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2 horseback riding teachers in United States

Horseback riding
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Trusted teacher: Would you prefer to communicate with your horse, solve a particular problem, learn new things with him, or perfect your favorite discipline? Specializing in the rehabilitation of so-called difficult horses and traumatized riders, harmonizing the human-horse relationship, passionate about equine biomechanics and body movement, I will be happy to open a path for you to what seems to me to be more equitable riding. , joyful and balanced. In my opinion, any lasting evolution can only be done through kindness, positive reinforcement and pleasure. All my lessons, whatever the chosen discipline, are explained to the rider through the bio-mechanics of the horse, so that he can understand the physical (then emotional) influence of his actions (intentional or not) on his partner . I wish to transmit to my students not only the technical knowledge of the discipline of their choice, but also (and above all) to open a way for them to a deep knowledge both of their horse and of themselves. Obviously favoring the equestrian technique, my courses will also address, depending on the discipline, related techniques from other sports, arts and activities, such as voice placement, body work, rhythm and movement, balance, breathing, centering, visualization, .. This is to bring my students to a holistic vision of their relationship with the horse, allowing, I believe, an improvement in comfort, pleasure and performance. My primary goal will be to make my students independent, thanks to my lessons. Because autonomy is the path to Freedom.
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Horse discovery and approach / adapted riding (Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve)
Valentine has provided a class on horse discovery and approach via webcam, responding to all the questions my daughter had about horses and horse ridding technics. My daugther was very enthousiastic and enjoyed very much the class. Valentine has shared her passion for the horses and her class was very dynamic and stimulating. thank you!
Review by CÉCILE
French for beginners - secondary education 1st + 2nd degree + 1st-3rd degree bso (Sint-Niklaas)
A wonderful experience! I learned a lot in just one lesson.
Review by AMELIA

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