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6 engineering teachers in United States

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Trusted teacher: I teach math curriculums (GCSE, IGCSE, IB CNISE, SAT) to students from earlier stages, elementary to high school. I focus on all mathematical concepts, develop classroom materials, organize activities, assign homework, grade tests, and prepare students for exams. I prepare mathematics curriculum for my students, like college entrance exams. I demonstrate excellent mathematics skills and analytical thinking alongside solid instruction. I instruct my students throughout the year and create lesson plans, assign homework, and manage online classrooms. I keep in touch with parents to be aware of the progress. I hold a Master's degree in Engineering with teacher education courses and I've achieved the highest grades in my math courses throughout the years with straight A Grades. My Responsibilities towards my students -Create a great environment that is conducive to learning. -Care for and effectively assist students with special concerns. -Analyze data to determine student progress and achievement. -Work with individual and small groups of students to support mathematics instruction. -Encourage students who need extra help -Plan and carry out instructions, activities and prepare learning materials. -Maintain appropriate records and follow required procedures and practices. -Work with students to develop and monitor academic goals for both short-term and long-term success. My qualifications -Master Degree in Engineering -An experienced teacher for over 2 years -Experience with calculus, geometry, statistics, and trigonometry. -Dedication to instruction of critical thinking and problem-solving with confidence in a collaborative environment. - Leadership skills and a positive attitude when assisting with decision making. -Demonstrated professionalism and dedication to continuous improvement. -Time management skills.
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Dynamic and Fun Materials Science Instructor Specializing in DFT (Density Functional Theory) Description: 🌟 Welcome to the fascinating world of Materials Science! 🌟 👩‍🏫 As your dedicated Density Functional Theory (DFT) Materials Science Instructor, I am here to make learning an exciting and enriching experience for students aged 7 to 65+ on the Apprentus freelance platform. 🔬 What sets me apart? With a deep passion for both teaching and materials science, I bring a dynamic and engaging approach to the learning process. My expertise lies in unraveling the secrets of materials using Density Functional Theory, a powerful tool in the realm of quantum mechanics. 🎓 Who can benefit? Whether you're a curious youngster eager to explore the wonders of science or an adult seeking to deepen your understanding of materials, my tailored lessons cater to learners of all ages. From elementary concepts to advanced DFT applications, each session is crafted to match the unique learning style and pace of the individual. 💡 What to expect: Interactive Learning: Engage in hands-on experiments, simulations, and real-world applications to make the concepts come alive. Customized Curriculum: Tailored lesson plans to meet the needs and interests of each student, ensuring a personalized learning journey. Clear Explanations: Demystify complex DFT principles through clear and concise explanations, fostering a deep understanding of materials science. Practical Applications: Explore how DFT is applied in cutting-edge research and industry, connecting theoretical knowledge to real-world scenarios. Fun and Supportive Environment: Learning should be enjoyable! Expect a friendly and encouraging atmosphere that promotes curiosity and critical thinking. 🌐 Online or In-Person: Whether you prefer virtual lessons or face-to-face interactions, I offer flexible options to accommodate your learning preferences. 🌈 Let's embark on this exciting journey together! Whether you're a budding scientist or someone looking to expand your knowledge, I am committed to guiding you towards a deeper appreciation of Materials Science through the lens of Density Functional Theory. Book a session now, and let the exploration begin! 🚀
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Trusted teacher: In these Engineering Classes, I guide, mentor, and facilitate your growth and intuitive technical understanding. I share my experiences with Aerospace/Aeronautical/Mechanical/Electrical Engineering, helping you develop your skills and techniques to tackle any problem, whilst adapting our lessons to your natural method of learning. Contact me here to introduce yourself and tell me more about the topics that you would like additional support with. This could be, for example, Aero/ Flight Dynamics, Control Systems, Dynamic Structures, Business Data Analysis, or any other topics. Whatever university you are studying at, I am certain that you will leave our sessions fulfilled, inspired, and driven to take on any challenge that may come your way. Contact me now for my availability, so that we can organize your first session as soon as possible. I look forward to meeting you! __________________________________________________________________________________ Previously supported students from top universities such as: UK: - Imperial College London (+ Business School) (ICL) - University College London (UCL) - King's College London (KCL) NL: - Delft University of Technology (TUDelft) - University of Amsterdam - University of Groningen SW - ETH Zurich - Swiss Federal Institute of Technology AU - Queensland University of Technology - University of Queensland - Griffith University __________________________________________________________________________________ A little about myself: My name is Anh; I was born and raised in the U.K. and I have over 8 years of international experience, tutoring Middle School to University Level Maths, Sciences, and Engineering, with 4 years of working experience in the Aerospace and Maritime industry. I have a fun, ambitious, and outgoing personality with a passion for music, cooking, and trying new things. Whilst teaching and mentoring, I am patient and adaptable to the needs of each of my students. I am working as an Engineering Specialist/Consultant, holding: - a degree as a Master of Aeronautical Engineering from Imperial College London, - A*A*A* A-Level Further Maths and Physics, with, - straight A*s in (GCSE) Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, English, Geography. I was also previously mentored and tutored myself and having been through the problems and achievements first-hand, I want to help others do so as well.
