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I am an international student from Germany, studying International Relations at the Leiden University in The Hague. German is my native language and I attended a German/English biligual highschool for 4 years, finishing with a Cambridge Advanced English Certificate Level C2.
I concentrate mostly on speaking the taught language with the student to give them a sense of speaking and provide assistance with homework in the subjects.
Since I myself completed the CAE test, I can prepare the student for this test. We will simulate the oral exam and together work on pratice exams. I believe that learning a language works mostly through hearing and speaking. I find it very important to speak the prespective language with my students so they get a feel for the language and can improve their pronunciation.


I got my German Highschool Diploma (Abitur) in 2017 with a GPA of 1.3 on a scale from 1 to 6.
In August 2018 I started my first year at Leiden Univeristy in the "International Relations and Organizations" programme. My current GPA is 8.9 on the dutch scale from 10 to 0.

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I tutored students at my old high school for two years in my final years of my Abitur. I taught mostly english and maths.

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