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164 geography teachers in Germany

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Ciryl - Geneva$33
Trusted teacher: I offer tutoring courses in History and Geography, with a multidisciplinary opening that appeals to sociology, international relations or literature. The content of the courses is adapted to the level of the learner, to his specializations and to his needs. Having learned the scientific method, I am ready to open the field of my knowledge to desired spaces and periods. The course is aimed at high school or undergraduate students. In an associative context, I have already had the pleasure of helping students in their school careers, of adapting my method and my approach to different personalities. What I think is most important is to provide real support by instilling a passion for history and geography. Two human sciences in constant renewal! Of Swiss nationality, I am a student at the University of Geneva, in the master's Russia - Middle Europe of the GSI (Global Studies Institute), a multidisciplinary course which attracts geopolitics and contemporary history on a given space: the ex. USSR. A territory that I had the opportunity to explore as part of my internships and my field research with two international research institutes (IFEAC in Kyrgyzstan and CEFRES in Prague). I graduated with a Bachelor's degree in history (obtained with honors) and a Bachelor's degree in Geography and Planning (mention A. Bien) from the University of La Rochelle. Involved in several associations (Relai handicap de l'Université, AFEV), I had the opportunity to provide personalized academic support to enthusiastic students.
World history · Geography
World history · Medieval history · Geography
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Olivier - Luxembourg$39
Trusted teacher: Professional teacher, French, very experienced and very serious, I offer private lessons and tutoring at a distance (by Zoom or Skype) or face-to-face (Luxembourg-city and surroundings) in French for primary school and school secondary (French, history, geography), as well as French as a foreign language (FLE) courses for children and adults. I am always very attentive to the pupil or the student I have in front of me, his characteristics and his specificities, I thus adapt to the pupil in order to be as efficient as possible, that either in tutoring classes or in French as a foreign language classes. I therefore try to adapt as best as possible the methodology of the courses and the teaching aids used to the different students and their particularities, as my background shows: in total I have completed 26 years of teaching (higher education, secondary education, private lessons) to all kinds of audiences, in all kinds of conditions, and in 4 different countries: France, Luxembourg, Russia, Lithuania. I have indeed taught French college and high school students; pupils from the Luxembourg school systems, from the European Schools in Luxembourg; to French, Lithuanian, Russian students…; Lithuanian teachers of French; adults of different nationalities learning French in Luxembourg, etc. During the ten years of private lessons in Luxembourg, I carried out different types of lessons and activities: - courses in history, geography, French (primary and secondary schools), French for adults (FLE: French as a foreign language), - preparation for the French bac: French 2nd and 1st year classes (French literature), - supervision of a student enrolled in history-geography at the CNED (National Center for Distance Studies, France), - preparation for the French tests for the entrance exams to the Luxembourg civil service (summaries, discussions, method of the dissertation), - supervision of a summary test in French for a business school competition, - proofreading and correction of dissertations in French (higher education), etc.
French · World history · Geography
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Valérie - Liège$31
Trusted teacher: Thank you for visiting my profile! Here is my course offer, my strengths and information on my background. A question? Write to me! Until Secondary 3, I offer tutoring in all subjects, most often in mathematics and English (and therefore also: French, history, geography, working method for science, Latin and Dutch). From 4th to Rhéto, I still offer support in French, English, history and geography. Regardless of the student's year, I also help when preparing assignments, presentations and oral presentations. At the student's request, we can also take stock of the presence, diction and intonation for public speaking. MY ASSETS - Relaxed relationship - Student empowerment - Concentration and stress management - A top working method! WHO AM I? My name is Valérie and I am 31 years old. Multi-graduate, I remain an eternal student. Already small, still at the start of my elementary school, I was looking for ways to learn more easily. This search for rapid and efficient study pursued me during high school, to which was added the challenge of following them in English immersion. The personal learning methods that I had developed took on all the more meaning when the thick university syllabuses piled up on my desk. As with everyone else, university learning remained a challenge. My methods have however allowed me to brew quantities of subjects over the years: political science, sociology, intercultural management, anthropology, museology… Versatile and jack-of-all-trades, I also followed various personal development trainings, or still in art therapy. Today I am taking up a challenge that invites me to explore other ways of enriching myself and learning: I am starting my 3rd year at the Institute of Music and Pedagogy in Namur where I train in singing classic. These studies differ in many aspects from those I have accomplished so far. Therefore, they offer me the chance to seek to understand all the more how to adapt my methods to very diverse subjects. In this busy course, I have been giving private lessons for over 10 years. I am enriched by contact with the students and it is a wonderful reward to see them develop their own methods and rediscover their abilities and skills.
