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FLE French course - tutoring - FOS (French objective) - I deliver French lessons to children, teens and adults.

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FLE teacher graduated from the Alliance française Bruxelles-Europe. I taught in Laos (1 year in a local school) in Peru (1 year in a college and in a French alliance), in Moscow (2 years in a private language school), in Brussels (6 month in an association that delivers courses to newcomers and the F9 for private and group lessons at the ULB).
The type of teaching that I favor is based on active pedagogy, constant interaction of the learner with his teacher and his environment, a cultural exchange and a clear and precise understanding of the objectives to be achieved.
To apply this practice I use a lot: authentic documents (radio and TV programs, articles, reports, songs, testimonials, ...), the role play (theatrical exercises), games are a founding element of my teaching (playful and recreational approach of the language), the debates (the experience and the personal history being the raw material to animate them), reading (books and comics: phonetics), the grammatical exercises in adequacy with the theme ( didactics of FLE and grammatical methodology)


At student's location: Around Auderghem, Belgium
At student's location: Around Ixelles-Elsene, Belgium

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General info


French for adults, Fsl, School


Preschool children (4-6 years old)
Children (7-12 years old)
Teenagers (13-17 years old)
Adults (18-64 years old)
Seniors (65+ years old)

Student level:



60 minutes
90 minutes
120 minutes

The class is taught in:

French, English, Spanish, Dutch, German

About Me

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I have a natural and easy contact with my students. I have a great desire for sharing and exchange. To facilitate the integration and understanding of the language by my students, I use a lot of fun games, scenarios, authentic documents (newspapers, film clips, testimonials, podcasts, photos, soundtrack, books, news, bd, ...). My classes are very lively and punctuated by the interventions of my learners.

Regarding my interests and skills:
- I studied anthropology, which allowed me to familiarize myself with other cultures through books, studies, travel and field surveys. This led me to change my view of the world, people, cultures, knowledge, truths and other ways of thinking.
- I chose this profession because it brought together three things that are close to my heart: cultural exchange, the transmission of knowledge and the opportunity to travel.
- I am passionate about traveling: I had the chance to travel for a long time in Southeast Asia and South America, to cross the United States (Alaska-Guatemala), to lose myself in the Balkans, to visit Europe and live in Quito, Berlin, Arequipa and Moscow.
- I am a big reader of Bds (Belgian, American, Spanish, Japanese), I am close to the cinema and I always have a book with me.
- I am a curious person, attentive, expressive, positive, sociable, open and good company.

I was in primary school in Dutch and I also followed 40 hours of conversation classes in 2015. Thanks to my various language courses abroad, I learned Spanish (1 year with the organization WEP), English (3 language courses), German (9 months Erasmus and 1 year Goethe Institut) and I followed 6 months of Italian course. These experiences led me to understand the coping mechanisms of learning a language and the needs of a fulfilling life in a foreign environment.


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- Elementary school in Dutch (Brussels)
- Exchange year (Quito)
- Erasmus (Berlin)
- Master in Anthropology, in-depth approach (ULB)
- Diploma in teaching ability of FLE (AF Brussels-Europe)

Experience / Qualifications

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1st experience: I started giving courses in the Alliance française Bruxelles-Europe in the form of an internship. I had the opportunity to deliver courses to intensive adult groups (3h session).

2nd experience: I gave classes to the French Alliance of Arequipa (Peru) to groups of teenagers (11-13 years) adult groups (18- 55 years) at the rate of 4 times a week.

3rd experience: I taught FOS at a tourist institution in Puno (Peru). A daily course for a period of 6 months.

4th experience: I participated in the life of a Peruvian college as a teacher of French. I had classes with teens 12-16 years old. There were 3 classes of 25-30 students.

5th experience: I teach at CREF (Moscow) to a wide and varied audience: children (5-7 years group of 4); teens (10-13 years old group of 6); individual classes (children aged 6 and 7 in preparatory classes to integrate a French-language school); school support (6 year old child at home)

6th experience: I gave courses in companies (Renault, Daimler, Auchan, Embassy of Canada) in individual or in group.

