year olds. It has been 12 years since I returned from my stay in Japan. Over the years and feedback from my students, I have established a methodology and practical tools according to the objective of each: - To deepen the knowledge of the Japanese culture. - Acquire language bases in preparation for a trip (business / sabbatical year). - Prepare for exams (BAC, JLPT). - Analyze your mistakes to improve your results. - Improve your oral expression. - Advise on the steps to be taken / followed in relation to your project. Basically, I was not a student particularly gifted for foreign languages! I would have to wait until high school to trigger a keen need to get my dream: go to Japan! After high school, I did not study at all to be a teacher, translator or performer! * So why do I continue to devote my time to private lessons? * It all started with Marine looking for a host family to host Yuka for 3 months! A year later, I leave in exchange student in Japan living in immersion exclusively in host families, this is how: - I was admitted to the famous Kokugakuin High School. - I visited Tokyo, Kyoto and Niigata. - I became "ambassador" of France. - I won the 3rd place in the "speech contest" in Japanese, just behind the Thai and Taiwanese, facing 8 foreign students of all nationalities in long stay, just like me. On my return, I spent the JLPT N3 to certify my level by the Japanese institution! I really want to share this passion for those who have a crush on the land of the Rising Sun! * Who is my course for? * To those who have a concrete project related to the Japanese language. Whether you're starting from scratch or having notions, I'm here to guide you and support you so that you gain autonomy and ease in the Japanese. * How is the first class going? * I take 30 minutes to 1 hour to learn to discover, together we see your goals, the time to reach them, the pace of learning that suits you and I test your level. It's a good time to ask all your questions! For those who take several courses with me, know that I make a review every 10 courses to validate and remain consistent with your goals. * And what about my methodology? * I have created and tested my method for 6 years. It is simple, tailor-made, accessible and fun! It is important to me that this corresponds to your personality, your needs, and your abilities. I had more than ten students of any profile that I followed between 2 months to 2 years in individual classes or in groups (up to 4 people). I am thinking in particular of: - Jérôme, 17 years old, who obtained an excellent grade (17/20) in LV3 in oral Japanese to be able to enter the University of Lille 3. - Jean-Claude, 50, who wanted to start a business in Japan and who won his JLPT N4 after continuous efforts. - Pierre, 25, who came to find me to get an internship in architecture company in Osaka and managed to get it. - Romain (27 years old) and Maëva (26 years old) who go off as a couple in PVT in 2018! They came to find me, challenged me and gave me their trust and I am grateful! * What does my rate include? * I do not apply a fee based on the student's level or because I have a degree. Foreign languages cost with a native between 30-40 € per hour. My course is really complete and unique, sincerely you will not find courses like mine and I say it with a lot of humility! In a class you can see grammar, vocabulary, exercises, speaking, listening, etc. In addition I create the media, it takes me time because it's tailor-made! Finally my class does not stop at class! That is to say that I stay in touch with you, I have already helped one of my students at a distance when he was in Japan and I do it heartily without asking you to take out your CB ;) I do not charge travel expenses. Either I give lessons at home or I give classes at the student if it is served by means of transport and I do not put more than 30 minutes in! So far none of my students have failed me, an unforeseen happens, just prevent! Same for delays! In short, I base my relationships on communication, respect and trust and so far it has been successful;) And you ? Do you want to reach your dreams? In this case, book a class! In the meantime, I'm curious to know more about my future sparks: - Do you have a project that is important to you and that the Japanese need? - What is causing you the most difficulty? Memorization? Writing ? Speaking out ? I answer all the questions! I am convinced that one can learn and obtain results through constant effort, pedagogy, benevolence and pleasure! Amandine 愛 満 多 よ り
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Akos - Rotterdam$44
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Private lessons to learn Japanese culture and language (Hettange-Grande)
For a long time I had been looking for a Japanese teacher in Luxembourg for private lessons until I found Maki-sensei. Her teaching style is really meeting my needs: she is encouraging me to talk more in Japanese while working on my vocabulary and grammar. She is using a range of teaching materials, such as text books, audio clips, short movie-clips, and articles from web-sites, which makes her lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. After the lesson Maki-sensei provides me with a write-up with newly learned words and corrections. I am always looking forward to the next lesson and strongly recommend her for anybody wanting to learn Japanese or about Japanese culture.
Review by THOMAS
Private Japanese online lessons or in person lessons in Allgäu, Germany (Oberstaufen)
Very satisfied with one week sustained session on Japanese essentials with Chihi san. Contents are spot on, method is very adaptable. I felt both challenged, enabled and wishing for more. Just great: I recommend her completely: She tuned in very naturally to my constraints and my learning style, giving me content and foundation I can use immediately, and going the extra mile with research on many small questions I raised all along the way or in between. Planning was also very smooth: She was organised and at the same time very flexible to meet my needs on timing, location , contents etc. I won’t need to look elsewhere on my next learning sessions.
Review by THIERRY
Japanese language classes taught in a fun and professional way. (Leuven)
Anne is a teacher that prepares her lessons in advance. You get a lot of attention as a student and I really felt welcomed from the first minute. Anne is very clear in her communication and organisation (and this also encompasses how she guides you towards the first lesson, making sure all is clear). It is clear that she has a profound knowledge of the Japanese language as well as the didactical methods to teach it. What I appreciated was her openness and the fact that you can shape the lessons to make them fit with your personal goals you have for studying Japanese, whatever they might be. I definitely recommend working with Anne!
Review by YORBEN