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Recently Posted Private Classes

Private lessons of violin, viola, and/or music theory
As a violinist in higher education at the Royal Conservatory of Brussels, I intend to pursue a professional career as a violinist, as well as as a teacher. Adoring to share my passion for music, I have been teaching the violin to different children, teenagers and adults for 3 years now. I am particularly interested in teaching different profiles of young artists, in order to help them develop their knowledge and skills. Whatever the level of the student, I always adapt as much as possible to his level and his rhythm. Always wanting to keep the pleasure of playing, I take the time to discuss with the student his projects, musical desires, motivations... The notion of sharing and communication is very important to me: music is above all a pleasure and a sharing between us. Remaining attentive to my student, it is essential for me to teach and to make him progress with things that he likes and that makes him want to share in music. Having a classical training since the age of 6, I also have expertise in world music (especially South American), as well as in jazz and contemporary music. I am therefore of course very open to playing and teaching any style of music.

Rock guitar lessons & Accompaniment in Perwez and surroundings
So... do you want to learn to play the guitar without music theory? Or ... improve yourself (solo, rock, blues ...)? With Jean-Marc it's child's play, people of all ages have already taken the lessons! Why not you ? Jean-Marc is a teacher at the Guitar School", co-author of the 'Rock&folk guitar without music theory' method, and ex-guitarist at the Yama studio (Braine-Waterloo).

English lessons for beginners / Spanish lessons for beginners
I give conversational English lessons and Spanish lessons for beginners (especially 3rd year secondary and baccalaureate students) online or at home. I like helping children with their homework and teaching them to speak English or Spanish fluently. For those who are interested in home lessons, I am ready to move to the areas: El menzah, Ennasser, El Manar, El Ghazela, and all of Ariana.

Arabic Classes for beginner and intermediate levels: standard and dialect
Hello there! My name is Fares! I am a PhD student at Basel University and I offer classes of colloquial Arabic (Mashriq-Shami dialects) as well as standard Arabic. The aim of the course is to provide beginners with the essential basics of the Arabic language in order to be able to read and write (as well as to understand oral standard Arabic). For those with a knowledge of Arabic, the goals and strategies will be set together according to the needs. Regarding the colloquial Arabic, the courses are preferably to those with a knowledge of Arabic. However, it is possible to start directly with colloquial Arabic. It takes place in the form of conversations, readings and sentence analysis. The format of the classes can always be adapted in the first introductory meeting. The class can be even extended to include history, poetry reading and related topics.

Introduction to 2D and 3D Geomteric Patterns and Proportionality from Alhambra
Basic geometric pattern is for anyone from any field of art. The pre-req that is required for the course is patience and resutltantly it will teach you versatile language of visual proportionality which will any art practiioner who is either working on 2D or 3D space or any kind of visual art. Geometry is not an art form it is tool to develop visual to understand art or space which we are enclosed around. Particularly in this we focus on Mughal and Alhambra's visual asthetics just to make the students to be focused. But will definitely understand in the initial classes that they will absorb lots different visuals which they are regularly around them. It is a tool to understand frames, depths and differents tillings. Students will learn the following via Demonstrations/ practical, Lectures: 1. Fundamental use of compass /Polygons and their jorgans 2. Drawing six-fold & four-fold geometric patterns, which have been used throughout Muslim traditional art; Use of isometric grids in Islamic geometric design/patterns 3. Understanding of different proportionalities of tessellations. 4. Learn to construct Platonic and Archmedian solids

Chinese in both traditional and simplified, taught in English
This is Olwen from Taiwan. At most of the time I am an English-Chinese translator, specialising in law and marketing. Now I'm studying photography in Milan, art is always playing a role in my life. Traditional Chinese is my mother tongue; as a native speaker, I strongly recommend you to start with traditional Chinese, in which case you may find it's easier to memorise each word. Fun fact: apart from Taiwan, Hong Kong also uses traditional Chinese. Based on my background, I can help you with Chinese learning in specific fields, including Marketing, Media, PR and Art. I'm also good at cooking :) Find me here!

