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1 computer generated music teacher in Divonne‑Les‑Bains

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Trusted teacher: Whether you are a beginner or experienced, the chain of an artistic project, creative, requires some knowledge and I am here to fill gaps. To guide you, inform you, accompany you in your creation. Today, you can do everything with a computer, from the simple model to the prod pro ultra licked. There are tips, tricks, a precise way of working for each project, which many do not know. I am here to teach you from A to Z all the techniques, basic and / or advanced, of this wonderful software of creation, sound design and production, that is Ableton Live. I have been working intensively with Ableton Live for over 10 years. I am a professional musician and producer for over 20 years with several tours and albums to my credit. I want to share my knowledge with those who have the desire to learn. Or simply titillate the music lover who sleeps in you, but also, musically arouse the youngest. From beginner to advanced, there is always, at some point, the need for outside help. And that's where I come in! I do not have a pre-established lesson plan, I adapt to each student. It is very evolutionary, according to the capacities of each one. Some examples of points that we could apprehend: - initiation via Ableton Live. Help with making a song, a groove, a mix. - Save these own creations ... - Know tips to work in better conditions. - Creation and explanation of a template that will facilitate your work later. - What are plugins? - ITB Mixer (Into the Box). - Sound design work. - Create your own sounds, work, compose with external machines ... Do not hesitate to contact me for more information, see you soon! David
Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: I published music under the names of Gelivan and Costals. An album and EP in 2017 as Gelivan, then singles in 2019. In 2020 I will release a project a month, minimum, with several videos. My mission is to live music by December 31, 2020 with a prosperous income. I want to be a major player in the world of music and help young people to progress, excel and live. I have an approach that does not dwell too much on the technique, I work rather on the optimal conditioning to become a prolific creator while having fun. Our meetings, associated with your motivation and your daily constancy, will lead you to develop your creativity and will bring you an unequaled satisfaction. It is important that you are strongly determined to make the most of my support. I suggest we see each other once a week, ideally the same day at the same time to make it easier. To create my music, I mainly use Ableton Live, and I highly recommend this same program to my students. I also create a lot of sketches on my iPhone with the Auxy app. Suggestions of habits to develop to become a prolific creator and create a music of your own: - devote at least 10 minutes every day to musical creation - collect sounds that you find interesting - you can record what surrounds you with your smartphone, sample movie dialogues, bits of other music etc. - create a reference playlist with your favorite songs (the most varied possible) - listen actively for 15 minutes of different music, be attentive to the different elements and make notes on what touches us, several listening by focusing on different elements.
Computer generated music
Trusted teacher: Hi! My name is Victor, and I would like to give music lessons in the following categories: - Beginner level lessons in piano, including music theory depending on your needs. Whether you want to learn the basics of piano by practicing classical music, pop, rock, metal, ... any genre is welcome. I have been playing the piano since I was 6, I took private lessons from 6 to 10, then went to the conservatory from 11 to 18, which taught me a lot about music theory. This would be best suited for people that have played the piano for less than two years. - Composition in pop / rock / metal / electronic music. I think this type of lessons would be best suited for people that would like to produce electronic music but do not know enough music theory to compose their own tracks; or would be a good fit if you sing well and would like to write your own arrangements. I have been composing pieces for the piano, rock arrangements with my band, and electro tracks. In either case, I'll give you the music theoretic base needed, as well as all my tips & tricks to express your creativity with style! - Learn basic or advanced digital music production on FL Studio. This includes theoretical explanations, practice with the software, beat making, synth design, effect design, song arrangements... I have been using FL Studio since I was 15, and I made many songs with it. - Beginner lessons in guitar / bass guitar. I have played either one interchangeably in a live rock band for 5 years. This would be best suited for people that have played guitar for less than a year.
Computer generated music · Piano · Music theory lessons
Hey! (Lessons in English) Do you want music explained? I produce Hiphop and electronic music! Beats, Instrumentals, Songs, Sounds, Jingles: everything I want. I have always been very passionate about sounds, and until I was 10 I try to create the best. I learned music independently while I was practicing guitar and beat box. I wish you feel to Be Ambitious to succeed Be Imaginative to push the boundaries Be Inspirational Be Results-focused to exceed expectations and create structure [LESSONS ARE GONNA BE IN ENGLISH] The kind of lessons that I will host are very different and not mainly implemented on the theoretical part of the music production but on the practical one. I will explain you every step that I will take during my production process. I will produce beats using my techniques and methods during the lessons and I'll try to transplant in you the beauty of immagine, composing, editing, mix and producing your own ideas, IN YOUR OWN NATURAL WAY. As long as I'm not an academic teacher what I'm offering is close contact with my students to inspire, correct when is really needed and create together what is really close to our soul. The most important goal during our path? To work and discover your strong points and avoid the bad ones trying to understand them, understand your root. I will follow you like I follow the artist that I produce. First rule: HAVING FUN, BECAUSE MUSIC IS FUN! The feeling that you have when your music is there and is playing for you and for the others will be amazing. I promise you. Thank you Pietro
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Sound (music) · Computer generated music · Music composition
Music composition · Audio production · Computer generated music
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Piano lessons, Music Theory for children and adults (The Hague)
I took several music theory classes with João and was very satisfied with the experience. João is very knowledgeable about music theory, different styles of music, music history, and piano playing among other things. He adapted his lessons to my particular interest and helped me learn the things I wanted to learn. I would recommend João to anyone looking for a knowledgeable and personable music tutor.
Review by GERMAN
Piano Lessons for beginners and intermediate. All styles and genres (Groningen)
Alan is a great teacher and super nice guy. He pay extra attention to your problems with piano and try to fix them using smart and innovative methods. I like the fact that he sometimes doesn't stick to the 60 mins and ask to extend it if he feels something is missing or incomplete. I already had 7 lessons with him and looking for more. Highly recommended.
Review by FAISAL
Maths, physics and programming private lessons at bachelor and high school levels (Zurich)
Enthusiastic and very knowledgeable. Victor was very friendly and patient during the Programming Tutoring on Python. He is able to explain topics in different ways to ensure full understanding. Definitely recommend programming tutoring with him!
Review by VIVIENNE

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