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331 english teachers in United States

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Welcome to the English Course: Comprehensive Language Mastery! I am Mister Emerico, your instructor dedicated to accompanying you on this exciting journey towards mastering English. This course is designed for students of all levels, from beginners to advanced, with the aim of strengthening all the skills necessary to communicate confidently and accurately in English. Course Description: In this course, we will explore the various dimensions of the English language, from its grammatical foundations to its practical application in real-life situations. Here's a look at what we'll cover: Grammar Fundamentals: Through interactive lessons and dynamic exercises, we will delve into English grammar, from basic concepts such as sentence structure to more advanced topics such as tenses and passive voice. Vocabulary Expansion: We will discover new words and idiomatic expressions that will enrich your vocabulary and help you express yourself more precisely and effectively in English. Comprehension Skills Development: We will improve your ability to understand both spoken and written English through listening and reading comprehension activities, as well as techniques to identify the main idea and key details. Oral and Written Communication: We will practice oral and written expression through debates, presentations, essay writing and text correction exercises, with the aim of perfecting your ability to communicate clearly and effectively in English. Cultural Exploration: We will immerse yourself in the rich English-speaking culture, exploring aspects such as history, traditions, art, music and literature, giving you a deeper understanding of the English-speaking world. Personalization of learning: We will tailor the course to your specific needs, giving you the opportunity to focus on areas of particular interest or professional needs, whether it is business English, exam preparation, travel or other specific purposes. Teaching methodology: My pedagogical approach is based on active student participation, experiential learning and constructive feedback. I will use a variety of teaching resources, including multimedia materials, interactive exercises and practical activities, to ensure stimulating and effective learning. Course Objectives: At the end of this course, you will have achieved the following objectives: Master the fundamental aspects of English grammar. Expand your vocabulary and improve your understanding of spoken and written English. Develop oral and written communication skills with confidence and fluency. Gain a deeper understanding of English-speaking culture. Be prepared to successfully face real-life situations that require the use of English.
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Private Arabic classes for non natives or foreigners/online (Lyon)
He is such a great teacher with multiple talents, He knew my strength and weaknesses. I'm going to continue the course with him until I reach mastery in my desired language, he can easily adapt to my understanding and corrects me when needed while having fun teaching me. I would ask for a better teacher.. I am thankful for exploring this site. I wish I did sooner
Review by علي
Spanish classes for children and adults. Native teacher. (Bogotá)
Ana María
Ana is an outstanding Spanish teacher who has made my learning experience truly enjoyable. Her kindness and genuine care for her students create a supportive learning environment I am grateful to have had the opportunity to learn from such a wonderful teacher.
Review by CLEMENS
Español como lengua extranjera /Spanish as a Foreign Language and Certification exams. (Medellín)
Jorge is fantastic, completely bilingual, amazingly patient and helpful. The lessons are clearly presented and customized to your level of learning. Thanks!
Review by GEORGE