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120 grammar teachers in Chine

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Surya - Shanghai$17
Trusted teacher: ✅ Hindi belongs to the Indo-Aryan branch of the Indo-European family of languages. Hindi, along with English, are the official languages of India. ✅ Hindi is world's most important language. If you want to visit India, want to successful business man in India, want to travel in India you must to know Hindi. ✅ I'm specialized and giving Hindi lesson for those students/people who are learning Hindi language. ✅ My primary goal is that to teach Hindi language because I can teach Hindi from basic to advance and can solve each problems in better way. ✅ Student can learn Hindi and can understand very well because I'm a Native speaker of Hindi. Namaste to all of you ✅ヒンディー語は、インド・ヨーロッパ語族のインド・アーリア語族に属しています。 ヒンディー語は、英語とともに、インドの公用語です。 ✅ヒンディー語は世界で最も重要な言語です。 あなたがインドを訪問したい、インドで成功したビジネスマンになりたい、インドに旅行したいなら、あなたはヒンディー語を知っている必要があります。 ✅私は専門で、ヒンディー語を学んでいる学生/人々のためにヒンディー語のレッスンを行っています。 ✅私の主な目標は、ヒンディー語を基本から上級まで教えることができ、それぞれの問題をより良い方法で解決できるため、ヒンディー語を教えることです。 ✅私はヒンディー語の母国語話者なので、学生はヒンディー語を学ぶことができ、非常によく理解できます。 みなさんへのナマステ ✅ El hindi pertenece a la rama indoaria de la familia de lenguas indoeuropeas.El hindi, junto con el inglés, son los idiomas oficiales de la India. ✅ El hindi es el idioma más importante del mundo. Si desea visitar la India, desea ser un hombre de negocios exitoso en la India, desea viajar a la India, debe saber hindi. ✅ Estoy especializado y doy lecciones de hindi para aquellos estudiantes / personas que están aprendiendo el idioma hindi. ✅ Mi objetivo principal es enseñar el idioma hindi porque puedo enseñar hindi desde el nivel básico hasta el avanzado y puedo resolver cada problema de una mejor manera. ✅ El estudiante puede aprender hindi y puede entender muy bien porque soy un hablante nativo de hindi. Namaste a todos ustedes
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I'm your hope and you are my hope. I'm here to teach you guys! let's learn English and basic English grammar with me. (Mumbai)
I have booked sessions for my sister's son to improve his English langauge. I must say we are very happy with overall experience so far with teacher Sowmya. Excellent teaching abilities and very understanding approach are key noteworthy qualities of teacher Sowmya. will continue with more sessions.
Review by MAHESH N
Let's Learn REAL Korean with an Experienced Korean Sunsengnim! (Busan)
I really like Heidi’s lessons. They are full of learning points and great for students who like to self-study. She’s helping me to be a better reader (Hangul) and I really appreciate having a native Korean teacher who also speaks native English. Thanks, Heidi!
Learn British English, Culture and History in Okayama (Fukuoka)
Roger is great and the best teacher I’ve ever met. He is decent, reliable and trustworthy. Also, very experienced and knowledgeable. He keep his lesson effective, engaging and fun. I will definitely recommend him as a wonderful English tutor.
Review by YOSHIKO