World history · Geography
Trusted teacher: I suggest you succeed and progress in History-Geo! As a coach, I accompany all students to become autonomous in their learning in History-Geo. You will discover effective learning techniques. They are not complicated, but you have to apply them and stick to them. I know the problem of students who work regularly in History-Geo but who do not manage to succeed in the tests. Some, however, spend a lot of time learning their lesson. But they don't know how to learn a lesson. But there are strategies to learn effectively and to succeed! Very often, by learning a lesson without having clear strategies, all subjects, and in particular in History-Geo, demotivation, lack of self-confidence or stress seize students. Demotivation wins them over because some give up in front of the gaps to be filled. Bad grades lead to stress and a loss of confidence in one's ability to succeed! Once this vicious circle is established, it is very difficult to get out of it! Waiting for the gaps to accumulate is not the right solution, because going up the slope will be all the more difficult. Waiting until the end of the year to review the methods is often counterproductive, because you have to train actively to acquire them. This is why I offer you individual support in History-Geo with an experienced teacher trained in coaching and learning strategies. During my classes, I give you learning strategies that allow you to succeed. I have been accompanying young people for many years and those who start early enough in the year and have these learning strategies succeed better and gain in serenity and motivation. It takes work, method and organization, but it works! If you remain alone in the face of your difficulties, they will increase and at the end of the year, it will be impossible to overcome them! If you have not acquired certain methods, it is not, in the last weeks of the year, that you will succeed in them in depth! If you are in difficulty, you certainly need a good coach to help you regain your self-confidence! Learning is like a sport, there are techniques that guarantee success! This is what I suggest you discover! By taking history-geo lessons, you will have strategies allowing you to learn your lessons effectively and pass your exams with serenity! Imagine, after a few weeks, you will have good grades on your report card, you will be more serene about your tests and you will have regained your self-confidence! Obviously, this is not the price of a student, but that of an experienced teacher trained in learning strategies and coaching. The work you will do with me will allow you to save time later by being more efficient. Don't waste time, don't wait until your grades are bad or you're completely lost to come and have someone accompany you! Acquiring solid skills and learning strategies requires hard work! I accompany you in video or face-to-face. I'll tell you soon!
World history · Geography
Trusted teacher: I am currently a student in the 2nd year of a history license in Arras and I obtained my baccalaureate with honors with the congratulations of the jury and the English European Section. In high school, I took the HGGSP specialty (History, Geography, Geopolitics and Political Science) and I still have all of my courses available. I could help with the understanding of history lessons, to explain the course, to test knowledge but also to provide advice for the realization of the two fundamental exercises of history: the essay and the commentary of text / documents. Similarly, having followed the English European section in high school, I had history and geography lessons in English and I can help in this area as well. I am more comfortable giving help in history than in geography, however I am fully capable of helping and explaining geography lessons at college and high school level because I still have geography lessons in my bachelor's degree. I want to best adapt to the profile of the student to be able to help him as best as possible and make him progress. Everyone has different ways of learning and it's important to respect that. Thus, I will do my best to match the courses with the needs of the students. For information, with my bachelor's degree I studied most historical periods (ancient, medieval, modern, contemporary history) as well as in several aspects (social, economic, cultural, events, etc.), which means that I have more or less covered the subjects covered in middle school or high school history lessons. The history degree in Arras also allows me to have geography lessons, which allows me to always work on this subject and its methods.
Geography · Tutoring · World history
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Maths/Geography/History/Political science/Economics classes and Test Practice (Etterbeek)
Komal really helped me with my lessons, she adapted to my rhythm. I really needed a lot of help and thankfully she helped me and I passed my exam. She is a great tutor and would be a great teacher, I really recommend to have as your tutor. I am so thankful to have met her she is a wonderful person and very kind, I can’t thank her enough... thank you Komal.
Review by MHIA
Private lessons in French, history and methodology of work (Brussels)
We are very happy with mister Jonathan, he is really very sincere with his work.Not seen such a credible teacher.can say much more but only words will not merit his work .his is really appreciable person.
Review by SOBIA
Swimming: Basic techniques and refinement, all ages (private lesson) (Antwerp)
Kind, friendly, professional and with a lot of patience! I did a lot of progress within the first lesson! I highly recommend it!
Review by IONELA