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Rania - Algeria$22
Trusted teacher: [ENG]: Infrared (IR) spectroscopy is a powerful analytical technique used to study the vibrational patterns of molecules. It is widely used in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and materials science to identify and characterize chemical compounds. Understanding the interpretation of infrared spectra is crucial for accurate analysis of complex samples. In this online course, you will learn the basics of infrared spectroscopy and its application in chemical analysis. You will learn how to interpret infrared spectra, including identifying characteristic peaks and understanding their relationship to specific chemical functional groups and ligands. You will also learn how to use infrared spectroscopy for quantitative analysis, and how to analyze complex spectra. By the end of this course, you will have a strong foundation in infrared spectroscopy and will be able to analyze and interpret infrared spectra with confidence. This course is suitable for students and professionals in the fields of chemistry, biochemistry and materials science who wish to expand their knowledge of analytical techniques Join us to unleash the potential of infrared spectroscopy in your research and analysis. [French]: La Spectroscopie infrarouge (IR) is an analytical technique for permanently performing vibrational modes of molecules. It is large in the domains of chimie, biochemistry and materia science to identifier and react to chemical compositions. Comprendre l'interpretation des Specters IR is essential for analyzing précise d'échantillons complexes. Color formations in line, the broad application of infrared conformational rules and the application of its son in chimique analysis. Numerous opinions and comments on the infrared spectra, the testimony in the selected images and the close relationship between the artistic groups and the relationships between chimeric species. également également à utiliser la Spectroscopie IR for quantitative analysis and spectrum complex analyzer. Accurate disc formation, solid base and IR spectroscopy et al are able to analyze and interpret infrared spectra in confidence. These courses are addressed to students and professions in the fields of chemistry, the body, biochemistry and the science of matériaux that souhaitent élargir leurs connexiones des analytical technologies. Rejoin us to edit the effective IR spectroscopie in your searches and analysis.
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Description: This immersive course is designed to introduce participants to the core concepts of programming through three versatile languages: C, C++, and Python. The course caters to beginners and enthusiasts aiming to develop a strong foundation in programming logic and syntax using these languages. Topics Covered: 1. Introduction to C Programming: Basic structure, variables, and data types. Control structures: loops and decision-making statements. Functions and modular programming. Arrays, strings, and pointers. 2. Intermediate C++ Programming: Object-oriented programming (OOP) concepts: classes, objects, inheritance, and polymorphism. Standard Template Library (STL): Containers, algorithms, and iterators. File handling and streams in C++. 3. Basic Python Programming: Python syntax, data types, and basic operations. Control flow: loops and conditional statements. Functions, modules, and libraries. Introduction to data structures: lists, dictionaries, and tuples. Teaching Methodology: Layered Learning Approach: Begin with fundamental programming concepts using C and gradually progress to object-oriented concepts with C++. Transition to Python to introduce high-level concepts and application-oriented programming. Practical Coding Assignments: Implement coding exercises and projects in each language to reinforce learning and practical application. Hands-on Workshops: Conduct workshops and coding sessions to apply learned concepts in real-time scenarios. Target Audience: This course is suitable for beginners and individuals with minimal programming experience who wish to acquire a solid understanding of programming logic using C, C++, and Python. Outcome: Participants will gain proficiency in C and C++ fundamentals, along with a basic understanding of Python, empowering them to write, understand, and analyze code in these languages.
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Private coding / programming lessons with python (Paris)
Highly recommended teacher!!! Matias teaching methods are great. Very clear and concise. Doesn’t waste your time explaining meaningless background information and always lectures with the intent to help you understand the material. He’s helped me understand content for my master course on Python and is one of the best lecturers that I’ve had. Your passion and dedication is beyond words! Thank you for getting me through this hard quick semester, I honestly would have never passed if it was not for your help! Thank you so much once again!
Review by JURIS
Maths/Physics tutoring with mentoring: Easy and effective! - All Levels included. University advanced mathematics (The Hague)
Anh really knows what he’s doing, not only he is expert in math, but as well excellent in his teaching technique. My son told me that he understood better and much easier with the technique taught by Anh. My son is junior school level, but wanting to learn bit advanced math compared to the topics he’s learning at school. He’s looking forward to having more learning with Anh and we booked immediately for 10 lessons.
Review by SAKARIA
Math, IB Mathematics (HL & SL), Science, Computer Science, Coding Language C, C++, Python. (Tokyo)
Himank is a great (and fun!) teacher who explains the content in a way that you can understand very quickly. I really enjoy having class with him because of the way he explains things. I highly recommend him!!
Review by RION