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114 earth and life sciences teachers in United States

Trusted teacher: Do you want to prepare for a German exam for a visa application in a German-speaking country such as Austria, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein? And/or are you a scientist looking to learn German? If you want to improve your German skills for a career in (natural) sciences or your private life, I will offer you individualised lesson to help you reach your goals. I was born and grew up in Frankfurt am Main in Germany. I am professionally trained from Heidelberg University in biotechnology, including molecular biology, mathematics, physics, biochemistry, medical research and bioinformatics/programming. Moreover, I am trained in psychology + philosophy. We will tailor the lesson to your needs: whether you want to apply for a job position / visum in Germany or your German certificates, study in a German-speaking country, or expand your language skills to be able to communicate with your partner, friend, or read German books. I offer lessons for all ages and backgrounds. *********************** GERMAN for VISA application ********************** Depending on the country and type of visum, different requirements apply. In Austria, to obtain the Red-White-Red card, a German level of B1 is required. Among the institutes providing official certificates are the Goethe Institute of Germany, OESD of Austria, TELC, TestDaF, and many more. If you are unsure which certificate would be suitable for you, I will help you by providing more information for taking the decision. Example requirements Austria: Example requirements Germany: Example for Switzerland:
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Trusted teacher: Testimonies --------- In just 5 and 1/2 days in February, 2022, I was beginning to transform almost roughly half a secondary school's children ! A Laboratory Technician & Former Senior Mathematics Teacher liked what I was doing - and noted I was the only teacher at the school she saw using my methods ! The Head of Science wanted its success for her own children ! The Head of Physics wanted its success for his own children ! The school cleaners liked and agreed strongly with what I was doing ! Children kept clapping hands for me in different classes ! The most dangerous [ latent murderer ] boy, Will, was transformed by my 6th day ! His rebellious classmate, Jackson, was transformed by the 5th day ! From my 1st day to my 6th last day teaching at the school as a Supply Teacher, children kept calling out in the Playgrounds. That week I was helped by 72 million pastors & members of Christ Embassy praying from 6am for the children of the world and the Lord Jesus Christ answered miraculously our prayers. 92% Mathematics - By A Blackwood Girl NOT In Top Sets - c 7 Lessons ONLY ! In just 6 months of Home Tuition, 7 A, A, A, A, A, A & A* - BY A LOWEST SET Cardiff High School GCSE BOY ! 100% SUCCESS - with zero rejection of learning - BY DYSLEXIC CHILDREN - Since 2016 ! ALL BECAUSE THE LORD JESUS CHRIST HAS BLESSED MY PEDAGOGICAL METHODS - Since 1985 ! Thanks to Him, He used me to bless many families - since I entered school teaching in 1992 ! EXPERIENCED TEACHER - I BEGAN TEACHING OVER 35 YEARS AGO ! HOME - SCHOOL - UNIVERSITY - BUSINESS ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Since c 2014, I naturally flowed into being able to make many students of EVEN LOW GRADES just aim successfully for TOP GRADES from the 1st day of my tuition if they will wholly follow my methodology properly. Eg * 7 A, A, A, A,A ,A & A* - By A BOTTOM Sets GCSE Boy - In 6 Months' Tuition ! * Within 7 to 31 days, they would be transformed by my 2 - point pedagogical learning method : 1 == I tell them what daily activities to remove and replace - so that their brains will not be lethargic nor lazy any more ; they will suddenly brighten up ! As I teach them how to not to waste their time writing poorly, but to invest their time to properly write in straight lines - using my James Writing Method - their handwriting improves extremely well once they remove the brain cognitive hindrances ! This is the reason why I CONFIDENTLY am able to change many students to aim for TOP GRADES from the 1st day of my tuition ! Testimony ------ One Luton GCSE girl was even HEALED OF CHRONIC MIGRAINE by following my advice on what to remove from her daily life and how to replace them with other wholesome activities. Her mental omissions also got HEALED. She, of course, began to learn far better within 4 weeks of following my directions properly. 2 == Coupled to removing mental cognitive hindrances, I use EASY WAYS TO TEACH MAKING UNDERSTANDING OF CONCEPTS far easier.
