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Trusted teacher: Learn Didgeridoo far from everything ... it's possible! You can learn the didgeridoo at home now via SKYPE and FACEBOOK Messenger now! And yes, the internet does incredible things today. You can take live lessons around the world with SKYPE, Messenger or all types of APP allowing you to make video live ... which means that we can shorten distances on a planetary scale ... magic no ?! Raphaël invites you to take didgeridoo lessons with him directly with your computer equipped with a camera and a microphone, a smartphone or a tablet ... and you will be pleasantly surprised by the quality of the rendering and the proximity that can bring between you and Raphaël with this kind of exercise which could easily become a reflex in case of technical blocking on your instrument… a good reason to get a real answer with a real solution… and at the right time! “The time of a lesson is very important! " The course time is 40 minutes because it allows you to enter the right information and the right message. The first five minutes will allow you to assess your level of play with Raphaël. Then you will get to the heart of the matter by directly learning a sound, respiratory or rhythmic technique depending on your level of progression ... "It is your rigor and love of the instrument that will help you progress!" " The first thing to do during or after the course is to take note of the advice Raphaël gave you because the method he developed can only help you move forward if you follow a minimum of advice. This does not mean that you will have to become a silly and nasty machine, but on the contrary, you will have to work on the practice of your instrument to develop greater sensitivity and openness on your Didgeridoo and yourself. This will make you realize your strengths and your weaknesses. The goal is to raise your awareness even more when you play. The body in which you are is a magic laboratory just waiting to be discovered and explored ... so follow your instinct with a minimum of tools and everything will be fine! As you understand, each course is different because it will bring you to a greater openness of play and spirit ... with the help of albums in MP3 that I will send you by Wetransfer to support you, you can also develop listening to other players' games. This is part of the decoding phase of the musical dialect throughout your personalized lessons.
Didgeridoo · Children's music
Aloha. The Sacred Sound of the ultra-ancient Didgeridoo, is a profoundly powerful experience to be able to play, share, and grow from. My name is Michael, and in 1988 at barely age 18, I was fortunate to spend a great deal of time with Aboriginal Elders deep in the Australian outback. I was initiated into the 'DreamTime', and have been a Didj player, healer, Sound Journeyer, and teacher of the Didgeridoo ever since. I have played the Didgeridoo onstage live globally, and have given Didgeridoo concerts to the likes of Jimmy Page, Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers, and have opened for Michael Franti and Spearhead, among other international EDM festivals, and events. I have studied the Didgeridoo and sacred sound for decades, as well as the healing and wellness-enhancing properties of playing and long-term Circular-Breathing, the art of continually exhaling through the lips while playing a wind instrument. Mastery in Didgeridoo is for Everyone and anyone who desires to learn something different while having a personal tool for meditation, mind clearing, having fun, and sharing with others. From Beginners to avid Didgeridoo players, I offer one off classes, as well as Mastery Level 4 week Courses. I will have you playing and circular breathing in no time, and from there the real fun and true playing begins Topics Of Mastery in Didgeridoo Course: *Making a Sound and Didgeridoo Basic Playing Dynamics *Breath Awareness and Body Dynamics of Didgeridoo Playing *Circular-Breathing and Breath Rhythms for Advanced Techniques *Multifaceted and Diverse Sound Creation *Deep Meditation Techniques and Didgeridoo Recording *Live Lessons with proactive follow-up Home Work *Understanding Notes, Keys, and Octaves in Didgeridoo Playing *Playing Didgeridoo with Various Music and Band types I look forward to sharing some of the ancient secrets in the Sound of Didgeridoo Playing and music. This instrument is simple to create and make, and can easily be learned by anyone of any age. The Mastery of the Didgeridoo takes a lifetime and to play it like a Pro I warmly offer you this opportunity to do so in signing up for Lessons and Advanced Programs in Didgeridoo Mastery with me. Mahalo ke Akua and may the Sound Be with You. Aloha Regards, MC
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