7th experience: I organize a conversation table within CREF-R (Moscow), specific to the world of business.

8th experience: I move home at home. An adult and individual audience. Team - Brussels-Moscow.

9th experience: Responsible for summer FLE camps, organized by CREF-R

10th experience: Alpha trainer within the TEFO association

11th experience: Independent Professor in Brussels

12th experience: ULB professor for Erasmus students

Reviews (2)

Jerome is very experienced and offers interactive, interesting approach to learn french. Very satisfied with the lesson I booked.
Thank you, very nice teacher. Nice approach to learning and interesting method.

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Work your diction to have a beautiful voice and / or a beautiful accent / Brussels
This course is aimed at those who evolve in the French language and of which it is not the native language. But also to people with a strong accent and who would like to reduce it. The work that I propose is based on my speaking techniques from theater and singing and will allow you to have a beautiful diction, speak less quickly and more clearly. This course is also intended for professionals of the communication (singers, comedians, journalists, lawyers, doctors, lecturers) wishing to develop their oratory potential or to address a specific question. Contact me, I would be happy to help you!

Creative French course adapted to your needs and goals
I give my classes based on each student's need. Whether you want to focus on written professional french or simply conversation, I will adapt to what fits you most. My master's degree in visual arts will allow you to learn in a creative way, adapated to your needs and goals. I have spent more than 8 years of my life in foreign countries therefore know the difficulties of learning a new language. I speak fluent english which can be useful for beginners :)

Private teacher for French/English lessons - tailor made
Bilingual English/French teacher, I provide tailor made French lessons or table conversations from children to seniors and for all levels. We define together the objectives and needs. Some examples: - Improve specific skills: grammar, written, oral pronunciation, etc. - Improve your self-confidence by working on weaknesses - Improve skills on a specific subject (economy, commerce, etc.) - Preparation for exams or tutoring during the year - Preparation for job interviews - Revise what you have learned during group classes AVAILABLE DURING THE DAY - FLEXIBLE SCHEDULE

French tuition - learn the language
Translator and Graduate Interpreter offers an individual course to learn or improve the French language. The yard is adapted to each level. French, the official language of Belgium, is still needed by living in Brussels or in French-speaking places. At your disposal, depending on the level, the courses will include conversation, grammar, practice exercises, audios and videos. There will also be homework to prepare at home to advance in the subject. As well as if you have questions or proposals, they will be welcome.

Remote French course in a virtual classroom with a numerical method.
From now on your distance French course in a virtual classroom with a teacher to whom you can share your doubts. Whatever your level of knowledge, you can now learn or improve at home at a time that suits you. A doubt ? A hesitation? Ask your questions! It will be with pleasure that I will answer.

Apprendre la langue française
Whether you are a beginner or advanced, one-to-one lessons are the very best way to ensure that you make speedy progress. Taking private classes will boost your progress and really improve your fluency.

School support (primary / secondary)
This course has the primary objective, beyond pure memorization, to offer the student a certain method of work. Over time, I myself have been able to create a method of work that suits me and I would like to share it with younger people. Students often find it difficult to organize in their study for this type of course, which requires good note-taking, as well as regular and rigorous study. I am thinking of using an ideal method to support young people in day-to-day work, to put them on the right track and help them memorize. I help the students by showing them the links to make to prepare a question or an examination, I make them repeat their vocabulary or I ask them about their course, without overloading them and asking them to ask the right questions. I am a calm but dynamic girl, firm when it is necessary, because for me a good organization is the key in the studies! PRIMARY EDUCATION I can help elementary students in all subjects with great pleasure. I make them repeat, I advise and correct. SECONDARY EDUCATION FRENCH (1st-6th year): This is my privileged subject since it is the very object of my studies. No facet is set aside: -> history of literature, poetry, writing (dissertations etc) ENGLISH (1st-6th year) It is a language that I handle very well and given private lessons in English is not a problem for me. DUTCH (1st-6th year) I do not speak fluently Dutch, but I can support the student with grammar points or vocabulary. SPANISH (1st-2nd year) I have a perfect level to help beginner students in Spanish. I help the students by showing them the links to make to prepare a question or an examination, I make them repeat their vocabulary or I ask them about their course, without overloading them and asking them to ask the right questions.

