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Trusted teacher: I'm your all_time friend who loves to teach you something and learn life lessons from your smile. I've 16 years of life experience in this world and It gave me a chance to learn some amazing secrets about how beautiful a big ball works🌍😄🤩 I really like to see and feel the different ways every person analyzes and sees the world. especially because all science and culture subjects improved using it, including math, physics, chemistry, and languages, which means we will find a lot of deep & sweet sides to life, science, learning, and friendship. I'm a high school mathematics_physics student and I've been studying and working in the field of the Mathematics Olympiad for the last 3 years(I'm fighting to get a medal now😄). I was my teacher's assistant from age of 9 and It's my pleasure to teach the things I am good at. I also really love kids and children and I have a lot of experience about how to be friends and how to make lessons lovely for them. Persian is my mother tongue(and I've learned it academically because of my interest), I was learning English since I was like 2, and I studied Physics and chemistry In my secondary and high school. I also love to travel and discover different places, So I love to travel and visit you wherever you are as soon as possible. We will show every hard thing is possible when we find the right way to think of it. for your information, I live in Iran right now and I'll be in Austria(Klagenfurt) a few months from now. I send you my best wishes, hope to see you soon. Sophia
Farsi-persian · Physics · Math
Trusted teacher: Who is your teacher? Teaching is an Art and a Knowledge! Anybody can know a language but everybody cannot teach it! I am the affiliated researcher at the university with a 16 - year experience as a teacher, supervisor, editor - teaching Academic and General English, supervising and training the staff, at 3 public and private universities, 2 schools and 6 institutes. I got my master in ELT - English Language Teaching and I have the certificate of "Teaching Methods". I know 5 languages and I am learning my 6th language at the moment. What do you want to learn? A. English for the school students Can't you still use the time and tenses in English Correctly? Do you have problems using the adverbs of manner, time, frequency? Can't you easily broaden your vocabulary knowledge? ... Don't worry! I am here to do it together! B. Academic English Are you a purchase agent working for an International company? Do you need to have a good command of Business English to be able to negotiate, make orders, translate or make contracts and you do not know how to manage it? What are the essential terms you should know to succeed in Business English? (A to Z of Business English) Do you have to publish your paper in English? Do you have to write your PhD or Master thesis in English? (Writing: Paragraph writing - Essay Writing) Are you a student of Law? Do you need to learn and be able to translate legal texts? (English for the students of Law) Have you recently applied for a job as a flight attendant and you are becoming ready to take the exam? (Aviation Technical English) Do you have to take the International TOEFL and IELTS exam? Then Welcome !!! We will do this together!
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Academic and General English, Business English, Writing, Aviation Technical English, Essay Writing, Conversation, Grammar, IELTS, TOEFL. (Rotterdam)
Veghar is the best teacher I could have ever wished for! She adapts her lessons completely to your wishes. She is punctual and she always keeps her promises. She can explain very well and also has a lot of material that you can practice with. But perhaps most importantly, Veghar is a very likeable woman! The lessons are not only very educational but also very enjoyable: thanks to Veghar, learning English is not work, but a fun hobby!
Review by ANINA
Dutch lesson for non-native speakers and (non-native) children
That was wonderful lesson. I was really nervous in the beginning but she immediately took it away with warm encouragement. If you look for conversation training, i suggest to take her class!!
Teaching Farsi (Persian) and English to adults and children online - تدریس آنلاین فارسی (Ataşehir)
A terrific Farsi instructor. Very experienced and thorough. I signed up for a series of lessons.
Review by KATHRYN

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