English tutoring for children from primary education to adults
English is the most important communication language on earth, not being able to do it would make contact with other people a bit more difficult. That is why I enjoy tutoring the English language, with the aim of being able to communicate fluently and start a conversation with English speakers. You learn the basics and grammar in a playful and educational way. English is not difficult and certainly not impossible, and I would consider it a huge honor if I could help you with that. Lessons don't have to be boring! Very often I will even recommend books and songs that you can read or listen to in your spare time, so that you are still in touch with English in everyday life and not just during tutoring or at school. Watching movies or series in English will also help you a lot with this, but I will definitely come back to that during the tutoring.

Pop singing lessons! If you have been dreaming of singing for a long time, THIS IS YOUR CHANCE to make your dream come True!
If you have been dreaming of singing for a long time, but you lack confidence / knowledge / courage / motivation / etc... These lessons are FOR YOU. I will teach you to sing and express your emotions in music that you want to give yourself and others. My approach is best defined with one word: natural. Everything about you is unique, including your voice. So, my main goal is to reach YOUR INDIVIDUAL potential! In working with students, I use different vocal methods based on my own experience. I do not use complex technical terms, but always looking for the easiest explanations. Our body is much "smarter" than we think and all the sounds that we use in singing, we already know how to make (so we just need to find them).

French tutoring with a French native speaker currently in Edinburgh
I can tutor French to anyone who has an intermediate level in French as I will be explaining everything in my mothertongue. I can also try to explain by speaking English, but I am not bilingual yet so it would be better if you already have a level in French! I design each class according to YOUR personal needs. I generally focus on grammar, because to me it's one of the most important points when learning a new language. If you are really interested in the language itself, I can also teach you certain locutions that even native speakers use wrong! Teaching is one a of passions, so I will be glad to answer any questions from the meaning of a word to French expressions

Italian courses at home for all levels
I am a doctoral student of Italian nationality, I provide Italian lessons for all levels at home, at home or by video. I also speak French and English, so I can adapt easily to your requirements. Sono un dottorando di nazionalità italiana, fornisco corsi di Italiano per ogni livello a domicilio, a casa mia o via webcam. Parlo inoltre Inglese e Francese, posso quindi adattarmi facilmente alle vostre esigenze. I`m an Italian Ph.D. student, I provide Italian lectures for any level, at your or my place or by webcam. I also speak in French and English so I can easily adapt to your needs.

Basic Electronic Music Production Lessons (Ableton, Drummachines, Samplers)
I'm an experienced music producer, based in Brussels. Specialized in Ableton DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) and Analog Gear such as: Analog Rytm, Digitakt, RD-9, Vermona DRM, External mixer. Working with and/or without computer. Moreover, I'm an experienced producer of House music and more specialized in Tech House and Minimal House music. The classes entail: - Introduction to DAW - Advanced Mixing Techniques (EQ, compression, FX, side-chain, structure) - Working "outside the box": elektron workflow, introducing LFO's (Low Frequency Oscillator), sequencing, live recordings(Oversampling), live jams, using drum machines and samplers.

Professional violinist / teacher of violin and piano
I'm studying at HEMU (Haute Ecole de Musique Lausanne) the Master Performance Concert (2nd year) in the class of Professors Ilya Gringolts, Yuuki Wong and Tomo Keller. I'm participating in the following internships in Switzerland: - Sinfonie Orchester Biel Solothurn (TOBS) 2022 - Sinfonietta de Lausanne 2022-2023

English Tutor with Student and Native Speaker (From United States)
As a learner of language, I understand desire to have access of native speakers and receive in depth learning that fits you. In my class I intend to tailor it to fit not only your level, but also your learning style and help your reach your goals within learning english (school, work, socializing, etc).

Help with college/high school homework in English, French
Currently in the last year of Bachelor of Letters I have solid methodological knowledge for dissertations, composed commentary, text explanation but also good knowledge of English. I am very pedagogical and caring, it is important for me that the person feels in total confidence.

