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5 chess teachers in United States

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I propose to give lessons from the beginner level to a 1900 level, for all ages (from 6 or 7 years old) and whatever your goal (beat a friend, his dad or become a competitor) . In particular, I have very good contact with children and teenagers. The idea is to learn without taking the lead, in complete relaxation. Course schedule: The lessons take place by Skype, via the sharing of my screen (and the diagrams that I select). Sometimes we will have to do some exercises on Liches to make sure that the concepts have been understood. The Internet has the advantage of efficiency, the diagrams being already ready, it even goes faster than live and I could see that this support does not prevent the creation of human links. However, for the students of the Orleans conurbation, I can with great pleasure welcome you to my home. All my lessons are prepared with great care and are truly individualized. On each theme, the lessons are therefore adapted to the level and objectives of the student. Depending on the wishes of the students as well as their strengths and weaknesses, I propose to address the following aspects: - The openings : I make sure that my students have acquired the essential principles of openness (rapid development, takeover of the center, securing the king). Then, after studying the student's play style (rather positional or more attacking), we build, adapt or deepen his repertoire of openings. The idea is as much to understand the spirit of an opening as to know long variants by heart. After learning the theoretical basics, we will see the games played by the best players practicing your favorite openings of my student. - Party backgrounds: It is mainly about building plans. A chess player should think of himself as the general of an army. And no general shows up on the battlefield without a well-established plan, under penalty of stinging defeat! For this, we can also look at the different schemas and attacks of the opponent's weaknesses (weaknesses of the king or weakness of the pawn structure). Beyond the tactical sacrifices immediately winning the game, we may also be led to see when to sacrifice equipment to develop a sustainable initiative. We will also sometimes have to study some recurring pawn structures in the openings made by my students and how to maneuver based on that. - The finals It is sometimes a bit tedious but it is an essential factor of progression. The Russians, who dominated chess for decades, used to start by studying the finals. It is rather what I recommend. This is all the more essential since very often at the end of the game, time is short and fatigue begins to be felt. Knowledge of the most classic final patterns therefore allows you to earn many half points. - Analysis of your games Learning from mistakes is a great way to progress. We will therefore engage in this exercise whenever necessary. - Training plan Often when you want to progress you don't know where to start. I therefore propose an hour or two of lessons devoted to how to maximize the time spent studying chess. - Psychological aspects of the game How to rebound after a defeat? How not to ignite too much after a series of victories? How to manage the pressure of competition? How to manage your time in the different cadences? How to prepare against an adversary that we know and that scares us? Here are some of the questions that this module will answer (non-exhaustive list). Do not hesitate to contact me, I am at your disposal for more information!
Trusted teacher: Methodology || || I quickly identify the student's level and strengths and weaknesses. A chess game takes place in 3 phases that I propose to study differently: _ Opening: I help my student at first to integrate the concepts of the opening. In a second time we can build a theoretical repertoire on the first 5-10 moves of a chess game. I have a wide knowledge of openings and I can prepare courses on specific points according to requests. _ The game environment: This will involve working from tactical exercises to develop intuition, computing power and creativity. We can also study the strategy, how to find a plan. _ The final: A multitude of final diagrams are possible. It is essential to study them. All my lessons are prepared and personalized. The goal of each course will be to focus on 3-4 key concepts which will be reviewed in the next course to verify that they are acquired. I also analyze the games played by my student to develop his game. I adapt my pedagogy, I do it very differently with my 3 year old students and my adult students. Finally, I speak fluent English and am used to teaching in this language. Normally, I travel to my students in Paris and in small crowns. I also give lessons at home (Paris 12). In the current context of coronavirus, I teach exclusively at a distance. || Course by webcam || I have headphones with excellent sound quality (Sennheiser PXC 550) and a good mac webcam. Thanks to a suitable chess application + Skype, it is easy to share or play positions with my student. The tools are very efficient and the quality of a distance chess course is the same as that of a physical course. || Career || I was passionate about chess from the age of 5. I took classes all my youth and I was vice-champion of Paris under 12 years. I evolved for many years in the most prestigious French club: Lutèce Chess. I took classes with the International Grand Masters Alberto David, Marie Sebag and Jean-Luc Chabanon. I stopped the competition at the age of 14 with an elo of 1800 before returning to it a few years ago. I am 23 years old and am studying business and strategy at the Sorbonne. My teaching is built on years of experience in terms of practice and courses given to students with varied profiles.
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| Learn Russian Language | Learn How To Play Chess | (The Hague)
I had two sessions with Maksim (one for Chess and one for Russian) and it went really well! Within one lesson, he taught me a lot and he was passionate about teaching Chess and Russian. He gave me a lots of tips and had prepared some useful documents about Russian basics. I was unfortunately unable to go on with the lessons because of my work but I still use his tips when I get the chance to play Chess, and I still carry his documents about Russian Basics with me and revist them when I am travelling in Public Transport. On top of being a skilled teacher, he was also very encouraging, very respectful and available. I would definitely rebook with him again when time will allow me to resume my learning process.
Review by NAZIHA
Private chess lessons for beginner and intermediate level (Leiderdorp)
I've just had my first lesson with Ignacio and it was a most instructive and pleasant experience. I'm already looking forward to the next lesson.
Review by ERIC
Learn to play chess well, all levels, all ages (Geneva)
Aurelio is an amazing teacher!! From the first lesson, he knew what was needed for my improvement.
Review by FRANK