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Trusted teacher: Can we get you your results? Yes! With our guaranteed results package. Also, our 7 famous teachers are British Council certified and have a 95% success rate in the market. We also have a 5-star rating and we are currently ranked among the top 10 institutes in Canada and UK in English teaching for IELTS/CELPIP/CELBAN/TOEFL/SAT/Cantest/CAEL/CALTEST/Essay Writing and (basic to advanced) English language/ESL/EFL/EAL preparation. Last year, we had 1235 students passing their exams from over 1266 students (our reviews in the pictures here will show you exactly that). Just follow our procedures and you will get phenomenal success like others before you. Here is the process: •For speaking and writing, you get easy-to-use templates to memorize. All you have to do is use our wordings/sentence structures that adjust with every examination topic. You will be surprised how great your writing and speaking look after this! •For reading and listening, we are one of the 5% institutes in the world that provide content from the past exams. This repeats 40% of the times. Not only will you have a chance to see it again in your exam but also you will be practicing the kind of material that may come in your next exam. THAT’S SUPER IMPORTANT! MATERIALS: •Over 30 past reading exams • Over 50 past listening exams • Unlimited past exam writing and speaking questions along with books/videos as samples that cost $ in the market but you get them for free as part of your course. You will be blown away with the vocab practice we provide here! SCHEDULES: We work round the clock. We are the ONLY INSTITUTE working 5 am till 2 am the next day; for 7 days a week. So pick as many classes as you like on whatever timings you want! You will never have to sacrifice your preferred schedule! Guys, we are here to get you to pass, give you a GREAT customer service experience and help you help us get great reviews. PERMANENT RESIDENCY/EXPRESS ENTRY/CITIZENSHIP/UNIVERSITY OR COLLEGE ADMISSION–CONSIDER IT DONE! GET STARTED FROM THE BASIC, INTERMEDIATE OR ADVANCED COURSE AS NEEDED. Also, get MOCK TESTS AND FINAL EXAMS as part of the course! We have SUCCESSFULLY helped thousands of students in achieving their CLB and English exam requirements. Students from several countries ALL OVER THE WORLD have taken this course and passed! So stop failing your course and get it done already! Thanks guys!!
English · Creative writing · Public speaking
When writing a text, most people express differently than how they speak in actual one-to-one conversations. They become more formal and impressive in their speech. In this 12 unit course (each unit consisting of two 1-hour lessons), I will teach you how to write in a free, modern style and avoid traditional ways of expressing your thoughts both in personal text messages, professional emails, letters and more. It's time to make a smooth transition from an old to a new, modern way of writing away from nominalizations and high vocabulary contents. We will avoid decorative and figurative speech because those are used in poetry and artistic themes. In business, we deal with facts and figures. Our purpose is to express, not necessarily to impress! There is a common assumption, that those who write longer and impressive words make readers believe them. They make attempts of persuading others in taking decisions to what they propose. The reailty is that we can still persuade others by being genuine and concise in our words without making 'uturns'. People will believe us when we reflect the same personality and create the same identity touch of ourselves both when communicating to them face to face or through texts. Your readers should not feel that you're a different person than how you're perceived in real life. So the free, modern style of writing recommends that we keep the same style both in oral or written speech. This is my personal struggle with professionals who are engaged in business communication. They do not like the idea of this revolutionary approach. Most managers who read reports, business letters, proposals and mainly emails prefer not to read overloaded texts but concise ones. No surprise that most managers call workers to one-to-one meetings after reading heavy, boring, unclear and nominalized emails. I'll give an practical example soon. Most formal writers in companies prefer to use nominalization instead of consiceness. eg. "As per the discussion we had yesterday" (nominalized) "As we discussed yesterday" (concise) Other common mistakes are when people use passive voice sentences in emails than active ones. eg. "The project was approved by the top management" (passive) "The top management approved the project" (active) I encourage writers to stick to one writing style. People are the same when speaking and writing. They should not be perceived differently by readers when expressing their thougths in a written format. In this technical skill course, I introduce the latest protocols of modern style of writing in business without making attempts of changing your style as a learne, because your style should convey feelings and thoughts about your personality in communication. You will also learn how to apply: - The KISS formula - The ABC formula - Netiquette Most importantly, upon the completion of this 12 unit course, you will learn how to produce a business piece (letters, emails, memos..) using the Four-point Plan Model. The course has a blended learning nature. It means I will ask you to complete small, light assignments to apply the knoweldge area covered. Most academics, scholars and professional experts recommend the modern style of writing away from vague and out-of-date written approaches. I look forward to teaching you how to master this skill. Stay safe! Matthias