English and French language courses
I am a trainer in shelving languages and I also support school. I prefer to use gentle alternative methods, which also give better results. I take into account the psychological side of learning and the need to create a harmonious process of integrating knowledge.

Private lessons in law (in French or in English)
I have a law degree from the ULB with great distinction, I have a LL.M. from the University of Chicago, and I am a legal assistant at the ULB. - I propose private lessons in law, and this, in all matters. My experience as a legal assistant allows me to understand all situations, and to adapt the methodology to each student. - I offer courses in legal methodology: the writing of graduation is my hobby. Indeed, I received an award for my mark of excellence obtained in my own dissertation, I wrote several articles of law journals, I am a university assistant in legal methodology, and I am about to start a doctart in law . I propose you to help you in the drafting of any legal text (or other), as well as in the preparation of your TFE. I helped a student write her TFE last year and she got a distinction! - In addition, completely bilingual in French and English, I propose to help you improve your language skills in these two languages! My Erasmus in Canada, my complementary year in Chicago, and my personal and professional life make my English perfect! I passed the TOEFL (109/120) and can help students prepare it by giving lots of tips and tricks!

Private lessons of English (mainly children), French. Primary / secondary school support (except scientific subjects) -
I do tutoring for primary and secondary students. On the other hand, I can not help with science subjects. My father being Chilean, Spanish is my second language. As for English, I spent a year in England where I took classes. I also kept children in Italy for several months, with whom I had to speak English constantly. I took courses in translation school for two years in English and Spanish. It allowed me to see in depth the grammar of these two languages ​​and to study them at a higher level. I gave several French classes to non-French speakers. I try to find the method that corresponds to each one. Indeed, it is important for me to understand how the person to whom I give classes works to better adapt my teaching. I do not think there was one method, and imposing one on someone is not productive for me.

Private high school lessons (except chemistry / physics)
Most courses will begin with a quarter of an hour of summary and then plunge into the bulk of the material. Depending on the field, there will be more or less exercises with a lot of learning at the level of self-correction to first offer independence to the participant, based on habits and repetition, and then to allow the learner not only learn from these possible mistakes but so that he / she is, subsequently, able to correct them by him / herself. The courses are in total immersions of the requested field and if the student is motivated, I can give complementary exercises to do at home.

Private Courts in Mathematics, English, French, German, History and Geography
Graduate student of an international baccalaureate, offers courses in language / grammar and an individual pedagogy, assistance with the preparation of questions or exams. My goal is to help the student to flourish in the material and to master it properly, without overload. I adapt the courses according to the personal convenience of the students (homework or not, reading and writing exercises or simple conversations etc.)

Support course in French and English for children
I give support classes in French and English :) I come from Luxembourg but live and study in Brussels since September. French is my mother tongue and I had lessons in French, German and English for 8 years. Before starting the course it would be best to see each other so that I know which course / book you are using as well as determine your level and needs.

School support for pupils in primary and lower secondary education (CEB and CE1D)
Independent teacher offers to supervise your child (secondary) in all subjects (French, maths, Dutch, English, Latin, middle study). I have five years of experience as a private tutor and have worked for many companies offering private or group lessons (homework workshops). I will accompany your child in the preparation of his exams with enthusiasm and pedagogy.

French lessons - 12 years of experience - all levels
Beginners in French or do you just want to improve your level, your accent or your professional skills? I still have some availability to guide you in your endevour. With over 12 years of experience teaching French, I know how to adapt to all levels and all situations. I have already given many classes from children to adults as well as students. All my classes are given in a fun and interactive way. No lecture during which you will be bored. I always make my classes fun while still very informative! Learn French easily! Step by step. You still have a doubt? Do not hesitate to contact me, I'll answer very quickly to your messages!