Dr. Kevin
Creative and effective German lessons, Lausanne, surroundings and online.
German teacher with a doctorate and German language author with extensive experience, I give lessons for all levels (A0-C2), innovative and tailor-made pedagogy! Ten years of experience as a professor of literature and creative writing at university. PhD in the field of literary studies. I offer creative and needs-based German lessons, individual or in groups. All language levels to which I adapt are welcome! If you want to improve your German writing skills, you've come to the right place. As a published novelist, I teach German with enthusiasm and a thorough knowledge of the language, both in writing and in exciting conversations (on philosophy, history, sport, economics, art, etc.).

Student at the HEM in Geneva offers flute and music theory lessons.
Currently a student at the Haute Ecole de Musique de Genève, I offer flute and/or music theory lessons adapted to the needs of the student and their objectives, whether simply for pleasure or as support, in view of the preparation for an exam or competition.

Traditional drumming class - English/French speaking
Dear students! My name is Robert, I'm 26 yo and I come from Ghana. I started playing drums when I was 9 yo. I was trained as a master drummer by two masters coming from the Volta region in Ghana. I first played in a cultural group from 2005 to 2012, during which I performed at parties, festivals. I also helped my two masters to teach drumming and dancing to partner students from US who were coming yearly to Ghana in 2011 and 2012. In 2014, I started giving drumming lessons both to tourists staying at a lodge and to local students in a NGO school in my hometown. In 2017, I joined a cultural group and performed at festivals, lodges, conferences, parties, weddings, business or company launching. I can play teach: - djembe - dundun drum - phalogo drum (hand drums) - ewe set drum (stick drum) If you wan to start learning or improve your drumming skills, do not hesitate to contact me. All the best, Robert

Bilingual French teacher, teaches in England, gives lessons for all levels.
Ive been a French teacher for 25 years in various schools; from primary to university level tutorage in Hong Kong. I also have much experience in conducting private lessons in the sectors of tourism, hospitality and business orientated French topics. Being rich with experience I can help you prepare to take exams such as GCSE French, IGCSE, lB,Dalf,Delf, B1 or B2 colleges. I have the joy and honour of all my students being able to pass their French exams and competitions. In the opinion of my students, I am a dynamic, calm and patient tutor. With all this experience at your service I am sure I will be able to assist you in your French studies. Additionally, I am bilingual French and English which helps me immensely during my lectures.

Learn Turkish culture and language, French FLE, general knowledge & written expression, pronunciation & conversation
Graduated with a degree in Modern Literature and a Master 2, I offer individualized lessons to people who wish to learn French or Turkish. My goal is to share my knowledge and transmit the pleasure and richness of learning a language. My methodology is not academic and I use several supports. For children learning will be done with games, creativity, reading, songs & videos. As far as French lessons are concerned, I teach beginners.

Horseback riding lessons: dressage, jumping, groundwork, horsemanship, lunging. In English or Dutch.
I’m a professional horseback riding instructor with schoolhorses and ponies available. Lessons with your own horse are possible of course. I specialise in teaching students the important basics of training and developing a independent and light seat and light aids. My goal is for my students to be able to have a relaxed ride with a relaxed and balanced horse. A lessons includes brushing and tacking up the horse before riding and untacking and taking care of the horse after riding. I’m also a horse trainer so groundwork or lunging lessons are also possible. My riding school is located in a nice and quite countryside area near the national park in Limburg. Price depends on duration lesson and renting of schoolhorse or bringing own horse.

Mr-Mohammad Abdul
Dammam, Al-Shula neighborhood, the eastern region, next to Safwa Al-Rowad Private Schools
In the name of God .. This is Professor Mohamed, an English language teacher with 7 years of experience in the field of teaching English, governmental, languages, and international. Establishing our dear son from scratch until linguistic brilliance, all educational stages (primary - intermediate - secondary) and master's Continuous follow-up with the guardian regarding the permanent improvement of the student's level. always in service..