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Leonardo - Berlin$23
Trusted teacher: Are you trying to level up quickly to beat your peers in chess? You just found recently the game exciting and wanna learn more about it? Or are you preparing for a company or informal/formal chess tournament? I've got your back. With my personalized training, you will be able to improve your game in a few weeks. I will provide you with the tactics, strategies, openings, material, and a training plan so you can study on your own and become a better player in no time. What is in the training lessons: - Measure of your current level - Finding your playing style - Personalized training plan (openings, middle game, end game, tactics, strategy, time management) - Level up your skill and depth of thought (being able to think many moves beyond your opponent) - If you want to improve your blitz/bullet level I can also help you with that! About me: Professional chess player. Played chess for over 15 years. Participated in international chess tournaments. And yes I have ELO fide (1780, my current level is around 2000. I haven't played official FIDE tournaments since 2015). After participating many times in tournaments I decided to step aside and become a professional chess tutor in 2018. Now I enjoy sharing the beauty of chess with my students. We can even try an online lesson if you don't want to spend time commuting. I know how difficult is to find the right mentor and therefore I offer you this option to help you. Looking forward to meeting you and helping you improve your chess skills soon. Talk to you soon, Leo
Tutoring · English · Chess
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Thibault - Brussels$70
Trusted teacher: ♟️ Why take lessons? ► Are you a busy adult with limited time and don't know what or how to work on to progress in chess? ► Are you the parent of an ambitious child and do not know how to guide him in his progress? ► Are you a beginner player wishing to discover the game with a titled player, in a good mood? Then this announcement is for you and taking private lessons will save you a lot of time! Indeed, with my experience and my mastery of the game, I am able to: ► To establish a coherent and effective work plan adapted to your level, whatever it is. ► To identify your shortcomings very quickly and to find a remedy. ► Provide or direct you to resources that meet your needs. ► To flesh out the discovery sessions of the game with personal anecdotes or concerning its fascinating history. Overall, I am able to accelerate your progress in a fun and effective way. ♟️ Course of the first lesson: Ideally, the student sends me some parts of him as well as a brief description of his personal objectives before making contact. Then, during the first lesson, we get to know each other around an educational part. ♟️ General course schedule: From the second lesson, we begin the analysis of your games. I ask you to provide me with games that you have played from which I select the most didactic. I teach primarily based on my students' parts because lessons learned from personal experience stay longer and more easily remembered. However, I sometimes show famous and/or illustrative parts when it seems relevant to me to do so to support a point. After a few sessions, I have a very precise idea of the state of your knowledge and I am able to personalize the course according to your needs. From then on, I provide you with exercises and recommend resources that correspond perfectly to the aspect of the game that you must work on to progress as efficiently as possible. ♟️ Topics covered during the courses: My goal is to make you a complete player! I have accompanied several players from a beginner level to an advanced level (2000+), and I know the different steps to take to become a good player, as well as the methods that work to achieve this. Among the topics that we cover in the course and that I help you master are (more or less in order): ► Basic masts ► The importance of the material ► Simple mating patterns ► Simple tactical diagrams ► The 4 basic principles for a successful opening ► Elementary endings to effectively end a game ► Basic strategy: strong / weak side, development of a coherent plan at the exit of the opening, improvement of the pieces ► Candidate moves Then, for more experienced players: ► Advanced tactical diagrams ► A complete and effective opening repertoire, adapted to your style and your level ► Advanced endgames: Activity of the king, passed pawn, activity of the pieces, majority on a wing, etc... ► Advanced strategy: pawn structures, open file, the 7th row, attacking the king, weaknesses, strong squares, prophylaxis, reading the opponent's plan, evaluating a position, exchanging the right pieces, etc... ► Calculation ► Chess creativity ♟️ Classes with children: I adapt my course in order to capture their attention constantly, I ask them funny and relevant questions so that they retain the lessons easily. I make sure that they are participants in the lesson and not spectators. I generally end the lesson with a game against them where I expressly leave a few errors lying around, so as to create spontaneous didactic moments (sometimes with a hint!). A brief summary of the mistakes made during the game follows, which serves as a hook for the next lesson. Two of my students (with whom I have been working for 2 years) finished 1st and 5th in their respective age categories at the last Belgian youth championships. ♟️ Courses on the internet: For online lessons, I use Discord or Skype to chat and share my camera, as well as the lichess platform to analyze and show games or exercises. The latter has a tool allowing the teacher and the student to interact on the same chessboard in real time, and to show ideas using arrows and colored boxes. The student can find all the previous lessons at any time by consulting the work sessions archived on the platform. ♟️ Opening hours: Monday to Saturday, 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. I am available in case you have questions outside of class, I am happy to answer them. I am flexible if ever a course had to be moved due to an unforeseen event. ♟️ Languages: Classes can be given in French, English and Dutch. ♟️ In summary: I am professional, pedagogue and available. You lose nothing by contacting me! Don't be afraid if you are a beginner, most of my students are.