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Trusted teacher: Bonjour à tous ! Je suis passionnée par les Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre (SVT) et j'espère réussir à vous transmettre cet intérêt que j'ai pour ce domaine si riche. Dans mes cours de SVT, je vous invite à plonger dans le fascinant monde de la nature et de la biologie. Ensemble, nous explorerons les mystères de la vie, de l'évolution, de l'écologie et de bien d'autres sujets passionnants. Que vous soyez débutant ou que vous cherchiez à approfondir vos connaissances, je m'adapterai à votre niveau et à vos objectifs d'apprentissage. Je crois fermement en une approche pratique et immersive de l'apprentissage des SVT. Vous serez amené à observer, expérimenter et analyser pour comprendre les concepts fondamentaux. Nous utiliserons des outils visuels, des études de cas et des expériences pour rendre les concepts scientifiques plus concrets et accessibles. J'aime utiliser des supports variés qui stimulent tous les mécanismes d'apprentissage, et m'adapter au fonctionnement de chacun. Je connais bien les exigences scolaires et de restitution qui sont inhérentes au système scolaire français, donc je me ferais un plaisir de vous accompagner dans leur compréhension et leur prise en main, si tel est votre besoin. J'accorde une grande importance à la compréhension des principes scientifiques et à leur application dans le monde réel. Vous développerez des compétences essentielles telles que l'observation, l'analyse critique, la résolution de problèmes et la communication scientifique. Ces compétences vous serviront non seulement dans le domaine des SVT, mais aussi dans de nombreux aspects de votre vie quotidienne. En plus des connaissances théoriques, nous explorerons les dernières découvertes et les avancées scientifiques dans le domaine des SVT. Je vous tiendrai informé des nouvelles recherches, des études en cours et des débats scientifiques actuels. Cela vous permettra de rester à jour et d'approfondir votre compréhension des enjeux scientifiques contemporains. Je suis là pour vous accompagner à chaque étape de votre parcours d'apprentissage. Vous bénéficierez d'un soutien individualisé, de rétroactions constructives et d'exercices pratiques pour renforcer votre compréhension et votre confiance dans les SVT. Que vous soyez intéressé par les sciences de la vie, l'écologie, la génétique, l'anatomie ou toute autre branche des SVT, mes cours vous offriront une expérience éducative stimulante et enrichissante. Rejoignez-moi dès maintenant pour explorer le monde fascinant des Sciences de la Vie et de la Terre. Ensemble, nous découvrirons les merveilles de la nature et développerons une compréhension approfondie des processus biologiques et écologiques qui nous entourent. Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui et embarquez dans un voyage scientifique passionnant avec moi !"
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Private Science Lessons - Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics (Lausanne)
Julien helped me learn the material for my university statistics exams. He was very patient and gave very clear explanations about the concepts we were discussing. He was friendly, enthusiastic and encouraging. He prepared material in advance for each lesson depending on my personal needs. I'm pleased to say he helped me succeed in my final exams despite the fact that I'd never really studied statistics before! I am very glad I chose him as my tutor and I recommend him to anyone else seeking mathematics or statistics tutoring, whether in person or remotely.
Review by PHILIPPA
German for Visa application + Life Sciences, Hobby + Study, Children and Adults, Beginners and Advanced (Innsbruck)
Julia was a great tutor! I could tell that she really cares about you doing well. One thing that I very much appreciated was the fact that throughout the lessons she would be taking notes so that she could go over some pointers with me afterwards. Danke Julia!
Review by JOE
school support center all courses and levels (Tunis)
Yes I Would recommend Houda definitely if you are seeking an Online tutor for your child. Best Wishes for Houda.
Review by RAYAN