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Aurel - Amsterdam$55
Trusted teacher: Hello! My name is Aurel and I am a French Amsterdam-based drummer. Although currently specialized in Jazz music, I have studied various esthetics, and Pop and Rock music, in particular, are part of my background (I played in several pop-rock bands). Therefore I am able to teach a broad panel of music styles. I also have many drum methods and charts at my disposal, and have experience in teaching children from the age of 6, as well as teenagers and adults. Lessons and teaching method: I always adapt to the student's tastes and learning profiles. This is why, during the first lesson, and on a regular basis afterwards, I always take time to discuss with my students (or their parents if they are very young) to figure out together the path they want or need to follow. I will use charts and methods for those who need visual support to assimilate the skills or teach by ear and by demonstrating to the ones who feel more comfortable this way. I also play electric guitar and can jam with my students, which is a great tool for developing band playing skills or simply to have a good time. For those eager to make significant progress, I offer consistent and serious monitoring, with practice recommendations. I can for instance prepare a student for an audition or an entrance exam in a conservatory. If you are willing to improve your understanding of rhythm in general, you can also benefit from my knowledge of Indian Karnatic rhythm concepts, one of the most complete traditional approaches to rhythm. Students who simply want to learn at their pace, to have fun and unwind, are definitely welcome too! About me: In addition to my jazz drums bachelor and master degrees from the conservatory of Amsterdam (CvA), which included a thorough pedagogical training and a specialization in Indian Karnatic techniques, I benefit from 4 years of experience as an employed drum teacher in two French associative music schools (Ecole de musique de Nangis and Conservatoire des Deux Rives, Moret-sur-Loing). I am also an active musician, both on the Dutch and the French scene. My trio mainly tours in France and has played at venues such as the Sunside (Paris), or participated in competitions like the Keep An Eye International Jazz Award. I am also the co-leader of the sextet Chai Masters, finalist of several European competitions (Leiden Jazz Award, Golden Jazz Trophy in Lille, France, 7 Virtual Jazz Contest). Recently, the band was part of Keep An Eye The Records's finalists (March 2022). Looking forward to meeting you and passing on my know-how to you!
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Looking for a passionate and professional Drum and Transverse Flute instructor for yourself or your child? Look no further! My lessons are carefully designed to not only ignite a love for music and nurture creativity but also to systematically enhance skills based on age and individual abilities. As a dedicated and experienced teacher with a Master's Degree in Drum and Transverse Flute Performance, I take a committed approach to teaching, ensuring each student's needs are met effectively. I offer a range of teaching methods, all tailored to the unique goals and needs of each student. My philosophy is that playing a musical instrument should be an enjoyable and fulfilling experience, and my lessons embody precisely that spirit. **For Preschool Children (Ages 3+):** Are you a parent eager to introduce your little one to the magical world of music? My lessons are designed to be fun and engaging. Through specially adapted piano books, I'll guide your child on an exciting musical adventure, complete with stories and new songs to learn. We'll explore music through singing, movement, and rhythm, fostering a deep and lasting love for music. **For School-Aged Children:** Unlock your child's full potential by teaching them how to read musical notes! Learning to read sheet music not only allows your child to pick up new songs more quickly but also empowers them to play whenever they wish, without waiting for their teacher. In my lessons, your child will discover the wonder of musical notes through a fun and interactive story that introduces each character as a tangible musical note. Carefully selected piano books and additional repertoire ensure progressive improvement in piano skills, all while allowing your child to choose their favorite pieces. **For Teenagers:** Are you in search of a Drum and Transverse Flute instructor who will nurture and support your teenager's passion for music? I offer an accelerated piano book specially designed for this age group, enabling your child to make rapid progress in their piano skills. For students with prior piano experience, I build upon their existing knowledge, further expanding their abilities and creativity. I understand that each student has their own objectives, whether playing for enjoyment or aspiring to be a professional musician. That's why I adapt my lessons to align with your child's intentions. By offering a variety of musical pieces for them to select from and being open to their input, I believe that playing a piece they genuinely enjoy is more effective in maintaining their motivation. **For Adults:** Worried that you might be too old to start learning the Drum and Transverse Flute? Put your worries aside! It's never too late to embark on a new learning journey. As an adult, you bring unique advantages to the table, including greater focus, a solid grasp of music theory, and a strong motivation to succeed. Do you have a favorite song you've always wanted to play but thought it was too challenging? There are plenty of classical and popular melodies adapted for beginners, allowing you to start playing them right away. I'll also recommend a piano book specifically designed for adult learners, helping you build your skills at a comfortable pace.
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Trusted teacher: Hello, I offer drums lessons in a warm place or at your home. Come and discover the battery differently. My mission is to help you develop your own identity on the instrument. I offer you a fun approach that focuses on the pleasure of playing. Having followed training and courses throughout my life (conservatory, schools ...), I am passionate and dedicated to sharing all of my experience with you. I practice in many music groups and other structures (schools, associations ...). With more than 20 years of experience in drums and more than 10 years in percussion, I teach many musical genres (jazz through Latin music, pop, hip hop, rock, hard, punk, metal ..) , the double pedal, notions of music theory, rhythmic reading. Possibility of taking percussion lessons (darbuka, bongos, African djembe, congas, jaw harp, dhol). The programs are directly inspired by internationally recognized methods, thus being able to adapt to the needs, levels and requirements of each individual. I travel but I also receive in a room with equipment available (any age and level of practice are allowed, from initialization to professionals). A different approach to music lessons: My teaching is resolutely modern. Classes are a moment of musical and human sharing where error is used as a positive experience to move forward. We work by oral transmission to complete the scores. We use onomatopoeia to quickly develop musical and felt play, rather than just reading and playing. So ... Tempted? No excuse, I give you couses from Monday to Sunday from 8 am to 11 pm. FROM child (from 5 years old) to senior, and from beginner to professional. Registration possible all year round. Contact me for more info on prices and formulas ... See you soon,
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Drum lessons with qualified and experienced teacher - all styles, all levels (Amsterdam)
Aurel is great. He was trying to put himself in my shoes and think of why something was not working. While he was giving his feedback, he was sharing it in a very clear and supportive way. He also discussed with me what my goals are, he asked for samples of music and adjusted the class accordingly. He also very kindly offered me his old sticks and taught longer that he should’ve. Oh and he’s a fantastic drummer with very successful projects. I’m very happy to be taking classes from him.
Review by ALI
Drum lessons with professional teacher, drum lessen , cours de batterie (Meise)
Claude is a very experienced drummer. I am a complete beginner & he was super patient with me! He breaks the material up in bits and pieces, which makes it easy to digest & you can feel yourself improving fast. Highly recommended!
Review by ANSO
Gives drum lessons (electronic and acoustic) (Paris)
I found Brice very personable and open as a teacher. He has a friendly style and positive way of giving feedback. His English is also quite good. I look forward to taking more lessons with him in the future
Review by YOUSSEF