Trusted teacher: The courses are organized to be complete and not to leave a setback area. To ensure an effective investment of the student's time, the focus is on the areas where my help has the most value (Finals and Strategy). Calculation and theoretical learning are often left to the student in personal work: - Strategy: Before each lesson, I systematically analyze the games played by the student during the week on the internet. These analyzes generally make it possible to identify strategic gray areas, and allow us to resolve together certain points of misunderstanding. I then usually offer in-depth analysis of "classic" games from masters who illustrate the most important ideas seen during the analysis. This allows a deeper assimilation of the concepts seen previously, rather than a simple correction by pointing out errors as a computer would have done. - Openings: I prepare on my time, outside of class, files of openings that I then send to the student and that he can work by himself and learn alone, once the class is over. On request, we can examine model parts together on an opening in order to complete the personal learning work. It is also possible to play practice games on a specific variant, in preparation for an important game or tournament. - Tactics / Calculation: I provide each course with work materials for the recognition of tactical patterns and the development of calculation skills in general. - Finals: This is an often neglected and extremely important aspect of the game. The final since being the last phase of the game often decides the result :) I usually put a lot of emphasis on the study of endgames, but it is possible to insist on other aspects of the game if the student shows the need. I also regularly tackle so-called classic games, essential for learning chess at any level. These games are known to every chess player from a certain point, and they are the foundation of modern strategy. - I also have experience as a high-level correspondence player: I took part in a qualifying tournament for the correspondence world championships where I finished undefeated. This forced me to improve my mastery of modern work tools (computers and different databases) and I am able to assist strong players looking for a training partner. - I have been teaching chess for more than ten years now, and have had students of all ages (the youngest was just 5 years old, and the oldest over 70) and all levels: from complete beginners who did not know the rules of the game, has confirmed players close to 2100 elo FIDE. I can therefore adapt to any request without any problem. All my students who have invested enough have experienced a very rapid improvement in their results regardless of their age or starting level: For example, a 26-year-old student who had been playing for a short time and at a level of approximately 1500 on Lichess has, in the space of a few weeks and less than ten lessons, improved his ranking by more than 400 elo points and arrived very close to the symbolic bar of 2000. :) His case is not isolated, but this performance remains remarkable. Do not hesitate to contact me for any request for information. :)
Trusted teacher: ♛ All skill levels are welcome, from the beginner eager to expand their knowledge, to more seasoned players looking to secure coveted chess titles. ● Progress in chess can be long and winding. And without a coach's guidance, bad decisions and the habit of "bad reflexes" become a drag that so many players have known. That's why when you want to ensure long-term progress, taking the advice of an experienced player will cut you short from others, and encourage you to keep going. ● The goal of the first session together will be to determine with you what is best suited to work. An assessment of your strengths and weaknesses will therefore be made to allow yourself to plan a work program in the short and medium term. Having a clear idea of what we will be working together, and knowing what you can do on your own is essential. ● I can also prepare the study of any area that interests you. The goal being above all that your motivation and your pleasure remain intact. ➜ For the technical aspect, I use Skype to communicate, as well as the Lichess or chesscom interface (two completely free interfaces mainly intended for playing chess online) to share an analysis chessboard. It's very easy to use, and super practical! So don't hesitate to contact me, and we can directly discuss your situation and your goals :) MY JOURNEY Now 29 years old, I had a fairly classic chess apprenticeship with my father at the age of 7. Showing more skill and interest there than judo and tailoring, I pushed open a club door, and it never closed. I progressed throughout my youth, helped by successive coaches, International Masters or Grand Masters, until I became so in turn Chess coach for over 10 years. I decided to professionalize myself at the age of 24, once my studies were finished and my title of Grand Master reached. I am also coach of the young French teams, and preparer of the adult French team for several years. Also a writer, I have published two opening books (The Modernized Reti, and The Modernized Dutch, at Thinker's Publishing). I regularly do video series for Chess24, of which I leave you an extract! Despite my player soul which means that I will never stop, teaching has taken precedence over my practice of chess, and it is a choice that I do not really regret, as the progress of my students can be a source of pleasure and satisfaction.
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Be the best in Mathematics and English with personal assessment. (Lüneburg)
Lets just say i haven't been back to school in 10 years. Mayur was the best tutor i could ask for. He helped me get a clear understanding of all the math problems, after just one lesson i could already see improvement. Besides being a kind person he has great patience and all the skill required to help anyone succeed. Because of his great teaching i was able to integrate back into school easily and pass my test with no problem. He has given me the confidence to continue learning and pushing forward in my education. Thank you Again for being so great! He means it when he said all you need is you mind a paper and a pen to learn. I would recommend him to anyone.
Review by YARI
Teaching the fundamentals of chess in English, French or Dutch (Bruges)
Michael is an excellent chess teacher, I couldn't recommend him more! I've just had one lesson so far but hope to do more. He was extremely patient (I was really slow) and explained everything very clearly. He speaks perfect English and seems passionate about chess, as well as knowledgeable, so don't hesitate, choose Micheal :)
Review by SUSAN
Test Prep Tutoring - Math , Quantitative Reasoning for Jobs (Delft)
Viswambher is professional and friendly. He took time and care to understand the needs for our son. He tailors the lessons accordingly. Our son is looking forward to his maths lessons and enjoys working with Viswambher. I would certainly recommend Viswambher as a tutor.
Review by ANJA