Creative writing · Writing · Business writing
I’m Craig, a theatre director and dramaturg who has worked with some of the UK’s leading theatre companies. Our sessions will be collaborative and supportive enabling your play to reach its full potential. We will discuss your work in detail and I will offer a bespoke response to your script and support you in developing the work further. Sessions will be held online on either Skype or Zoom. I am currently offering three strands of support/tutoring: A One-Off Session: I will read your script before a one-off feedback session with constructive and practical support on how to enhance your play’s concept, story, theme, characters, and dialogue. Three Session Package: I will offer notes on a first, second, and final draft of your script in three feedback sessions. We’ll cover the same areas as in a one-off session but I will also support you with redrafting and getting your script ready to be read by industry professionals. From Idea to Final Draft in 10 Sessions: Complete support as a tutor and dramaturg from the first idea to the final draft. We’ll begin with sessions on the fundamentals of playwrighting including: Character Dialogue Structure Subtext Theatricality Then I’ll support you every step of the way in drafting your play, after which we’ll look at the best places to send your work and discuss strategies for building a sustainable career as a Playwright. The Tutor: Craig Gilbert is currently the Amplify producer at Nottingham Playhouse (The Stage Regional Theatre of The Year 2019) where he supports the development of new work and new artists. Prior to this, he was the New Works Associate at the Liverpool Everyman and Playhouse where he acted as the in house dramaturg for the award-winning Everyman Company. He was the lead tutor on the Everyman Playwrights Programme, students from this course have gone on to receive professional commissions and have been shortlisted for major playwrighting prizes including the Bruntwood Prize and Verity Bargate Award. Craig has also worked as a director and dramaturg with some of the UK’s leading companies including Soho Theatre, the Royal Court, and the Young Vic.
Playwriting · Creative writing
Trusted teacher: I specialise in tutoring creative writing and sparking the imagination of young students into believing a career in creative writing can be achieved by simply loving to write. I was a C-level English student but I became a best selling author by the age of 27. Over the last 10 years I have worked with some fantastic writers on film and book projects and received some amazing and techniques from some of the best writers in the world including Irvine Welsh, Chuck Palahniuk and John Niven to name a few. Far from short cuts these tips have unlocked possibilities and boosted my enjoyment of writing and its techniques and tips like these that I teach. Learning to creatively write must be a fun experience so I incorporate games and exercises that will inspire my students to write more often and to see the long term potential in being a great writer. I believe great writing is all in the story and from experience know that it is not about grammar. This is course is for creative writing. So, if you have and a decent grasp of the English language, enough to form clear and understandable sentences, then this course is for you. In this course you will learn : 1. How to develop great ideas 2. How to pick the format you are writing. 3. To Plan out your story arcs. 4. To figure what does & doesn't work. 5. How to Write drafts quickly. 6. How to get in the zone and write with a flow. 7. How to write great characters and their voice. 8. How to pick the right exciting narrative 9. How to write powerful monologs 10. How to structure a great story (book and film) 11. How to pace dramatic events. 12. How to build tension. 13. How to write comedy & So much more. As a best selling author and screenwriter I am a perfect example of what you can achieve if you simply do what you love. The course is also jampacked with honest tips and examples of how to achieve the career path you want. So if you love words, love to write & tell stories then this is for you.
Writing · Creative writing
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English Linguistics - all branches and levels for all age groups (The Hague)
Paul is a professional with a high standaards and a deep understanding for the english language. He makes sure that the lessons are tailored to your needs and that you make progress. He has a comforting way of teaching, since practicing a foreign language can be a bit scary.
Review by DANIELA
Students will learn Spanish, English and Creative writing (Shanghai)
Adriana really taught me a lot of useful vocabulary and sentences which I can definitely use during my next trip to South America. She also shared with me many skills and tips to learn Spanish. I am glad to have Adriana as my Spanish teacher.
Review by YICHIEN
Latin - learn how to read and understand one of Europe's most important languages (The Hague)
Wonderful teacher! A very dynamic person who keeps the student interested in going on with the basic as well as more detailed aspects of Latin language, both Classic and Medieval. Highly recommended.
Review by GALO

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