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I have been teaching before starting my degree. It is my vocation, so you will always see me happy and full of energy before our lessons. We are going to learn and have a great time at the same time. No boredom allowed!

I have been teaching both privately with smalls groups and 121 and with bigger classrooms sizes. I have done adult education, for ages up to 65! So whatever your age, I've taught someone your age before!

Before the lessons we will assess the specific needs and methods to be used, but in any case I always prepare my own materials. This is to make sure that my materials are the most relevant and contain only up to date information, used in the country. How many times have we learnt something, tried to use it in the country and people tell you "erm... we don't use that word anymore".

I have been teaching in Spain and England, and I've just arrived to the Netherlands to keep on expanding my experience abroad.

Any specific request or need that you may have? then tell me and I'll try my hardest to accommodate it.


Bachelor's degree in English literature and teaching English as a foreign language. I started the degree in Granada University and completed it in APU of Cambridge, UK. 2003
Teaching training, completed in Granada. The practical side was completed in a secondary education high school.2004
Cambridge University C2 proficiency 2009
Masters in Executive Italian. 2010
TEFL online course.2017
TEYL currently studying

Experience / Qualifications

From 2004 to 2010: private teaching with my own webpage, both Spanish and English.
From 2010 to 2011: teaching English and exam preparation for the Cambridge university exams in Spain.
From 2011 to present: teaching Spanish to small groups, Italian 121 and English all ages.

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