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2 finance teachers in United States

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Some background I am an Accounting and Finance graduate who has completed a master's in this field from the top UK university. I started studying Accountancy from college where I studied AAT Diploma in Accounting and since then I never looked back. In 2018, I completed my masters at a very young age (22). I am great with numbers and accounting concepts and I can explain these to any person whether they are from the numerical background or not. My tutoring experiences I started my tutoring journey when I was in my undergraduate studies at university. I used to teach one of my friends who needed help, advice, and support with AAT subjects such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, and Personal Tax. Other than that, there are many friends of mine to whom I have provided valuable advice whether it be about personal finance or any other field. Check out the recommendations by them on my profile. Since I have entered the Online Tutoring industry, I have taught more than 22 students delivering a total of more than 200 hours of tutoring sessions. This was all accomplished within just four months and I will continue to help students learn, prepare, and be confident for their exams and the course. I have taught in Accountancy subjects such as Financial Accounting, Management Accounting, Personal Tax, and Corporate Finance. If you are struggling with a subject in Accounting and Finance and need that extra push or if you are a complete beginner, just get in touch and I will handle the rest. Thank you for reading. My Specialties in subjects such as: - Financial Accounting - Management Accounting - Corporate Finance/Financial Management - Personal Tax - AAT Synoptic Exams
Finance · Business accounting
Trusted teacher: Project Appraisal and Finance: Contents of Course The Investment Problem and Capital Budgeting • Investment Decisions and Owners’ Wealth Maximization • Capital Budgeting • Classifying investment projects • Classification according to their economic life, risk, and dependence on other projects Cash Flow Estimation • Incremental Cash Flows • Investment Cash Flows • Changes in Working Capital • Net Cash Flows Integrative Examples and Cash Flow Estimation in Practice • Integrative Example: The Expansion of the facility • Integrative Example: The Replacement of Facility • Cash Flow Estimation in Practice Payback and Discounted Payback Period Techniques • Payback Period • Decision rules and drawbacks • Discounted Payback Period • Decision rules and benefits • Owner’s wealth maximization Net Present Value Technique • Net Present Value Calculation • Net Present Value Decision Rule • Net Present Value as an Evaluation Technique • The Investment Profile • NPV and Further Considerations Profitability Index Technique • Profitability Index Decision Rule • Profitability Index as an Evaluation Technique Internal Rate of Return Technique • Internal Rate of Return Calculation & Decision Rule • Internal Rate of Return as an Evaluation Technique • Multiple Internal Rates of Return • The IRR and capital rationing Modified Internal Rate of Return Technique • Modified Internal Rate of Return Technique and decision rule • Modified Internal Rate of Return as an Evaluation Technique • The comparative benefits of MIRR Comparing Evaluation Techniques and some Concluding Thoughts • Scale Differences • Choosing the Appropriate Technique • Capital Budgeting Techniques in Practice • Capital Budgeting and the Justification of New Technology Measurement of Project Risk • Measuring a Project’s Stand-Alone Risk • Sensitivity analysis • Simulation analysis • Measuring a Project’s Market Risk • Market risk and financial leverage Incorporating Risk in the Capital Budgeting Decision • Risk-Adjusted Rate and adjusted WACC • Real Options • Certainty Equivalents • Assessment of Project Risk in Practice Valuing a Lease • Direct Cash Flow from Leasing • Valuing the Direct Cash Flow from Leasing • Concept of an Equivalent Loan • Comparison of Alternative Leases • Another Approach to Lease Valuation Uncertainty and the Lease Valuation Model • Alternative Discount Rates and the Uncertainty of Cash Flows • Residual Value and the Lease Term • Debt Displacement and the Lease Valuation Model • Sensitivity Analysis Generalization of the Lease Valuation Model • Assumptions and Notation • Valuing the Lease • Valuation when there are Limitations on carrying Forward Items • Valuation when no Tax Benefits are Expected
Business accounting · Finance · Project management
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Economics, Finance, and Business Accounting Tutor. (Şişli)
Mr Fatih is a great teacher, he has a great knowledge of the materials taught. Professional and very helpful he does not only teach you but also he makes sure to make it easy and clear for you. Moreover he is very fluently in English and has a strong background in Accounting and Economic , whoever is looking for a tutor for these courses I strongly advice you Mr Fatih for online or physical lessons ....
Review by SHERINE
Business School exam preparation, masters, MIM, Grande Ecole (Paris)
I was totally lost and desperate in accouting until I took lessons with Vishakha. She really explained me well the concepts, theories and we went through the exercices to make me gain confidence. On top of that Vishakha was really patient and found the rights words to make me understand accouting. I really recommend this wonderful teacher !
Review by DELPHINE
Statistics, Research methods, Graduating Projects and Thesis assistance SPSS, JASP, STATA, R (Rennes)
I studied with Jad mainly Statistics and also Finance, and I can say that I learnt a lot concepts that were unclear to me before the classes we did. Jad is a teacher that is very clear when explaining the courses and follow very well the structures and examples of the courses also. I recommend this teacher that helped me a lot !
Review by DELPHINE