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Trusted teacher: こ ん に ち は (Hello) That's it you decided to seriously learn Japanese to get closer to your goal? How to learn a new language when you have passed the stage of childhood? Do you fear oblivion or retrogression? When you learn the Japanese alphabet in high school or university, it takes between 3 to 6 months to anchor the learning of hiragana and katakana. I know this frustration of not going fast enough to then be able to read it, write it, understand it and speak it! Forget the romaji which are a real obstacle to learning Japanese even if I understand that it is a comfortable benchmark for learners. I created "the Kana booster" to support you in your first steps towards the Japanese language: - Discovery of Japanese characters - Pronunciation of the alphabet - Introduction to the writing system - Maintenance of the syllabary thanks to memorization - Kana challenge I had to learn hiragana like you in several months. On the other hand for the katakana, I only had 15 days to memorize them before my Japanese school year! This is why I have compiled my knowledge and know-how for you! I have my little tips and my personal methods so that you can acquire the basics to pursue your passion! *Who should attend ?* Pure beginners or those who need to refresh their memories or people who have lost their motivation as well as those who want to start / start again on good foundations! * How does the course actually work? * In 30 minutes we dynamically do the alphabet line by line. A real exchange between the learner and me. I reveal the errors and correct them. I give keys on the traps to avoid. We see the alphabet in all its forms in different approaches. Finally we take stock at the end of the lesson. * And what about my methodology? * With 6 years of language teaching with a different learner profile and around the world, then after working in South Korea and Japan with companies that prioritize education, I developed my vision and the tools necessary for the proper development of the learning of a foreign language for non-Aboriginal people. Being a teacher / student, I test myself what I offer. it allows me to identify the strengths and weaknesses of my media in order to improve the content and aim for excellence. For learning this course is suitable for young and old, I speak French, English and Japanese fluently so I can teach the course in these languages. * What does my rate include? * "Kana's booster" is at its launch price. This is a "boost" course to help you learn faster and save you time! Once mastered, you can easily assimilate other notions of the Japanese language and be one step ahead of others. By choosing me, you can always be in contact with me and ask me questions about your problems (even outside the course) Send a course request and let's practice together! Amandine 愛 満 多 よ り
Japanese · Self-improvement · Tutoring
Trusted teacher: 【About Me】 🍀2 years of study abroad experience in the United States 🍀Graduated from Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Department of English 🍀10 years or more of translation experience (Japanese ⇄ English) 🍀Experienced as a secretary / translator at a major foreign-affiliated company 🍀Bilingual (English / Japanese) 🍀1-year teaching Japanese experience 🍀Experience teaching Japanese to more than 100 students 🍀Student-centered! 🍀Completely customized lessons tailored to each individual 【Target learners】 🍎Complete beginners 🍎Medium level learners 🍎People who want to learn Japanese for hobbies and travel 🍎The students who are studying for the JLPT test (N5 ~ N1) 🍎The students who want to practice a conversation in Japanese 【Course Content】 ★For beginners 🌼How to read Hiragana and Katakana 🌼Introduction of basic grammar 🌼Practicing sentence composition using basic grammar 🌼Conversation practice in Japanese using basic grammar ★For JLPT test 🌴Studying grammar and vocabulary for the JLPT exam 🌴Questions and answers about grammar you don't understand 🌴Free for asking questions after class ★For Conversation 🌷Conversations about movies, music and hobbies 🌷Conversations about recent news 🌷Conversations using various grammar formats ★For traveling 🌍Conversational expressions that are convenient when traveling 🌍How to order food 🌍Expression when shopping 🌍Important greetings 🌍Recommended sightseeing spots and restaurants ★For business 💻Conversational expressions used in business situations 💻How to write a business emails in Japanese 💻Japanese business manner
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Private lessons to learn Japanese culture and language (Hettange-Grande)
For a long time I had been looking for a Japanese teacher in Luxembourg for private lessons until I found Maki-sensei. Her teaching style is really meeting my needs: she is encouraging me to talk more in Japanese while working on my vocabulary and grammar. She is using a range of teaching materials, such as text books, audio clips, short movie-clips, and articles from web-sites, which makes her lessons very enjoyable and rewarding. After the lesson Maki-sensei provides me with a write-up with newly learned words and corrections. I am always looking forward to the next lesson and strongly recommend her for anybody wanting to learn Japanese or about Japanese culture.
Review by THOMAS
Japanese language classes taught in a fun and professional way. (Leuven)
Anne is a teacher that prepares her lessons in advance. You get a lot of attention as a student and I really felt welcomed from the first minute. Anne is very clear in her communication and organisation (and this also encompasses how she guides you towards the first lesson, making sure all is clear). It is clear that she has a profound knowledge of the Japanese language as well as the didactical methods to teach it. What I appreciated was her openness and the fact that you can shape the lessons to make them fit with your personal goals you have for studying Japanese, whatever they might be. I definitely recommend working with Anne!
Review by YORBEN
Study Japanese with a native teacher. Japanese All Levels (N5-N1). (Leuven)
Katayama-san is a great Japanese teacher and I would recommend him to not only students who are taking JLPT but also for people like me who are learning Japanese on their own. He is very patient — which anyone that takes a language needs – and it’s very comfortable to practice conversations and writing, which is also a huge plus. I recommend him highly.
Review by NANNETTE